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6000 Terrorists in US-Controlled al-Tanf


The United States of America illegally occupies an area of 55 square kilometers (21.2 square miles) in Al-Tanf Area, in Syria.

6000 terrorists thrive within the US-controlled border region southeast of Syria near Jordanian and Iraqi borders.

Russian Ministry of Defense stated the above known information, while the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held Washington responsible for the deplorable situation of the displaced Syrians in the Rukban concentration camp in the same area.

“The entire responsibility for the deplorable situation in the (Rukban refugee) camp rests with the United States which illegally occupies this region of the United Nations member state.”

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Russian ministry called on the United States to withdraw its troops from that area and hand the territory over to the Syrian government.

Thousands of families are under siege in Rukban concentration camp by the US troops illegally present in the area, which also prevents the delivery of humanitarian aid and medicine from reaching them. Part of what is delivered ends up with the terrorists instead.

Rukban camp was supposed to be dismantled after an agreement between the elders of the camp’s residents and the Syrian Arab Army early October, 2 months ago. The US has other evil plans for the suffering people inside the camp, in al Tanf, and to the Syrian people as a whole.

Jordan, which was and still is, playing an essentially negative role against Syria and the Syrian people, washed its hands from any responsibility of the situation in the Rukban concentration camp.

Jordanian foreign minister stated that ‘the only root solution to the Rukban case is to secure the return of its residents to their towns and villages.’

Meanwhile, the United Nations is preparing a new convoy of humanitarian aid in Jordan to be delivered to the people in Rukban concentration camp. This is the 2nd convoy after the one facilitated by the Syrian state last month after 10 months of deprivation.

The route is safer now towards the camp as it goes through the southern region cleaned by the Syrian Arab Army from terrorists until it reaches the camp where the US troops maintain a closed zone surrounding the camp.

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