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US-Led Coalition Commits a New Massacre in Deir Ezzor

image-Massacre after the other from Bombing by a US Drone - Archive

The US-led Coalition operating on the side of ISIS in eastern Syria committed a new massacre scoring at least a dozen civilians killed near borders with Iraq.

The illegal coalition formed of rogue states operating outside any United Nations mandate and uninvited by the Syrian Arab Republic government targeted residential compounds in Tal al-Shayer, Duaiji village in Deir Ezzor countryside. The Coalition bombing killed 10 civilians and a number of paramedics who rushed to the targeted area to save the victims.

Large damage in properties was also reported in the air raid carried out by an unmanned drone operated by the US-led Coalition. The bombing also bombed a car carrying wounded civilians with their paramedics destroying the vehicle and killing everyone inside.

A heinous war crime added to the shameful criminal record of the Coalition of Pariah states formed allegedly to fight ISIS but instead attacked everyone who was fighting the terrorist organization.

The Syrian government repeatedly called on the crippled useless United Nations to dissolve this rogue coalition and stop its continuous massacres against the Syrian people and even against the Syrian Arab Army.

One of those horrific crimes where this Coalition assisted ISIS directly was the one committed by this group of rogue states led by the United States of America in September 2016, when a US-led raid bombed an SAA base on Thardeh Mountain near the Deir Ezzor Airport killing over 80 soldiers and officers paving the way for a large ISIS group waiting nearby to storm the strategic post and complete the total blockade over the City of 120,000 inhabitants.

Unlike how the regime in Washington and the way it treats its own citizens, the Syrian government didn’t leave the trapped civilians in Deir Ezzor surrounded by tens of thousands of ISIS terrorists to meet their destiny.

image-St. Croix Suffering - US Virgin Islands - Hurricane Maria
St. Croix Suffering – US Virgin Islands – Hurricane Maria

The Syrian Arab Army regiment positioned outside the city, which was targeted by the US bombing, offered a shield against the daily attempts by ISIS through assaults in herds of hundreds of suicide bombers and explosive vehicles for over 3 years, and 2 years before that from Nusra Front terrorists, al-Qaeda branch operating under the FSA umbrella in Syria.

Syrian government dropped food and essentials from the air on daily basis non stop throughout the 5 years long siege on the entrapped civilians in the city until finally managed to break the siege. During the remarkable defense, the Syrian Arab Army offered its finest men and women as martyrs for the cause of protecting their families in the city. The Syrian state saved its people from a massacre by famine, a massacre by diseases and a massacre by anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists covered by the United States and its allies and regional stooges.

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