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How the US-Led Coalition Armed ISIS and Nusra Front


Since the beginning of the war against Syria, huge quantities of western made weapons and munitions were found and confiscated all over the country, mostly we see US-made weapons with terrorists from ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The role played by a number of foreign countries in supporting terrorist groups on Syrian territory is clear. These countries have played a direct role by sending thousands of terrorists and massive quantities of weapons and munitions.

The supply was done through different channels and the purchase of arms was carried out through companies in Eastern European countries linked to the American security services and NATO agencies, and then reach Turkey or Saudi Arabia via European ports or via the American air base Ramstein located on German territory where the terrorists of ISIS and Nusra Front have been supplied with missiles, rifles, machine guns, anti-aircraft systems, even tanks in exchange to that the terrorists gave oil to those countries from the wells they captured in Syria and Iraq.

Video also available on BitChute: since YouTube deleted our channel for the 2nd time with no valid reason after they re-instate it the first time without elaborating.

After liberating eastern Aleppo from Nusra Front terrorists and liberating the areas of Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor from ISIS terrorists, the Syrian Arab Army found weapons and munitions of Bulgarian origin, and from other eastern European countries.

Therefore, the US and its allies at the time they claim they’re fighting ISIS are in fact arming the terrorists with all types of weapons.

Israel, as well, has supplied Nusra Front and other terrorists with all types of weapons through the occupied Syrian territories to kill the Syrian people.

There are also other channels to supply the terrorists in Syria with weapons and munitions, through the aid programs provided to the so-called ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ by the former administration of Barack Obama.

Eventually, these provided or bought weapons through these aid programs end in the hands of the terrorists and the examples on that are numerous.

All the fighters of the so-called Free Syrian Army who were trained and armed by the Americans in Turkey in September 2015 have announced they’re joining Nusra Front terrorist (group) after they were sent into Syrian territories. The same has happened with the fighters trained in Jordan as most of them have joined Daesh (ISIS).

After the liberation of Eastern Aleppo, large groups of the US Aid-covered Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement joined Nusra Front under the HTS. We’ve also seen widely on social media Nusra Front terrorists using American made anti-tank TOW missiles.

Trump’s administrations’ announcement of stopping the aid program to the so-called Free Syrian Army is just an attempt to deceit the ‘international community’.

On 31 May 2017, Pentagon spokesman Adrian Rankine-Galloway stated that the United States has started to deliver weapons to so-called Syrian Democratic Forces to help eliminate ISIS terrorists.

US’s Foreign Policy magazine estimated total deliveries at over 2 Billion Dollars.

Our information indicates that the United States in the period between 5 June and 15 July 2017 has delivered 1421 trucks loaded with military aid.

Pentagon’s spokesman affirmed this information to Turkish Anadolu Agency adding:

‘During the past period a total of 12,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 6000 machine-gun, 3500 medium machine-gun, 3000 RPGs, and 1000 AT4 anti-armor, in addition to 235 mortar, 100 sniper rifles, 450 night vision goggles have been delivered to the areas under the control of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces.’

Here we note that the weapons supplied are not only US made weapons, but also USSR samples, which these weapons and munition might have been delivered previously to Warsaw Pact countries & now bought from them.

Despite the claim that delivering these weapons was to fight ISIS, it eventually falls into the hands of the terrorists who use it later to commit their dirty crimes.

Delivering these weapons without checking in whose hands it would fall eventually aims to fuel the war on Syrian territory.

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) issued in 2014 states that if there’s a possibility the weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists to use it in committing crimes and crimes against humanity, the delivering of these weapons will become illegal and must be immediately canceled.

Article 2 of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) calls on monitoring the weapons delivery to the destined recipient and calls on the countries to take certain measures to prevent its leak.

The countries selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, and Israel, do not assess the potential risks as stated in Article 5 (2) of the Treaty about the weapons falling into the hands of terrorists and therefore it’s violating the international treaties.

The weapons bought by Saudi Arabi from countries in Central and Eastern European countries do not match with the weapons & arming of the Saudi Arabia itself, practically it’s shown that Saudi Arabia is not the end user of these weapons, where it is forwarded to the terrorists in Syria.

Not a long time ago, weapons made in Bulgary were discovered in territories liberated from ISIS. As a result: the terrorists are fighting with Bulgarian made weapons bought by the USA.

This same thing occurred in Afghanistan in the 1980s when the US, Saudi, and their allies supplied the Pakistani Intelligence with weapons and decided to whom it’ll be delivered, thus al-Qaeda and Taliban organizations acquired the weapons.

One of these examples, a video clip on social media showing a terrorist from Nusra Front carrying a modern RPG.

The production of these grenade launchers is done by few manufacturers: Taiwanese ICS Airsoft, Japanese KAO, and Bulgarian Arsenal.

Due to the latest events witnessed in eastern Ghouta and eastern neighborhoods of Damascus irrefutable pieces of evidence were collected that terrorists are using foreign weapons and munitions. Fragments of foreign-made ammunition with serial numbers have been filmed.

With this ammunition, the terrorists are constantly shelling the residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its suburbs.

After the decision of former US president Obama to lift the restrictions off supplying lethal weapons to the terrorist groups, Saudi bought from the United States 15000 TOW anti-armor missile with a cost of 1 billion US Dollars.

The Saudis promised these anti-tank weapons will not fall into the hands of the terrorist groups in Syria without the permission of the United States, however, in 2014 these anti-tank weapons appeared in Syria and quickly were used by the terrorists against the Syrian Arab Army.

The large flow of these weapons to Syria concurrently with the arrival of 20,000 foreign fighters, most of which were from Turkey, helped al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front & its affiliates to become the strongest groups fighting the Syrian Arab Army and paved the way to the emerging of ISIS terrorist Organization.

Despite the embargo on exporting weapons to Syria, 2 million CITY4000 shells and missiles arrived from Bulgary to the hands of the terrorists in Aleppo.

Available information shows that Saudi has delivered this weapon to the terrorists, and the Saudi embassy mentioned it will not reply to the question where did Saudi use the Bulgarian weapons? Noting that Bulgarian weapons do not match the Saudi standards of weapons of the Western type.

Some of the Western countries push the terrorists to commit their war crimes by supplying them with these weapons.

On 19 December 2016, while removing the mines in Sakhour District in Eastern Aleppo, a variety of munition were found including those made in the USA 60mm mortar grenades some of which are fired by rifles.

The geographic proximity and the lack of monitoring of exports have created convenient conditions to some countries to benefit from weapons trading especially, this was done with the help of the United States of America in most cases.

The United States has helped its allies supply the armed terrorist groups with weapons and presented advanced weapons to fuel the war in Syria, and these weapons end eventually in the hands of Nusra Front and ISIS terrorists, therefore, Washington is responsible for the expansion of territories under the control of ISIS and Nusra Front in Syria.

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