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France Spring – Europeans Waking Up?

France Spring - Europeans Waking Up

France Spring, that’s what happens when the regime of Emanuel Macron decided to break away from the US hegemony and think, just think of creating a European Army, or have some independent foreign and domestic policies, come the ‘Peaceful Protesters’.

The French people are still lucky, thus far, as still no foreign country adopted the ‘Peaceful Protesters’ and armed them, we still don’t know, let’s wait and see, maybe an updated version of the Arab Spring after its failure in Syria.

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In Syria they were more vicious, lynching security officers, sniping army soldiers and government officials, throwing public workers off rooftops, throwing slain police officers in rivers… Eating the hearts of their victims on cam…

ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, SDF, HTS, Faylaq Rahman, Al-Farouq Brigades, Jaysh al-Islam, a very long list of names of different terrorist organizations presented to the international media as ‘freedom fighters’ and later ‘moderate rebels’ to justify arming them with the latest first ‘non-lethal’ weapons then ‘lethal’ weapons (no idea how a non-lethal weapon is different from a lethal one!).

They were armed with all sorts of weapons not available to many armies around the world.

Weapons crimes, gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo

France was a major contributor to these terrorist groups operating in Syria, at many points in time the French Regime(s), led by Sarkozy followed by Hollande and now by Macron were spearheading the destruction of Syria at the hands of these terrorist organizations.

The ‘Three Musketeers’ France, USA, and the UK also joined their efforts in directly bombing the Syrian Arab Republic, more than once, on completely baseless allegations and furthermore on fabricated allegations by the criminals to punish the victims.

At the United Nations and other international bodies, the French had their say against the Syrian government which was and still is struggling throughout the past almost 8 years to protect its citizens from those same ‘freedom fighters’.

The French regime even sponsored and voted in favor of a ‘Human Rights’ resolution against Syria presented by the Saudi Regime!! How absurd they reached and how low they went down in adopting a resolution presented by the world’s worst and most retard political regime which chops its own citizens inside their own consulates upon orders from their highest decision-makers?!

Let’s see where will these riots reach. Previous similar ‘Peaceful Protests’ against Sarkozy didn’t move much after France bent down to the US on some issues yet to be exposed. Similar protests were put down viciously in London, the self-proclaimed ‘pioneer in human rights’ when the people of London felt the heavy-handed policies of their ‘democratically elected government’.

We’re not gloating, much, for the events in France, although we have all rights to do so whenever the people of any of the countries that destroyed Syria suffer, we just want them to feel the pain when others arm terrorist groups within their countries for political gains. Yellow Vests, White Helmets, maybe Purple Socks next?!


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