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Legendary Defender of Deir Ezzor Issam Zahreddine Steps Down

Gen. Zahreddine was martyred by a landmine , courtesy of US taxpayers.

Legendary defender of Deir Ezzor, General Issam Zahreddine was martyred on 18 October.  He was born in Tarba, al Sweida governate, in 1961.  This intrepid and formidable hero spent the last five years defending 120,000 Syrians from ISIS, al Nusra, and variously named terrorist savages funded by the West and its Gulfies underling savages in Deir Ezzor.  The  Martyr-General was killed by a landmine (another gift from NATO to the moderate terrorists?) while scouting for the tunnel in which terrorists were hiding.  

image-Issam Zahreddine
Maj. General Issam Zahreddine with Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, December 2015

Patriot martyr Issam Zahreddine was known for leading his troops in battle against the world’s human garbage dumped into the Syrian Arab Republic; unlike US generals, he did not sit in television studios being interviewed about what his soldiers were doing.  Issam Zahreddine was at the frontline commanding his troops; unlike US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, Syrian soldiers held the utmost respect for his leadership, and were never disarmed (Panetta had US troops in Afghanistan disarmed before addressing them, in March 2012).

image-Issam Zahreddine
Martyr General Issam Zahreddine

The fearless Issam Zahreddine was also known for leading his troops while wounded, including with his arm in a sling.  Previous attempts had been made on his life, he had a very dangerous injury from a bullet that missed his heart with 1 centimeter only but left a remarkable big medal scar.  He was in the forefront of the battle against ISIS in al Thardah mountain — near Deir Ezzor airport — when 83 Syrian soldiers were ‘accidentally’ slaughtered by the Obama regime coalition, in September 2016.

image-Issam Zahreddine
Major General Issam Zahreddrine

NATO deep state and Gulfies tyrants’ media have ignored the martyrdom of  this great Syrian warrior — except to use his death in more criminal anti-Syria war propaganda.  They ignore the fact that the entire country of Syria is in mourning over its great defender; tens of thousands of Syrians attended his funeral services.

image-Issam Zahreddine
Funeral ceremony of Issam Zahreddine. Courtesy SANA.

The following video interview of the mother and son of Issam Zahreddine includes words from the soldier who was the last to speak with Syria’s great hero witnessed the explosion and pulled the martyr’s body.

Video also available on Bitchute:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

May the courage and the blood of Martyr General Issam Zahreddine help the Syrian people in their final victory against the terrorism they continue to fight on behalf of humanity.

At the time writing this post we learned of the sad but also proud news that Martyr General Issam Zahreddine’s successor Brigadier Wa’il Zayzafoun has also martyred in the same Huweijat Sakarisland in the Euphrates River, Deir Ezzor. 

Syrian Arab Army commanders have always been leading their troops at the frontline battling the world’s filthiest filth sent to Syria from all sides of the world by NATO and stooges. This is confirmed by the large number of them martyred during combat. Each time an SAA officer ascends as a martyr, this incredible army gets stronger and the troops’ determination to eliminate terror and invaders on their land gets more profound.

— Miri Wood

Just 3 examples would give a highlight, please search through our site or on the net and you’ll find many more. ‘We’re proud of our heros’ – Arabi Souri

Martyr General Hussein Ishaq, head of SAA Air Defense:

Martyr Paratrooper Brigadier Muhammad Mahmoud Ali Aba Suleiman:

SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban:

Syria’s allies in combating the ‘War of Terror’ waged by the US and its allies have as well presented commanders from the top brass as martyrs, with Russia in the lead.

Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was assassinated by his own Erdogan appointed bodyguard shooting him in the back, Turkish style:

Russian general officer Valeriy Asapov heinously killed by a direct shelling from an ISIS post with US-given coordinations, mortar, timing and air reconnaissance:

Hezbollah lost a considerable number of their heroes:

And of course Iran as well.

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