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SARC, Syrian Arab Red Crescent Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Deir Ezzor

SARC Syrian Arab Red Crescent Deliver Humanitarian Aid

SARC, The Syrian Arab Red Crescent has managed to deliver 52 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to the people in Der Ezzor.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization stated in a statement that its crews delivered the convoy to the people in Der Ezzor, the humanitarian aid delivered was provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the Danish Red Cross Organization.

The materials included 50,000 blankets, 15,000 mattresses, in addition to 5,000 children winter wear baskets.

Damascus based Syrian Arab Red Crescent works in coordination with the Syrian government which in turns provides all logistical and security support, unlike the propaganda photo-ops aid delivered on cameras only by other organizations operating in areas controlled by the terrorists, whom stash the aid in their warehouses and sell it at high prices to the public, as revealed in areas the Syrian Arab Army cleaned from US-sponsored terrorists, especially in Damascus Countryside.

Der Ezzor was cleaned from US-sponsored ISIS, Nusra Front and FSA terrorists by the SAA exactly one year ago in November 2017, and since then the restoration of life in the whole province is constantly hindered by the US and its criminal led coalition which works as a cover for ISIS remnants in the area and has committed numerous massacres against the civilians since then.

SARC is an internationally recognized humanitarian support organization, main headquarters in the Syrian capital Damascus, comprised mostly of volunteers of all walks of life in Syria, it’s an independent organization from the Syrian government, but works closely with it and operates a number of health facilities across the country. Unlike the US, UK and France sponsored ‘White Helmets’ group, which is basically the Nusra Front (al-Qaeda) rescue group and operates only in places where al-Qaeda terrorists are the dominant forces.

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