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Public Company to Construct Thousands of Housing Units in Deemas

image-affordable housing in Syria

Syrian General Company for Constructions ( has won a public tender to construct 13 residential towers with 8,000 apartments in the town of Deemas, Damascus Countryside.

This is the first part of the 4th phase of the ‘affordable housing’ project which will be executed in 2018, and the second part of 6,000 apartments will be executed next year, in the town of Deemas, around 23 kilometers from the Syrian capital.

The project was announced by the Minister of Public Works and Housing during a hearing at the Syrian parliament on 4th of March 2018, within an ambitious plan to cover 157 housing districts in the country.

The Syrian government subsidies and support affordable housing projects executed through a number of methods in the country, with medium to long-term installments, zero interest, cooperative building, public tenders, public banking finance with low interest, extended tenures and minimal documentation for public and private sector employees, and through buildings completed by the private sector supported by subsidized building materials.

One of the main reasons countries like the US and the UK sponsored the War of Terror waged against Syria is to enforce the absolute capitalism market on the Syrian people implementing their own lifestyle which works well for the few ‘elites’ but doesn’t really work well in their countries for the public.

Syrians enjoy a very low-income tax percentage comparing with countries supporting ISIS and al-Qaeda ‘Rebels’ in Syria, with income taxes not exceeding 15% for the higher wages slabs, and as low as 5.5% for the lowest wages slab plus a first slab waived from income tax. In addition to that, the Syrian state subsidies to a very large extent all basics of life which resulted in prices of food, electricity power, and housing to be at approximately 1/5th of its prices in neighboring countries in pre-Hyenas War of Terror on the country.

Do note that Syria is not a major producer of oil or gas or any minerals, not yet at least, but was self-sufficient in food, was keeping a 5 years storage of wheat in silos which were stolen and burned down by forces loyal to Turkish dictator Erdogan, and was exporting surpluses of most of its produces including electric power to neighboring countries.

Syria was also a major supplier of meat and vegetables to the Gulfies, and all that at the same time the country has to keep its armed forces on full alert all the time to encounter dangers coming from all neighboring countries where the US and Saudi have influence.

After the US-sponsored ISIS and other FSA ‘rebels’ took control of Syria’s border crossings, especially in the north with Turkey and the south with Jordan, all food prices soared multiple times in Gulfies countries.

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