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SAA Declares city of Deir Ezzor Completely Cleaned from ISIS

image-Syrian Arab Army Soldier Raising Syrian Flag deir ezzor

Safety and security have been restored to the city of Deir Ezzor completely after eliminating the last pockets of ISIS terrorist organization in it, the Syrian Arab Army has declared in a statement this Friday morning.

In cooperation with the allied forces, the mission is completed. The city of Deir Ezzor has been entirely cleaned from ISIS after eliminating and eradicating large numbers of the terrorists including foreign commanders and confiscating and destroying their weapons and munition depots.

SAA Engineering is now working on de-mining the city from explosives planted by the terrorists in civilian buildings and schools and other facilities, as usual. ISIS terrorists with very advanced technology and expertise plant all the facilities they abandon with makeshift and latest mines to be detonated manually, timely and by remote control to cause the maximum injuries after their defeat. We do not wonder how they’re availing these techniques.

Unlike the change of flags between ISIS and HDS (SDF) in Raqqa arranged by the US after the US-led coalition carpet-bombed the city, the Syrian Arab Army managed to maintain most of the buildings in Deir Ezzor operating in surgical procedures taking the time required not to destroy what can be preserved and cleaned from the terrorists. The operation that took a whole month instead a few days.

Advancing steadily towards Al Bukamal town, the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria, at the borders with Iraq from 3 axes, the Syrian Arab Army, and its allies is closing up from the Syrian side on the US and their allies most invested in ‘Army’ ISIS. The former prime minister of Qatar confessed this week that his country along with its partner in international terror crimes have spent over $137 billion just to destroy Syria, and failed.

The Iraqi forces are closing up on Al Qaim, the border town opposite to Al Bukamal on the Iraqi side of the borders. The unlucky remnants of ISIS terrorists those not relocated by the US Air Forces will be terminated and this chapter of horror will be over within the coming days, in God’s will.

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