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Military Bridge in Deir Ezzor Built by Russian Military Experts

image-Russian builds a military bridge on Euphrates in Deir Ezzor

A bridge of 210 meters long was built by Russian military experts on the eastern bank of Euphrates River, a few kilometers from Deir Ezzor city. The purpose of the bridge is to transport soldiers and military equipment including heavy armored vehicles, tanks, combat infantry vehicles and missile systems.

The bridge will also be used to deliver humanitarian aid to the liberated villages and to evacuate the wounded, according to the head of the road service of the Russian Defense Ministry Vladimir Burovtsev.

The Russian official pointed out that the construction of the small bridge, which can pass through 8000 vehicles a day was in less than two days, despite the continued firing by terrorists.

*For some reason, YouTube removed the video from my channel claiming it violates their community standards…!

image-YouTube Gone Mad Again Removed Normal Video for No Reason
YouTube Gone Mad Again Removed Normal Video for No Valid Reason

I’ve uploaded the same video on Flickr:

Military Bridge in Deir Ezzor Built by Russian Military Experts

You can also view the video on BitChute:

The Russian military operations to eliminate terrorism in Syria along with the Syrian Arab Army have accelerated in recent times in several areas.

In Idlib province, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov, confirmed that Russian warplanes bombed 10 sites for terrorists after reconnaissance missions and gathering information from several sources.

Konashenkov revealed that all the destroyed targets belonging to terrorists are located far from the populated areas, denying reports that Moscow was accused of bombing residential neighborhoods in Idlib.

The military operations continue, and terrorist organizations continue to incur heavy losses in personnel and equipment.

ISIS and the US-led Coalition has systematically destroyed the infrastructure in Deir Ezzor and in other places they claimed to be attacking terrorist positions. Bridges were all destroyed by the coalition and its terrorists on the ground, oil fields which they were not using, factories and even grains silos were completely destroyed making life very tough for the local Syrians and delivering aid even more tougher when the US air force acted as ISIS air forces and bombed a Syrian base on al-Thardeh Mountains in Deir Ezzor which allowed the attacking terrorist groups overtake it and threaten the airport in the city.

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