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Syria News: Let There Be Light & Reopening of Factories


Syria has some beautiful news. Despite the sadistic, draconian sanctions imposed by the west — as punishment for not capitulating to neo-colonialism — the Republic continues to rebuild, and to re-electrify.

On 4 December, Same al Debs, Head of Damascus Chamber of Industry announced that 710 factories in al Zablatani and 90 factories in Tal Kurdi returned to work. The ongoing rehabilitation is occurring in areas the Syrian Arab Army has liberated from terrorist occupation and control.

Factories reopen in Damascus city & its countryside.

On 5 December, Khaled Suluman, the General Manager of Quneitra Electricity told SANA that light has been returned to 30 towns and villages in northern and southern regions of Quneitra governate. Seventy transformers have been installed. Repair and maintenance workshops continue to rehabilitate medium and low electricity networks with the goal to re-electrify all of Quneitra.

Skilled linemen work as meticulously as cardio-thoracic surgeons. Photo from USVI, as they re-electrify a neighborhood post Hurricane Maria.

In other Syria news, on 5 December,large amounts of ammunition and shells were left behind by western- and Gulfie – sponsored takfiri, in Nassib, near the Syria-Jordan border. Special engineering devices were required to remove deadly detritus from the soil. Fake enemies Trump and Macron continued to work together in their ongoing carpet bombings of Hajin, in Deir Ezzor. Their bombs slaughtered another 5 civilians, and destroyed several homes.

On this day, Jordan’s Interior Minister reported to Parliament that 429 members of the terrorist White Helmets had been smuggled through Jisr al Sheikh Hussein, in coordination with Israeli military occupiers of Syria’s Golan, in July. Three hundred seventy-seven of these killers have subsequently been “settled” in EU countries (good luck, Europeans!).

On 6 December, Syria authorities discovered large quantities of US and Israeli made weapons, abandoned by terrorists in newly cleansed areas of southwest Damascus countryside and the north countryside of Quneitra. Included were missiles, anti-tank missiles, and stolen vehicles (US and EU populations should imagine such things in their countries). Also found were food, medicines, and medical equipment provided to the terrorists by the US, UK, and Israel.

Also on 6 December, SANA reported on the follow-up of the rehabilitation of infrastructure and development projects in al Boukamal, Deir Ezzor. The Palace of Justice has been reopened, and the health center, bakery and drinking water plant were visited by Ali Ghanem, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. The rehabilitated water plant has a capacity of 160 cubic meters.


Hundreds more Syrian citizens returned from Lebanon, on Thursday morning, via three border crossings. They were met by teams of medical workers, who “provided the returnees with necessary health services and vaccines, especially anti-polio vaccines.”

Hundreds more Syrians return home from Lebanon.

Syria will continue to overcome the savage attempts by the neo-colonialists of the west, and their Gulfie underlings. Syria will continue to rebuild, and to re-electrify.

Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad,

Miri Wood

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