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Croatian Weapons Were Sent by Saudi Arabia to Back up the Militants in Syria

An informed source has uncovered that “Saudi Arabia has supplied armed militants in Syria with large shipments of infantry and heavy weapons through Jordan”.

“The weapons began reaching rebels in December via shipments smuggled through Jordan to Syria”, according to The New York Times newspaper quoting from American and Western officials
One Western official said “thousands of rifles and hundreds of machine guns and an unknown quantity of ammunition were among the weapons that were shipped to Syria”.

“The recent Saudi purchase of heavy weapons from Croatia was “not in and of itself a tipping point because I remain convinced we are not near that tipping point,” the official added.

Persian Gulf Arab nations have been sending military equipment and other assistance to the armed men, who fight against the Syrian government forces for more than a year, but the scale of the recent shipments is not comparable with the previous weapons supplies.

“Multiple planeloads of weapon, including a particular type of Yugoslav-made recoil-less gun, as well as assault rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns, mortars and shoulder-fired rockets for use against tanks and other armored vehicles, have left Croatia since December previously unseen in the Syrian crisis, began to appear in videos posted by militants on the YouTube.” Said the Officials

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