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Syrian Foreign Minister Educates UN Envoy De Mistura on Sovereignty

Syria: Waleed Moallem Receives UN's Special Envoy Stefan De Mistura

Syrian minister of foreign affairs Walid Moallem received yesterday Wednesday 24th of October in Damascus the United Nations Secretary General’s special envoy to Syria Stefan De Mistura along with the UN’s accompanying delegation.

De Mistura has resigned his post and will depart his mission later this year, his successor is not yet appointed, however, his past 4 years on this mission were a disgrace completely for a veteran diplomat siding all the time with NATO and its Regime Change agenda and its terrorist tools on the ground against the Syrian state and Syrian people.

The victories of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies against the terrorists and the turn of the tide against the NATO’s agenda left De Mistura with only the political option to achieve what terrorists couldn’t militarily.

In this regards, De Mistura was hysterically pushing for forming a constitutional committee to include terrorists and their representatives to plant them deep in Syria’s future constitution in order to dismantle the Syrian state from within.

De Mistura’s visit to Damascus comes amid an unprecedented support from the Three Musketeers at the UNSC the NATO permanent member states the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France in the latest UNSC meeting to pressure the Syrian state to accept a UN-imposed constitution.

Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Moallem gave visiting De Mistura a final lesson in state sovereignty to conclude Mr. De Mistura’s career.

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Colonialist De Mistura’s name is not commonly known throughout MSM reports on Syria. His major coverage came — and went — in October 2016, when he boldly offered his aging body as a human shield to protect the ‘dignity and weapons’ of terrorists leaving Aleppo. News did not report that he never showed up. See DeMistura’s Wasted Dream for Terrorist Run Aleppo for his lying promise to takfiri.

As lies involving Syria have been normalized, after his UN speech of 18 September in which he demanded this imposed constitution on Syria, and lied about women’s rights in the SAR, he lied again during a stake out with the media, offering to go to Idlib. Not one journalist questioned him on never showing up in Aleppo.

Countdown to Chemical Attack False Flag & the Ensuing Three Musketeers ‘Retaliation,‘ from August, but always on the back burner.

UNSCR 2254: The Devil is in the Detail

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  1. dick100

    De Mistura has repeatedly attacked Syria, supported the three Aggressor Powers and mouthed their propaganda. As such the UN general secretary should have beeb told years ago he cannot act as his representative. What the Covert Operation as far as the Jihadist paramilitaries are concerned is they are violently hostile to any career or liberated women who are “wantons” and absolutely no rights for women a tall. The new constitution is a standard feature of ALL Regime Change operations. it concentrates power in a few hands, namely the American clients. . The 3 Aggressor Powers are making a special issue of a new constitution at the moment. Why isn’t this being Said ?


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