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The War in Syria is Not Over Yet – President al-Assad

image-Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad

Visitors to Damascus have relayed the Syrian president’s rejection to any attempt by any side in the world to impose political solutions based on giving up central government’s control, even temporary, of any of its territories.

Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad has reiterated his absolute refusal to accept giving up any of the central government authorities to a Turkish, US or Jordanian guardianship. Damascus is not negotiating with the Kurds to govern any territories independently from the Central Government and there will not be any other Kurdistan in Syria, Dr. Assad added.

The territories where the Syrians of Kurdish origins are residing are Syrian territories, and no specificity that allows them to be transferred to autonomous areas. The Syrian government will continue to work to regain control over all of Syria’s land, either through negotiations, reconciliations or through military battles. Damascus will not allow any attempt to change the demographic or political status of any Syrian territory. ~Dr. Bashar al-Assad

Dr. al-Assad showed a high level of comfort explaining to his visitors the battlefield status and the imminent termination of ISIS terrorist organization. The Syrian president, as per his visitors, is not acting as if the war is over, he believes that Syria’s enemies are working hard to keep fueling the fire.

Damascus visitors conveyed Dr. al-Assad’s affirmation neither he nor any sane can trust the American administration, no matter what Washington issued statements or send delegates. They pointed out that Dr. al-Assad is acting on the basis of the continuation of the battle, and is working to strengthen the military and security situation and measures that help people to withstand.

The visitors also reported that the Syrian president resolutely rejects any attempt to establish contiguous lines of contention or disputed areas. They added: “Assad does not stand at the risk of anyone when it comes to this aspect, he told Moscow directly protest the Moscow Project to organize a dialogue conference for the Syrian people. He assured the Russian leadership that there is only one ‘Syrian People’ and no ‘Peoples’, and Damascus welcomes the dialogue but refuses to hold it at the Russian base in Humaim.

The visitors revealed that Moscow had fallen at Assad’s will, canceled the naming of the ‘Syrian Peoples’, and moved the venue to Sochi in Russia.

Source – Al-Akhbar Lebanese Newspaper

Terminology has proven to be essential in the ‘War of Terror’ the US regime and its allies and regional stooges waged on Syria. The Western propaganda machines have mastered the art of deception since the World War II and worked hard to use the knowledge and experience it gained in destroying countries on the Syrian people. It failed to a very large extent due to the awareness of the Syrian people embedded in the genes of each Syrian born in the land of the oldest civilizations.

Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations has repeatedly warned of falling in such traps set by the brainwashers in the Western mainstream media. Watch this video:

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