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Israel Continues War Crimes against Syria, Bombs Damascus

Israel bombs southern Damascus- Syria

Israel continues its war crimes against Syria. At approximately 0420 Damascene time, the Zionist entity created by the British empire bombed “points south of Damascus” from the illegally occupied Syrian Golan.

A military spokesperson said in a statement:

“At approximately 4:20 a.m. today, the Israeli enemy launched an air bombing from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting a number of points south of Damascus.”

“Our air defense forces responded to the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, and the losses were limited to material losses”

At this writing, Syria’s air defense system – which still does not include S300s – intercepted most of the missiles. Reports on this latest attack minimally state that losses are limited to material ones.

Also at this writing, only one non-Syrian source has bothered to mention Israel’s most recent war crime against Syria. Arab News, published in Riyadh seems to have done so solely for the purpose of citing the thrice convicted felon who jumped bail during his fourth trial in 2000, after which he found a cushy job functioning as a Brit intel operative, funded by the EU, who calls himself the SOHR. The man who escaped a fourth felonious conviction, who left Syria twenty-four years ago, has announced that “2 pro – Iranian forces killed.”

Israel's war crime against Syria legitimized by al Saud medium.

Israel bombing Syria from Syria, is actually a double war crime, as it continues to occupy a large portion of the Syrian Golan — where IDF trauma surgeons save lives of ISIS terrorists before sending them for free follow-up and rehabilitative care in Rambam Hospital — as the UN has never forced the fulfillment of UNSCR 242 (1967). This still naive writer recently came to hypothesize that the NATO klan ruling the United Nations was amenable to making this a unanimous resolution because it never intended to enforce it.

Syria News readers may wonder if Israel’s increase in war criminally bombing the Levantine republic, from its standard biweekly atrocities to a mere four days respite, might be related to the toll that has shown two hundred thirty-three IDF’ers killed in the ground invasion of Gaza, since its launch.

Though the Zionist state claims its withdrawal of thousands of potential cannon fodder soldiers from Gaza is related to mouth noise “pressure” from the US, it is more likely that the death and maiming numbers of its soldiers have become intolerable to Israelis.

Israel has withdrawn thousands of potential cannon fodder from Gaza

To be completely frank, Israeli troops are ill-equipped for actual military fighting, as its soldiers have become habituated to shooting unarmed civilians, including Israeli Jews who have demonstrated against apartheid:

On 2 February, at 0420, Israel committed another double war crime against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Only time will tell when Israel’s cowardice, backed by the world’s two leaders in genocide – the US and the UK – will be halted.

Miri Wood

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