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Jaafari to UN: We Won’t Drink from the River Saudi Western Madness

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The mafioso clique running the UN has again held another mass party to attack the Syrian Arab Republic. Coming on the heels of the Khashoggi scandal, the General Assembly gathered on 16 November as a kennel filled with ravenous and rabid barking dogs and hyenas to support al Saud’s Situation of human rights in the Syrian Arab Republic. This fetid resolution was drafted not in the UN, but in the al Saud Mission. The al Saud secretary likely took dictation from mobsters US, UK, and France — the UN’s chief bullies and tripartite aggressors.

Saudi terrorist “L50” should have been laughed out of the UN.

Ambassador Jaafari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN aptly noted that “Saudi is just a front for their paymasters.” For those willing to read through the 13 pages of L.50, this is obvious. Also obvious is the deadly hypocrisy of the Saudi deviants. Saudi occupied Arabia is an absolute tyranny; it has no constitution, no parliament. Nonetheless, this document outrageously claims support for human rights in the SAR and demands:

  • support for the foreign constitutional committee to impose a new constitution on the SAR.
  • support for an “inclusive” political process which excludes Syria’s 2014 election results, & excludes the 2012 referendum for Syria’s new Constitution.
  • support for the Syria-less ISSG and imposition of a new Sykes-Picot via UNSCR 2254.
  • support for children’s and women’s rights, despite Saudi-run terrorist Jaish al Islam having put women in cages in trucks and having kidnapped women’s children for emotional war pornography and having committed massacres of women and children for the same cover story in Douma.
  • support for hospitals that do not exist, except for terrorist claims of their existence or the posting of signs claiming hospital status, signs which ignore ICRC regulations.
  • strong condemnation of the use of chemical weapons, while ignoring the words of Saudi-run terrorists in al Ghouta in August 2013:  “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them.  When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them” and strong condemnation of the chemical weapons attack that al Qaeda reported in Saraqib.
  • support for the lies that came from an illegal Brit in Khan Sheikhoun, a man whose medical license was permanently revoked in his home country because of his terrorist affiliations.
  • support for the fake ‘Caesar’ photos funded by Qatar.

The same MSM incessantly reporting on Khashoggi, and arms sales to al Saud occupied Arabia, has somehow managed to ignore this criminal insanity, this outrageous attempt by international diplomats to run some of the oceans of blood on Saudi hands through the washing machine.

Of course, the fix of the vote was in before the tedious one hour, 14-minute propaganda party was launched, but having the various state sponsors of terror and their obedient House Servants being given the opportunity to present a pageant parading the paraphilia called democracy.

A/C.3/73/L.50 passed with 105 dogs of war in favor, a paltry 16 against, 58 playing Pontius Pilate by abstention, and 14 either in hiding or not permitted to vote for lack of membership dues payment (generally related to draconian sanctions, war criminal bombings, or usury imposed by the IMF).

The slimy vote supporting al Saud in the UN General Assembly: Mobsters & their House Servants.

The shameless vote came two days after the new US Spec[k] Representative for Syria Engagement, James F. Jeffrey, gave another press conference dictating colonialist projects to be imposed on Syria. One journalist asked a sane question, while the others engaged in geopolitical echolalia, regurgitating Jeffrey’s lies in questions format. Jeffrey has a long history of involvement and leadership in warmongering think tanks and the CIA.

Another fraud against the US taxpayer: Jeffrey paid as a diplomat though US broke diplomatic relations with the SAR.

General Assembly votes have no weight in binding resolutions; they are merely talking shop. On this occasion, the hypocrites who have armed foreign terrorists in Syria used the opportunity to again demonstrate that the international conspiracy against the SAR is the most heinous in history. As the MSM — some of which are suddenly cognizant of Saudi genocide against Yemen, launched with Obama’s permission in March 2015, and accelerated under Trump — have chosen to ignore significant reporting on the flea circus, it falls to the responsibility of SyriaNews to offer a taste of reality for those amenable to truth in journalism.

The usual suspects engaged in their usual criminal lies. The US brayed about “sexual- and gender-based violence” while ignoring the foreign and foreign-supported terrorists’ commission of massive sexual violence against Syrian women, and ongoing femicide, neither of which existed before 2011 and also stood by al Qaeda’s reports of chemical weapons.

Ambassador Jaafari condemned the lack of enforcement of the protocols of diplomacy, specifically the use of the crude “regime” in place of UN official names of countries. Noting himself to be a “professional diplomat” and not a ‘circus barker,’ he left the Qatari Chair of the hate-fest no choice but to enforce proper protocol. This must have made Saif al Thani feel like he was in that proverbial rock and a hard place, as Qatar and al Saud have consistently fought over which could slaughter more Syrians. The Qatari Chair showed his distaste for enforcing the protocol of diplomatic language when he wrongly corrected Dr. Jaafari, who was then forced to give al Thani a short lesson in the difference between a proper adjective and a proper noun.

Qatar KSA Competing on Killing Syrians

When al Thani reminded the US representative not to use the word “regime,” she rudely rolled her eyes and repeated the word. US — whose lawmakers amend their own constitution — demanded colonialist imposition of 2254.

Finally, I have a word for the representative of the American administration: Instead of making collusions to sponsor terrorism and to spread fire in my country and other countries, maybe it’s better for this administration to form an international alliance to put out the fires in California and maybe this would be better for the US than anything else. — H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, 16 November

Canada was “pleased to co-sponsor” the terrorist resolution and proudly announced that it holds Syria responsible for the atrocities committed by terrorists (Canada’s membership in the US-led ‘Coalition’ makes it a war criminal country).

Despite western draconian sanctions and US attempted ‘color revolution,’ Venezuela has caught up in its UN membership dues and is again allowed to vote. It rightly opposed the singling out of one country, on political grounds and which is beyond the mandate of the committee.  Belarus and DPRK opposed the draft for being “country-specific” and a “politicization of human rights.”  Egypt was among those playing Pontius Pilate with an abstention that equals support in UN voting.

Cuba’s statement was the most courageous, noting that “[t]his resolution favors a punitive and condemnatory approach which does not take account of the interests or positions of the country involved” and its “interventionist designs.”

Anyone hoping that AMLO might be a righteous president had that hope destroyed when Mexico stood with terrorism and terrorists against Syria, in its UN General Assembly vote. Likewise, Brazil — which seems to be going through a series of quiet ‘color revolutions’ and internal, bloodless coups, supported al Saud (back in 2013, Brazil was opposed to foreign meddling in the SAR). Argentina practically did a tap dance in support of Saudi terrorism, its love of terrorist-loving, colonialist de Mistura, in chants for ICC, wanting the strategic depopulation of Syria (via ‘welcoming refugees’), and also voiced its support of the obliteration of Libya (beyond the scope of general statement formats, but sometimes there is a competition among House Servants to get noticed by master). Ecuador also acknowledged its subservience as House Slave, bleating about the ICC and IJCJ. It also shed UN authorized crocodile tears over terrorists not willing to engage in Reconciliation being given safe transportation to terrorist-controlled areas of the SAR, using Newspeak in calling such safe passage “forced displacement.”

Of the draft resolution, Syria “categorically rejects all the contents without exception…We will not drink from the river Saudi Western Madness and we will not go after the attempts of Saudi Western to use this committee in propaganda to undermine my country.”

NATO satellite Japan also aligned with Saudi terrorism against Syria. This was to be expected, considering that Abe oversaw Japanese wetworkers deployed against the SAR and also suggesting his country gave $2 billion to al Qaeda.

Excellency Bashar al Jaafari at the UN.

The Turkish representative persisted in his use of the word “regime,” despite being corrected by the Qatari Chair. Likely this was a bit of Rumpelstiltskin rage, as the caliph-wannabe and the monarchy have united in many atrocities against the Syrian Arab Republic, including the massive theft of infrastructure from Aleppo, in 2012.


Wanna Fight Terror? Tell Erdogan to Stop Supporting Terror

Turkey has housed various factions of al Qaeda, facilitated the transit of human garbage into the SAR (though most terrorists have entered through the border with Turkey, not one has stepped on the almost 200,000 landmines still not cleared), currently occupies a region of Syria with the malignant desire of annexation. The lethal rabbit demonstrations, of al Qaeda threatening Syria with VX and then a fast-acting poison, were videoed in Turkey. This UN ‘diplomat’ also demanded imposition of the new Sykes-Picot, UNSCR 2254.

FSA terrorists threatened to unleash VX against Syria. Rabbits were used to demonstrate. Youtube censored this channel, hiding the truth.


Rabbit in a makeshift lab in Turkey is forced to ingest poison.

The Saudscum rep demanded the right to breach protocol by using “regime,” based on the whore Secretariat having “authorized” its use in several resolutions.

Russia called a Point of Order to “clarify the situation” of al Saudi having “challenged [the Chair’s] authority,” and Iran noted the savage irony of Saudi funding terrorists and also sponsoring the resolution; Iran suggested al Saud was engaged in double-dipping propaganda.

The most foul-smelling, gangrenous exudate came from Jan Kickert, who wore two hats: He spoke as Austria’s rabid hyena to the UN and for the EU. Quite diplomatic in referring to the latter as “U,” this particular braying ass thought himself clever in outmaneuvering required protocol. I will try to refrain from ‘Syrian regime’ and replace it with the Syrian Republic. He repeated this insult to Syria, to the UN General Assembly, and to the UN Chair, obviously setting such a good example to his staff member that she giggled like a Lilliputian male going through puberty who thinks emissions of gaseous sounds from the body are the highest form of wit (this author showed more diplomatic decorum at 13, when a UN security member tried to steal her camera).

Austrian & “U” criminal liar Kickert with his idiot ‘ass-istant’.

While the sidekick buffoon giggled widely enough to flaunt her yellow teeth, Kickert maintained an austere stoicism while flaunting the repetition of every criminal lie ever told against Syria, and utilizing the putrid western colonialist privilege while doing so.

Conspiracy? Just because countries of the European continent and the “U” get to speak before the General Assembly, doesn’t mean there’s any double-dipping, nor any type of conspiracy in the UN. Put on your tin foil hat!

Though “U” has had Permanent Voyeur status at the United Nations since 1974, its enhanced status of being allowed to speak, arrived in 2011, soon after the foreign imposed Syrian crisis began. Though not able to vote, “U” is now involved in the double-down of spoken anti-Syria war propaganda at the UN.

28 “U” member states pay 30% of UN budget & >31% of UN warkeeping activities.

Virtually every country of the “U” has dumped its human garbage into the SAR. Their “beasts with two legs” dumping was followed by sending these savages all types of weaponry, while colonialist, western media cheered the arming of the criminally insane, and war-pimping think tankers bleated ‘better late than never’:

May 2013, “U” countries had fake fight over arming the criminally insane in Syria, ‘worried’ that arming the savages could have a bad effect on this gang’s monstrous sanctions against the SAR.

Sleaze-hybrid Kickert spoke with unbreakable support with al Saud terrorism, and their various al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. He supported the OPCW lies based on fake forensics supplied by al Qaeda in Khan Sheikhoun (and verbal reports from the British illegal whose medical license was permanently revoked in his UK home). He claimed that the OPCW’s Douma report was “currently under investigation” (because terrorists had hidden the bodies of those slaughtered for the cameras), while ignoring its evidence of zero sarin and no weapons grade chlorine found. He demanded colonialist access to all of Syria, and the fascist imposition of 2254. He bleated about women being ‘involved in the process’ while neglecting to mention that Syrian women in government positions are among the 257 persons whose assets the “U” has given itself authority to seize.

According to warmongering Kickert, the ‘U’ reserves the right to dictate when Syrian refugees may be permitted to return home. He advised ‘national countries’ to target Syrians for war crimes, in the absence of ICC intervention (despite ‘U’ countries being under the supranational authority of the ‘U’).  He also made a few mouth noises about the generic destruction and/or theft of antiquities, careful to omit noting they belong to Syria, and also neglecting to mention that Israel announced its part in the looting of the world’s oldest synagogue, in Jobar.

Before directing our readers to return to a serious look at the foul L.50 vote, we return to Yemen.

Since the media manufactured Khashoggi hysteria, news sources that have been in a Rip Van Winkle coma over the Saudi genocidal bombing campaign — begun in March 2015, with permission of then President Obama — have suddenly come out of their collective state of oblivion. None has remembered that in early 2015, US-Saudi puppet president Abdrabbhu Mansour Hadi “fled” Yemen to Riyadh. There were lots of bathetic reports, at the time, though, of Hadi swimming the distance, rowing a boat with one arm, and also walking on water.

He arrived and screamed Bomb my  People! Then press liaison Jen Psaki cheered this as righteous, while simultaneously lying that Dr. Assad was doing this, and condemning him for the White House lie (Hadi now bounces back and forth, from Riyadh to the US, for ‘medical treatment’).

Suddenly, deep state MSM and deep state faux independent media are shedding massive crocodile tears for Yemen. Almost daily, they ejaculate new bits on new ‘U’ countries now refusing to sell arms to the al Saud dictatorship, while condemning those continuing these massive sales…while the Mockingbirds swoon and the dupes delight in Freudian excitement, wishing their own governments and leaders were so ‘divine.’

These abruptly adored leaders are not divine; they are geopolitical Beelzebub in disguise, engaged in nasty legerdemain. Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium,and Spain have all stopped weapons sales to al Saud, or halted deliveries of most.

Now, please take a look at that colonialist, slow-genocide vote at the UN: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain have all voted to support L.50 resolution, introduced by al Saud and written by those paymasters.

How much longer will ‘the masses’ swallow what Chris Hedges has dubbed “burlesque news,” while continuing to beg, Please, Sir, may we have another?

The most fantastic, we save for last: starving Yemen, suffering a cholera epidemic and almost bombed into dust, by the House of Saud, voted to support the terrorist dictatorship’s Syria-hating resolution. [*]

“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

Miri Wood

[*] Yemen’s ambassador to the UN — also to the US — is Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak. He was appointed by that puppet president and Yemeni traitor, Hadi. Yemen’s imposed immiseration caused it to fall behind in its UN membership payments.

That voting rights have been returned to the country in time for it to support the al Saud terrorists that have destroyed it, suggests some vile corruption, and the strong likelihood that al Saud has paid this bill.

NB: On 24 November, al Qaeda in Syria fired missiles and mortars (a.k.a. “bombs”) containing high levels of chlorine, into residential neighborhoods of Aleppo. At this writing, the UN is ignoring this war crime, and has not acknowledged Syrian Minister Walid Moallem’s letters to the Secretary General and to UN-OPCW, demanding an immediate investigation into the most recent atrocity committed with the funding of al Saud and Turkey, among others. This ever-wary author marvels at the timing of the Trump regime firing tear gas into Tijuana, Mexico: Was this timed so that the rancid among journalists could turn a blind-eye to the chemical attacks by al Qaeda in Syria?

APPENDIX for Unindicted War Criminal* Kickert:

In April 2017, the OPCW did not trust Qatar’s guarantee of the security of their investigators in Khan Sheikhoun (Qatari security guarantees are best seen from al-Rashidin, where this monarchy’s assets in Syria slaughtered around 140, mostly women and children who were released from captivity in exchange for apprehended terrorists). Therefore, the team which was afraid to be around al Nusra terrorists were forced to accept fraudulent forensics from the same savages, breaching chain of custody.

After al Qaeda’s chemical hoax in Douma, the SAR invited OPCW to immediately investigate. The teams arrived on 13 and 14 April. Almost immediately, the UK’s OPCW envoy began tweeting lies, that “Russia and Syria have not yet allowed access to Douma.” These lies saturated deep state media.

In its report to the UN of 6 July, the Technical Secretariat noted that it was the decision of the team to not begin investigation:

The FFM team was not able to enter Douma for almost a week after its arrival, owing to the high security risks to the team, which included the presence of unexploded ordnance, explosives, and sleeper cells still suspected of being active in Douma. On 18 April 2018, during a reconnaissance visit to two sites of interest, the security detail was confronted by a hostile crowd and came under fire from small arms and a hand grenade that exploded. The incident reportedly resulted in two fatalities and one injury. [2.2]

OPCW actually on the ground in Douma, unlike fake FFM in Khan Sheikhoun.

There were no retractions from the UK’s OPCW team, nor any apology for lying about Syria and Russia. This gang forfeited its integrity when it sold its soul to Dick Cheney, ousting Jose Bustani. Though the Technical Secretariat did his best to insult the SAR, actually having investigators on the ground made it difficult to continue acting as al Qaeda’s press liaison. As such, the report had to admit there was zero evidence of sarin deployment in Douma. FFM was also forced to acknowledge that chlorine remnants were not weapons grade.


No matter for Kickert; he will continue to lie, and lie with impunity, at every opportunity the UN affords him (the author wonders if he is paid double when he speaks for both Austria and the ‘U’).



*The Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal makes clear in Principle VI that those engaged in illicit war propaganda are indictable.

Nuremberg VI on crimes against peace.

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