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Syrian Government to Deliver 30,000 Housing Units Early 2017

image-Syria Housing Projects

If any other country witnessed a shred of what Syria has witnessed it would collapse and give up. But the resilient Syrian State not only kept holding itself, it’s rebuilding and building already.

Housing in Syria was a challenge before just like with every other country on the planet, even the wealthiest ones, but Syrians have come up with a solution that combines both public and private sectors long time ago and came up with social housing plans that would deliver affordable housing to the middle class on installments away from the banks, and payments were linked to construction.

Subsidizing the building material was another task the government took on its shoulders to keep the prices at a level of much less than 1/5th of the cheapest in neighboring countries. The government also created public companies under the Public Housing Establishment and the Military Housing Establishment for public sold houses, and private developers for other housing units.

Mr. Abdul Qader al-Hassan, member of the Central Contractors Union in Syria, stated that “the Syrian Government is planning to hand over 30,000 ready to move in residential units during the first quarter of 2017, and to build 25,000 units more in its plan for rebuilding.” Thousands of houses have been affected after the devastating Western and regional sponsored war of terror against Syria.

Mr. al-Hassan added, according to Al Iqtisadi website, that the (Contractors) Union is planning to convert all production stages of building materials into completely automated processes to achieve savings in cost and increase in production. He revealed a number of negotiations taking place by foreign companies to construct residential buildings in the country, among them are Indian companies, and mentioned that a delegation headed by the Syrian Minister of Public Works and Housing will visit India soon to agree on a number of construction projects in Damascus Countryside and other provinces in Syria to provide housing for workers in the public sector in Syria.

Syria’s Public Housing Establishment has declared it spent 5.3 Billion Syrian Liras (approximately US$ 9.6 million) of its 2016 budget of 9 Billion Syrian Liras and has allocated 1,904 houses..

Worth noting that the Syrian Government had confirmed and as recently as last week President Dr. Bashar al-Assad emphasized that companies from countries hostile to the Syrian people during this crisis are not welcomed in Syria and companies from countries that stood beside the Syrian people and their legitimate government and armed forces are favored and welcomed to the reconstruction and investment in all fields in the country.

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  1. Yeo Kim Chooi

    Yes ban the west, US, EU, NATO, UK, France & EU, Saudi, Qatar Isreal, Kuwait from participating in reconstructions, all they are involved are th repatrations of miseries death and destruction they inflicted upon the Syrian populations, they must make to pay up for the damages deaths and sufferings.

  2. Stefan Heuer

    As soon as you let the western terroristic entities, USA, UK, France, Germany, especially, in, you are lost. They will take all, they will steal your wealth and betray you. This is the lesson taught by history. The west and its nonworthy regional lackeys are doomed to fall, due to the reign of greed it is deeply rooted in. Syria will do best when following its own interests and keep those companies out who come from nations with an imperialistic / terroristic fingerprint on the world. God bless Syria.


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