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Syrian Arab Army Eliminates Albanian Terrorist in Northern Latakia

Syrian Arab Army SAA eliminates Al Qaeda FSA ISIS Albanian terrorists Abdul Rahman Bella aka Khaled Al-Albani

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northwestern Syria eliminated a notorious terrorist from the NATO-sponsored ‘moderate opposition’ in the country, he was an Albanian national, local sources reported.

Albanian nation and member of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda FSA in northwestern Syria the so-called ‘Abdul Rahman Bella’ aka Khaled Al-Albani was sniped by an SAA sniper on the fronts in the northern countryside of Latakia, northwest of Syria.

Al-Albani, whose name in Arabic indicates he’s from Albania is originally from Macedonia and was shipped to Syria by the CIA and its ‘partners’ in 2013 to join Syrian opposition groups, he joined and later became the military commander in the so-called ‘Albanian Group’ of the Syrian opposition!

In the middle of the featured picture above, Al-Albani is seen standing next to Saudi terrorist Musleh Al-Olayani in the Idlib countryside.

After failing to instigate the Syrian public to join the NATO plot dubbed the Arab Spring, the ‘intelligence’ agencies of NATO and co resorted to anti-Islamic Wahhabi indoctrinated fanatics and were trained, armed, funded, and commanded by the various ‘intelligence’ agencies and armies of NATO and Gulfies, mainly the Saudis, Qataris, and Turkish in addition to the US and UK armies illegally operating in Syria and Iraq.

Northern Latakia countryside is one of the hottest active fronts in Syria between the Syrian people, the Syrian armed forces, and their allies on one side, and the powers of evil in the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ coalition of current and former colonial powers. In addition to northern Latakia, the SAA is confronting NATO-sponsored terrorism, NATO armies, and NATO welfare queen Israel in Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Hasakah, and the southern provinces of Daraa, Sweida, and Quneitra.

Worth noting that in all of the above-mentioned fronts, Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists have their backs to NATO armies and receive their logistics from NATO member state Turkey, and from the US Army.

Khaled Al-Albani joins tens of thousands of Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), and other terrorists eliminated by the Syrian Arab Army on Syrian soil throughout the past 13 years of the NATO-sponsored spreading of the excess of democracy and freedoms overflowing from Western countries.

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