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President Bashar al-Assad Receives Syrian National Football Team Qasioun Eagles

image-President Bashar al-Assad Receives Syrian National Football Team Qasioun Eagles

Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad received the players, technical and administrative staff of the Syrian National Football Team known as Qasioun Team in Damascus.

President al-Assad praised the achievements of the Syrian National Team with an unprecedented level reaching the Fourth Round of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup and lost to Australia in the final moments of the extended match held in Sydney. Noting the difficulties the Syrian National Team has gone through in all aspects including the security burden that stripped the players from playing on their ground in Syria in any match.

The war circumstances in the country, the lack of funding and training comparing with all the others teams, the illegal and unjust embargo on the Syrian people placed by the entire West and their regional stooges, yet the Qasioun Eagles played with determination, high spirits, high moral and raised the already high morals of the Syrian Armed Forces combatting herds of tens of thousands of foreign terrorists all over Syria.

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Video also available on Flickr ( and BitChute ( as YouTube deleted our channel for the second time with no valid reason after they restored it the first time without elaboration.

President Dr. Bashar al-Assad addressing the Syrian National Football Team (Qasioun Eagles) – transcript:

First of all, like each Syrian citizen, I’m proud and happy of the (high) level the Syrian (National Football) Team has reached to.

Naturally, like each Syrian citizen and I’m one of them, we have wished the dream come true and we see our (national) team compete for the (FIFA) World Cup.

What is more important for us is this unprecedented (high) level the (team) has reached to has been achieved in difficult circumstance, as for countries living under war conditions, the main concern for its people, its state, and its community would be to be able to ease the decline in things, at best to at best to preserve what they have, but to have progress in war conditions, this in itself is a double achievement.

This shows, as we have seen from the (National) Team, and as we see in all areas of life, it shows the vitality, determination, steadfastness and patriotism of the Syrian people, and its determination to overcome war by all means and methods, and sport is one of these methods.

As we all know, all of these achievements are built on one main achievement, the achievements of our armed forces, which if it didn’t have all these heroism we are hearing of and seeing, none of us could have achieved anything in his life, we might even don’t have a homeland let alone the achievements.

I am certain that the National Team while it’s playing, like any Syrian citizen, was thinking when aspiring for any achievement, to be a supportive and complement the work of the Armed Forces, which we realize that each (Syrian) person who took up arms, each wounded who presented part of their body or part of their health, each martyr who presented their soul, each family which sent its son, its husband, its brother, and in cases sent their daughters to fight, all these families and all those who are fighting to defend us Syrians. All of them had one goal that we advance forward and not to step backward, and the National Team was advancing forward.

We are always proud of you.

End of statement.

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— Afraa Dagher

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