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Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns his Post from Saudi

image-Saad Rafic Hariri Lebanese Former Prime Minister

Saad Hariri resigned and created a new vacuum in power in Lebanon, the much-needed circumstances built up to set the stage for a new Israeli or even a Saudi aggression, as he threatened against his own tiny state.

Announcing his resignation from Saudi on a Saudi TV channel after being summoned by the Saudi regime has opened the speculations to a very wide degree including whether the Lebanese official is under house arrest in Saudi and was he forced to resign? Very likely in the kingdom of terror, but we’re not sure yet.

The US and its regional stooges cannot accept the Syrian victories against ISIS and other terrorist organizations easily. The US-led camp against Syria has invested heavily in terrorist groups to unseat the Syrian government and replace it with a puppet regime similar to the instigators of the War of Terror on Syria.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar alone wasted over US$137 Billion to finance the War of Terror against the Syrian people, all would go in vain after the latest Syrian president declaration to eradicate all terror groups from Syria and vowing to restore the central government’s authority in Damascus over all of the country.

image-hamad bin jassim confesses- syria
Hamad Bin Jassim Confesses about Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Role in Creating Terror against Syria

Saad Hariri, unlike his slain father Rafic, is boyish with no real political experience, used to be called the ‘boy’ by Lebanese commentators. His only legitimacy is the sponsorship he has from his Saudi patrons to the extent some call him the son of the late King Fahd of Saudi. It’s no surprise the Saudis with their foolish acts can use him as a pawn in any of their adventures and for the least reasons needed.

Hariri, in a written statement he read on the Saudi TV channel al-Arabiya attacked Iran and Hezbollah in a Saudi style as if the whole statement was written by a Saudi minister and handed over to Hariri to just read it to give it some credibility to resign a Lebanese top political post. He also complained he was being a target of a conspiracy against his life. We cannot think of this without comparing this boy with a man like Bashar al-Assad who is targeted by each evil and satanic power on the planet with a war waged against his country by tens of thousands of suicide terrorists yet he’s found on the frontlines of all battles in his country commanding the defense and protection of his people.

He was used earlier as a pawn against Syria abusing his own father’s blood to falsely accuse the Syrian government in the assassination of one of its closest allies in Lebanon that time. It worked to a large extent to their favor in their views, but didn’t achieve much strategically, on the contrary, the accusation was diverted away from Syria.

Saad Hariri’s bloc in Lebanon has worked hard to destabilize Syria using their country as a main hub for terrorists and their weapons to be smuggled into their neighboring state until June 2013 when Hezbollah entered the Syrian conflict on the side of the Syrian state against those terrorists to the dismay of the Saudi-led bloc and to their surprise. Qussayr was liberated and Hezbollah became an essential part in the war on terror all over Syria, and in Iraq and elsewhere.

During the 2006 Israeli aggression on Lebanon, Saad Hariri bloc stood firmly against Hezbollah on the side of Israel, if we went a few years back in history.

Whatever comes from these Saudi-Sponsored policies will not be in the favor of the Lebanese people or the people of the region. After all, what do you expect from the most retard political system in the world with vast money to spend on destroying countries and killing innocent people?

We hope Lebanese patriots can maintain the situation in their country before they overspill their problem again into Syria.

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