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China Challenges US Sanctions Invites Syria to Belt and Road Project

China Belt and Road Initiative - Syria - Iraq - Iran - مشروع الحزام والطريق الصيني

The Chinese government has invited its Syrian counterpart to the global summit for the Chinese flagship Belt and Road initiative taking place in Beijing April 25 through April 27 among 120 countries.

Syria’s invitation, attendance, and contribution in the mega development being an essential part in West Asia is a clear indication that the Chinese government does not weigh the unilateral sanctions and blockade the regimes of Donald Trump and his EU lackeys and Gulfies satellite fiefdoms impose on the Arab Republic.

Belt and Road is China’s strategic 3 decades infrastructure investment project with countries along the ancient Chinese Silk Road, and beyond, engaging all the countries in its route economically away from political pressures and dominance and to the best of the nations involved, and the rest of the world.

The junta leading the USA have done their best to complete what their predecessor regime of Barack Obama started in destroying and dividing Syria including the direct bombing of Syrian strategic military assets multiple times unashamedly aiding ISIS and other terrorists against the Syrian state, and when their attempts to control Syria were defeated they resorted to the collective punishment of the Syrian people, a crime against humanity.

“The Chinese invitation to Syria to attend the Belt and Road Summit is a significant challenge to the sanctions imposed by the United States of America against Syria,” political and media advisor to the Syrian presidency Bouthaina Shaaban stated.

Mrs. Shaaban added: “The Silk Road will not be a Silk Road if it doesn’t go through Syria, Iraq, and Iran, where Syria has a special place in this summit is an essential part of the historic Silk Road, and because of its sacrifices in combating terrorism is being appreciated by the people of China and all the people in the world that believe in peace, love, and humanity.”

Mrs. Shaaban speaking to Lebanese news channel al-Mayadeen clarified that what the United States of America is doing will have dangerous repercussions on the USA where it detains women and children in the Rukban Concentration Camp, and protects terrorists in the al-Tanf area, occupying Syrian territories.

“The Turks must leave the Syrian territories, and we will not give up any inch of the Syrian land”, Mrs. Shaaban told al-Mayadeen, adding: “The regime of Erdogan (in Turkey) has not abided by the agreement with regards to Idlib” which was agreed upon in the Astana talks.” The Syrian presidency advisor reminded that ‘Erdogan regime is responsible for smuggling all the terrorists who came into Syria.’

Syrian Presidency Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban meeting China Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Xiaodong
Mrs. Shaaban meets Mr. Xiaodong in Beijing

“China will not change its policies towards Syria, it didn’t and will never change” China’s Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong reiterated to Mrs. Shaaban during a meeting on the sidelines of the Belt and Road Summit in Beijing – as quoted by SANA.

Mr. Xiaodong noted China’s desire and seriousness in contributing in the rebuilding process in Syria and confirmed the Chinese government always encourages Chinese corporations to invest in Syria.

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1 Comment

  1. SalishWind

    It is encouraging to hear of the rebuilding of Syria which has been decimated with the chaos & weaponry of Imperialist led cabals which, in its tyrannical thirst for world dominance, has spread death & destruction throughout this Sovereign Nation.

    Sadly, the Imperialist propaganda machine still spews lies & deceives the world in an attempt to garner more advocates to prop up its ongoing financial & logistical support of terrorist mercenaries throughout Syria & within surrounding Sovereign Nations.

    No country, or organization, has the right to sanction the social structure, lively hood and economic function of a Sovereign Nation. Nor imperil the lives of citizens within any Sovereign Nation. Nor should any country be able to threaten other Sovereign countries which chooses to assist, or do business with, any Sovereign Nation.

    If any foreign country chooses to forbid its own citizens from doing business with another Nation then that is between that specific foreign government & their own citizens.

    Countries which advocate or promulgate interference, war-mongering & destruction within any Sovereign Nation, must be held accountable and face criminal charges in the World Court.

    Every person on the Planet should remember that their Sovereign Country could be the next ‘target’ of these tyrannical Imperialists and their out-of-control military industrial complex.

    All in all, one’s heart cannot help but continue to weep for the plight of the Syrian people, most especially the children – an entire generation – whose lives & development has been thwarted by these crimes against humanity.

    The citizens of the world must find it in their heart to support the citizens of any & all war torn countries as its people work to meet the challenges of survival while rebuilding their infrastructure, social systems & family units on the way to returning to normalcy.

    Enough is enough. Time to spend money on Peace not War.

    Let us come together and demonstrate our collective ability to provide compassion & assistance to fellow human beings. Anything less remains a crime against all of humanity on our shared Planet.


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