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Syrian Public Housing Company Delivers 6133 Units in Four Provinces

image-affordable housing in Syria

Syrian General Company for Housing ( delivered 6133 apartments to registered beneficiaries in the provinces of Damascus Countryside, Aleppo, Lattakia and Homs.

Housing project for youth in Damascus Countryside approved 1069 apartments for the registered beneficiaries in the Qudsaiya Suburb Expansion district, and 2000 apartments for the housing project for workers in Adra Industrial City.

In Aleppo 200 apartments were given to the housing project for youth in Massuraniya district, 164 apartments for the housing saving project in Ansari East district and 245 apartments for registered applicants in ‘Friday Market Land’ district.

Housing project for workers in Aleppo approved 260 apartments in Souq Jumaa (Friday Market) district, 234 apartments in Massuraniya district for slums occupants, and 84 apartments in Friday Market Land for the slums occupants.

The housing project for youth in Lattakia received 583 apartments in Al-Thawra Autostrade area, and 499 apartments for the registered applicants in the housing savings project in the same area.

The housing for youth project also received 690 apartments in Homs near Damascus highway west area, while the housing project for savings and the government housing project received 105 apartments in the same area.

Starting middle of next month and for two months the names of the registered applicants who will receive the apartments will be announced.

There was a considerable delay for years in the process of the building, considering the circumstances of the International ‘War of Terror’ waged by the US and its cronies against Syria.

The Syrian General Company for Building and Constructions, another Syrian public contractor, had won a tender last May to construct 13 residential towers with 8000 apartments in the town of Deemas, Damascus Countryside. The company plays a vital role in providing affordable houses for Syrians, it’s one of a number of similar construction and development organizations, the Military Construction Establishment is another mega-developer working on providing affordable housings for the servicemen and women and civilians working in the Syrian Armed Forces and also works in large civilian projects.

Worth noting that the Syrian government has delivered 30,000 units in the first quarter of 2017 when the most of the world was still contributing to the destroying of Syria and were blackmailing the Syrian people for the rebuilding.

Also worth noting that Syrians build durable constructions, especially for housing, as seen from the buildings standing despite the heavy bombings by terrorists in all sides of the country, not like in some country where two commercial jets completely demolish three mega towers in a matter of minutes…

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