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SAA Discovers Faylaq Rahman’s HQ and Prison in East Ghouta

Faylaq Rahman Headquarters and Prison in Zamalka, East Ghouta

Syrian Arab Army units constantly combing the recently cleaned areas from Western-sponsored terrorists in East Ghouta discovered the headquarters and main prison used by the ‘Faylaq Rahman’ terrorist organization.

The discovery was in the town of Zamalka in East Ghouta, the town was cleaned from terrorists by the SAA end of last month March after the main defense trenches and fortifications of the terrorist group collapsed by the swift, surprise and forceful SAA attack from the east.

Following video clip by SANA shows the former building used by the terrorist group as their main command center and under it was a vast network of tunnels and underground prisons where they detained the kidnapped residents of East Ghouta and tortured them.

(Video also available on BitChute:

Following is the transcript of the above video:

SAA units discovered the Head Quarters of the ‘Faylaq Rahman’ terrorist group while combing the town of Zamalka in East Ghouta, a plotter for printing maps and area tools to measure distances the terrorists used in the tunnels digging.

This is the main quarters for ‘Faylaq Rahman’ commanders, 30 meters deep tunnels, operation rooms, prisons, it’s equipped with everything, Saudi and Turkish equipment, things we’ve not seen before.

We found documents that survived the fire, we found weapons, we found all the prisons, the tunnels stretch for 3 kilometers underground.

In one of the neighborhoods in Zamalka, a Syrian Arab Army unit found Faylaq Rahman terrorists’ prison, they used it to torturing and hazing the town’s kidnapped residents.

This prison was established 2.5 years ago. This is the office of the Head of ’44’ (unit).

They also have executions, everything is (done) here. If they see you carrying 5 kilos of firewood they’ll hold you accountable for it.

I was detained for 4 months. They used to give me 300 grams of food every 24 hours, not enough for a small child, they’ll make it 600 grams if I dig more in the tunnel, this tunnel connects one quarter to another.

Also, there are the solitary confinements where they kept us.

They used whatever they got to beat us with like cables and pipes. As for killings… Once they kept beating one guy until his heart stopped; for 5 kilos of plastic and some firewood, they wanted him to confess for other things he didn’t commit, despite continuous swearing they kept beating him.

I was coming back from near the Toubah Mosque towards home and the van came in front of me. They came out of the van, surrounded me and took me in it. When we reached the main entrance they covered my head with the sweater and took me down to the solitary confinement cell.

They kidnapped me from Jobar, I was bringing some firewood. I argued with them so they brought me down here, I was held here, for one week. To reduce some torture we went to dig tunnels and they will increase the food a bit, I was held here, film this area…

End of transcript.

This is worse than the ‘secret prisons’ the CIA runs as these terrorists are less to fear any repercussions to their crimes, these terrorists are directly financed by the most retard political regime in the whole world the Saudi regime and they are sponsored by the world’s number one hypocrite criers for human rights the US, the UK, and France, the criminal lynching ‘Three Musketeers at the UNSC‘.

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