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Syria Hit Israeli Aggressive Warplanes and Israel Destroyed Syrian Air Defense Battery

image-SAA - Syrian Arab Army Command

Israel fighter jets destroyed a Syrian S-200 air defense battery because the Syrian air defense corps targetted an aggressive Israeli fighter jet earlier in this morning.

Monday October 16, 2017 : ”An anti-craft missile was launched from Syria towards IDF air plane during a ‘routine‘ flying over Lebanon! The IDF spokesperson declared. Moreover, the Israeli source pretended that this warplane was a ‘reconnaissance’ plane. The source added, that the Israeli plane was not hit, however the Israeli Defence forces decided to hit the battery of the Syrian anti-aircraft.

The Israeli army targetted the battery with four bombs, according to the IDF, to the level it was no longer operational. The Israeli army said that this anti-aircraft battery was active against the Israeli aggression in March.

image-Israel is the enemy of humanity
Israel is the enemy of humanity

Ironically, these are great lies of the Zionist Israel, which reportedly uses the Lebanese airspace to bomb sites inside Syria, like for example, the Israeli attack against Massyaf in the countryside of Hama province on September 7/2017 which killed two Syrians and destroyed the site.
No Syrian statement yet. Moreover Israel declared that they informed Russia about it some hours after the visit of

Israel claimed that they informed Russia about it some hours after the visit of Russian President Putin to the defense ministry according to the Israeli media.

It is exactly like when Trump bombed Al Shuayrat air base on 6th of April 2017, also after informing Russia.

Funnily, according to the Zionist entity of the Occupiers of Palestine aka Israel, they have the right to bomb the military and the science locations inside Syria and demands no counter-attack be made.

As Israel is swimming in a sea of nuclear bombs, only them have the right of this military power in the region; Therefore Israel also wants to send a message to Iran and Hezbollah, which are also under the strikes of them. The message is ‘it is not allowed for Iran to have more influence in the region than Israel does, which is worried after the Collapse of the Islamist State militants in Syria’. Israel is the original enemy of Syria and its regional allies, Iran and Hezbollah. That’s the reason its backed rebels, started the war against Syria, also by bombing the Syrian important facilities.

Russia is doing great in Syria by eliminating the foreign-backed terrorists. However, we need more reaction towards this Israeli aggression, but at the same time we can say, fighting ISIS is like fighting Israel.

The Syrian authorities seized weapons from terrorists (Made in Israel) in the area between Hama and Homs.

Lately, the Syrian General Command of the Army and Armed forces issued a statement about the Israeli attack and the real story, here is a part of it: ‘Earlier today at 8:51 this morning, Israeli enemy aircraft’s penetrated our airspace on the Lebanese border in Baalbak area. Our air defenses countered the attack hit one of the Israeli planes directly and enforced them to retreat.’ The statement added that our leadership in the Army and the armed forces are determined to continue its war against the armed terrorist groups who are the arm of Israel in the region.

— Afraa Dagher

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