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Zionist Biden Bombs Syria and Iraq for Israel and ISIS Proxies

USA Biden bomb Syria and Iraq

The Biden White House junta bombed Syria and Iraq to sustain his anti-Christian and anti-Jewish Zionist project protecting the US proxies Israel and the plethora of US-founded and sponsored terrorist groups in the two countries, namely ISIS and al Qaeda.

Throughout the night, the US war machines added a new series to its endless war crimes by bombing dozens of sites in Syria and Iraq murdering at least 18 persons, the US rulers claimed that their latest bombing was a retaliation to the bombing of its base in Jordan which resulted in the killing at least 3 US Army personnel and injuring 3 dozens of others.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement carried by the Syrian News Agency SANA:

“Today at dawn, the American occupation forces launched a blatant air aggression against several sites and towns in the eastern region of Syria and near the Syrian-Iraqi borders, which led to the martyrdom of a number of civilians and soldiers, the wounding of others, and the infliction of significant damage to public and private property.”

The statement accused the Biden’s junta of aiding ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) in the bombing:

“The area targeted by the American attacks in eastern Syria is the same area where the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the remnants of the terrorist organization ISIS, and this confirms that the United States and its military forces are involved and allied with this organization, and are working to revive it as a field arm for it, whether in Syria or Iraq, by all dirty means, and that this aggression has no justification other than an attempt to weaken the ability of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the field of fighting terrorism.”

Syria’s Cultural Ministry condemned Biden regime forces bombing the historical Al Rahba Fortress, built in the 9th century. Additionally, the Biden forces bombed the electrical grid in Deir Ezzor.

Local sources in Syria and Iraq said that the US aggression targeted 85 posts used by the allied forces combating ISIS in the countryside of Al Mayadeen in eastern Syria Deir Ezzor province and in the Al Qaim area in western Iraq.

Iraqi PMU said in a statement that the US aggression murdered 16 Iraqis and injured 25 others in the Anbar province. Iraq declared a 3 days mourning for the martyrs.

Russia, on its part, condemned the US aggression against Syria and called for an urgent meeting of the useless NATO-controlled United Nations Security Council, maybe to score additional points forcing the USA and its allies to use their veto powers against resolutions targeting them similar to how Russia’s ‘western partners’ are trying to do the same against Russia for its special military operation in Ukraine.

The first time US war criminals bombed Syrian Arab Army soldiers to aid al Qaeda was on 18 September 2016, when Obama ‘accidentally’ slaughtered 83 Syrian soldiers in al Tharda, soldiers who were encircling ISIS terrorists, after which the terrorists shot down a Syrian jet, martyring three more soldiers.

During the US bombing, the Iraqi Resistance carried out five bombings against the illegal US Army bases in Al Tanf in southeast Syria, Conoco Gas Field in eastern Deir Ezzor province in northern Syria, Kharab Al Jir in the Hasakah province in northeastern Syria, Ain Al Asad air base in western Iraq, and the Harir air base in Irbil in the northern Kurdistan province of Iraq.

Biden, claiming responsibility for this aggression thinking this would increase his rating for the upcoming election, said “Our response began today. It will continue at times and places of our choosing,” while almost crying he does not seek a regional war and his officials repeatedly explained they do not seek to widen the war in Gaza! So starting a war by not starting a war and not escalating a war by escalating a war? Obviously, dementia and insanity have taken over this White House regime.

The Zionists’ desperate attempts to expand their war on Gaza to engulf the whole region comes after the humiliating defeat of Israel, first in the 6 hours war on the 7th of October last year, and the failure to achieve any of the set goals after 120 days of the systematic genocide the US and NATO-sponsored Israel is carrying out against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Instead of accepting the defeat of their anti-Christ project, the Zionists are now bombing the entire region: Gaza, southern Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, while claiming they are in self-defense, the farce claim that was overruled by the International Court of Justice when it denied the occupation forces of the right of self-defense and granted the same to people under occupation in all methods needful.

Should we add that the Biden junta did not seek its rubber-stamping Congress’s approval for this war?

Observers explained that the US aggression was carried out after alerting the Iranians of the targets in advance and that Biden’s junta went out of its way to reassure Iran that is not seeking a regional war with the Axis of Resistance.

Syria’s accusation of the United States sponsoring ISIS and other terrorist groups comes after years of gathering material evidence, confessions of the arrested terrorists, the US and its NATO proxies’ political pressure against the country, and the economic siege the US-led camp of Western colonial powers imposes on the Syrian people, in addition to the US, Israel, and Turkish interventions whenever these terrorist groups are on the verge of defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies similar to this latest bombing campaign.

On its part, the Iraqi resistance vowed to continue to bomb the illegal US Army bases in Syria and Iraq until the complete withdrawal of the US Army from both countries after it limited its goals to the end of the Israel ‘Holocausting’ of the Palestinians in Gaza.

By its chaotic actions, Biden’s junta has effectively widened the war in Gaza it is seeking to contain, blocked international maritime trade through the Red Sea for Israeli, US, and British ships by bombing Yemen to stop the blockade Yemen imposed on Israeli ships until Israel stops its genocide of Gaza.

Biden junta bankrupted its coffers and the coffers of its Western European satraps trying to do the same to Russia through the NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine while acting tough against China in Taiwan.

It’s not the incompetent Western ruling class to be blamed for all the miseries and injustices around the globe including in the Western countries, it’s the indifference and ignorance of the Western citizens not holding their rulers accountable for the war crimes they committed in their names with their tax monies against innocent people and now Karma is doing its work where evil started in the crumbling collective West.

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