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Security Forces Save Latakia from a Deadly Explosion

image-Security Forces Save Latakia from a Deadly Explosion

The vigilant security authorities in the coastal city of Latakia has foiled a deadly terrorist attack against a residential neighborhood in the city by dismantling a booby-trapped vehicle.

A suspicious white pick-up vehicle was being monitored while parked in a crowded neighborhood by Syrian security agents in the coastal city of Latakia. The car had a plate number from Aleppo city.

Upon careful inspecting and monitoring the driver was arrested and the car was taken to the city’s outskirts and the explosives were dismantled by the Syrian Arab Army Engineering Corps.

The vehicle was packed with about 55 kilograms of TNT highly explosive materials of both powder and paste nature. The quantity and type of the explosives would have caused massive damage and claimed a large number of lives in the narrow and crowded neighborhood it was parked at.

Coward terrorist wanted to remotely detonate the vehicle by remote control working from afar. 2 detonators connected to the explosives were supposed to be detonated and ignite the explosions.

Obviously, the criminal minds have worked with expertise to cause the maximum damage and claim the highest toll among civilians to spread fear in the city and to revenge the losses the US’s proxy agents of ISIS, Nusra Front, and other terrorist groups are being inflicted by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies all over the country.

The Syrian people are used to these types of attacks and any terrorist attack will only make the Syrian people more determined to face the terrorists, their sponsors and all their supporters in the West and its regional stooges, especially Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar from the Gulfies who collectively have sent thousands of tons of weapons and explosives to the various terrorist groups like ISIS, Nusra Front and other branches of the FSA to kill more Syrians throughout the Syrian crisis and have imported tens of thousands of foreign terrorists from all sides of the world into Syria.

— Afraa Dagher

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