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Terrorists Promise to Investigate Themselves

by Afraa Dagher

Over 10,000 people have been martyred and 13,000 injured in Yemen since the beginning of the Saudi aggression on Yemen, in March 2015.  The latest — though not the last — carnage committed by Saudi Wahhabi absolute monarchy and its disgraceful Arabic Coalition, the Arabic NATO bombed the funeral ceremony for the father of Jalal al Roweishan, Yemen’s Interior Minister.  This attack on 8 October was organized and planned in an accurate and savage way.  The Saudi-NATO coalition chose the target of mourning, where 2,000 Yemenis were gathering for the funeral.   This savage slaughter was 5 days after terrorists bombed  the Sanabel Wedding Hall, in al Hasakah province of Syria.  These savages kill civilians in times of grief and in times of joy.

These Arab leaders are finally united but not to defend their own countries against the greed of the US.  These Arab leaders do not defend oppressed people in Palestine.  They made the coalition of Arab against Arab for Arab to kill Arab…to serve the enemy.  Saudi is ISIS. The rule “Divide and Conquer” is as old as warfare.

At the bombed funeral hall, as soon as people and medical staff rushed to evacuate the injured who were stuck under rubble which caused by Saudi bomber jets, the Saudi aggressor launched its second raids over those innocent people, which claimed the lives of more than 700 civilians till now, add to many critically wounded. Saudi bombers also launched a third strike on the same target, after that.  Western media now report on fake investigations and report more that Saudis denied these savage bombings.

This scene of devastation in Yemen capital of Sana’a, is so similar to the ones in Syria.  The differences come in western reporting.  On the rare times that  the west is forced to mention massacres on Yemen, everyone plays that they do not know how such a thing happened, and investigations will find out (it is difficult to find a western report that does not demonize Iran, though Iran is not bombing Yemen.  Saudis are bombing Yemen.).  However the terrorists in Syria are covered by the immunity of “moderate rebels.”  Saudi, Qatar, US, Israel and also  the European Union support both aggressions whether against Yemen or against Syria.

In Syria, you can notice the same devil way in bombing civilians, with the suicide bombers, always two.  There is the first bombing, then after people are gathering to help the injured and carry them to hospitals, the other suicide bomber blows himself by those gathering people.

Same master mind, same hands which are stained by the blood of innocent people of this region.

The scene in Yemen, brings also to our memory, the Israeli massacres , in Sabra, Shatila and Qana.  Israel’s Netanyahu once spoke of the good friendship between Israel and the Saudis, and hoped to become even closer allies.

Saudi have been bombing hospitals, schools, buildings, every where in Yemen, Exactly as the so called moderate rebels in Syria, who have been attacking hospitals, ceremonies, weddings, schools.

The international community is supporting Saudi to bomb Yemeni people who rejected the Arab Gulf proxy-puppet president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.  In March 2015, Hadi flew to Riyadh [ed.  Some western sources so praised him as to suggest he rowed himself in a boat while simultaneously fixing holes in it.]  This puppet president went to a foreign country and asked it to bomb his own people and the west reports this as Saudis somehow defending themselves.  One day after the arrival of the traitor to  Riyadh, Saudis began their genocide bombing campaign against the people of Yemen.

While the west supports traitor Hadi, it punishes us, the Syrian people for standing with our president.  The western politicians insult us by saying our votes for President Assad are “illegitimate.”

Moreover, we can compare this Saudi led coalition and its destruction to the Yemeni infrastructures and its crimes against Yemeni People. By the latest war crime of the US led coalition against the Syrian Arab Army position in Deir EL-Zour, during the period of the supposed cessation of hostilities.

Furthermore the air strikes of this coalition against Syrian infrastructure.  This coalition has bombed our oil refineries, our power plants, and our civilians.

The ironic point is that the United Nations Security Council has turned a blind eye on the Saudi war crimes against Yemeni people, and the US has its advantage by selling its advanced weapons and it is cluster missiles to Saudi, who by its turn ”tests” them on Yemeni civilians.  Saudi coward denies its responsibility about this latest crime.  And the UNSC needs to do an investigation.   Such a naïve lie; who else would bomb Yemen? Maybe some ghosts there? Yemeni resistance does not have warplanes.  All the world that has open eyes knows it is Saudi coalition who have been bombing Yemen since March 2015.

Here also, we need to think about the US aggression over Syrians soldiers.  The US pretended that it was an accident, an accident that lasted over 50 minutes of bombings and murdered 83 of our soldiers.  The UNSC turned a blind eye on that massacre, too and US Ambassador Power was mad that Russia called an emergency meeting about it.

On 29 September our ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari again accused UN personnel of supporting terrorists in our country.

On 10 September our diplomat said the UN destroys peace and destabilizes the world (transcript, here.).

Moreover, when any foreign backed non government organization, which is working along side with al Qaeda terrorists in Syria step by step, the UNSC supports them and gives them a diplomatic audience and then western media writes about them.  The only difference between the Wahhabi killers of Syrians and Yemeni and the members of the organization the UN and State Department support are the white helmets they have on their evil heads.

When this disgraceful, foreign organization lies about the targeting of a humanitarian convey aid, the world turned up side down, and the UNSC called for urgent meeting over Syria, to impose a buffer zone, and prevent the Syrian Arab Army from bombing  al Qaeda terrorists.  Now that this gang — friends of the savages who cut off the head of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa — have been made famous, will they also invade Yemen, to slaughter Yemeni on the ground while Saudi bombs them from the sky?

Rslan 'selfie' with human beasts who cut off 12 year old Abdullah Issa's head.
Rslan ‘selfie’ with human beasts who cut off 12 year old Abdullah Issa’s head.

US and allies create the terrorists and then pretend to launch war against them.  War on terrorism is a big lie to destroy our countries.   And the international community pretends to be blind against the truth.


Editor’s addenda:

Author Afraa Dagher was one of the first journalists to condemn the Saudi attacks against Yemen.

Arabic NATO is an apt and painful description.   On 14 May 2015, US President Obama invited the Gulfie Cooperation Council to Camp David, to assuage their fears and reinforce the ties between them.  No note was made of the fact that nobody has attacked any of these mostly inbred absolute monarchies, most of which have dumped their human garbage into Syria and have joined the fascist coalition led by the US.

From "The Final Battle of Armageddon," SyriaNews
From “The Final Battle of Armageddon,” SyriaNews

obama to gulfies camp david mtg

During this meeting, POTUS noted that the camel beastialist Saudis asked his permission, before launching their campaign of genocide against Yemen.

In June of this year, the UN ran a new dog and pony show, sending out the dancing capuchin monkey of the P3 organ grinders, to wail over having to remove Saudi [occupied] Arabia from the list of those in “violation of rights of children,” because the camel-lovers threatened to withdraw some ‘humanitarian’ funding, from somewhere.

smirking chimp on saudiscumstan

The acronym, NATO, is rarely spelled out, these days, possibly because of its metastatic expansion from the north Atlantic — despite it being founded as a counterweight to the Communist International (COMINTERN), which means it should have been disbanded, upon the fall of the Berlin Wall.

north atlantic latitude longitude map

The many war crimes of the Gulfies have been thoroughly documented in SyriaNews .  Please note that all honest derogatory remarks about them exclude Oman.  Though this country is a GCC member, it has not engaged in atrocities against Syria and Yemen, and most likely remains a member for the necessity of self-preservation.

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