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Syria to Head Asia – Pacific Ocean Group at United Nations for November

United Nations Headquarters - New York, USA

Syria was elected as the president of the group of Asia – Pacific Ocean at the United Nations for the month of November 2018.

The group comprised of 65 countries represents the largest by population of the 5 adopted geographical states at the United Nations.

The election was by acclamation. Palestinian ambassador to the United Nation and president of the group for this month handed over the chairmanship of the group to Syria’s permanent ambassador to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari. Mr. Riad Mansour, Palestinian ambassador to the UN along with the member states congratulated Dr. Jaafari for the presidency.

Syria is an establishing member of the United Nations and is a member of all relevant bodies of the international organizations.

Numerous and vicious attempts carried out by a group of rogue member states of the UN led by the USA, UK and France tried to strip Syria its membership and hand it over to a consortium of al-Qaeda terrorist groups, all such attempts over the past 7.5 years of the Syrian crisis have failed.

They did succeed at the Arab League to remove the Syrian government from its seat and replace it temporarily with the representatives of al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, however, since that group of terrorists couldn’t hold together and most of its members were designated as terrorists internationally, the Syrian seat at the Arab League remains empty until date.

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