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US FAA Extends Embargo on Damascus International Airport (DAM)


The regime of Donald Trump extended its flights embargo against Syria it imposed on August 29, 2017, prohibiting commercial flights to the Syrian capital Damascus.

FAA’s new rule titled: ‘Extension of the Prohibition Against Certain Flights in the Damascus Flight Information Region (FIR (OSTT) is published in the Federal Registrar of the USA on December 10, 2018.

The reason cited by the FAA, which was first published in December 2014 was ‘ongoing threat to U.S. civil aviation operating in the Damascus FIR’, it attributed the threat to ‘the presence of anti-aircraft weapons controlled by non-state actors, threats made by extremist groups, de-confliction concerns, and ongoing military fighting’.

Guess who armed the ‘non-state actors’ with anti-aircraft weapons? No other than the USA itself and its closest allies under its direct supervision.

NATO Weapons gift for terrorists in Syria

All sorts of such and other embargo and sanctions by the US and its cronies against the people of Syria, and those of other nations, are meant to push the people to riot against their own governments in order to allow a puppet regime serving the United States’ agenda of sucking resources and riches of other nations dry.

Syria has been under US gradual increasing sanctions since 1956! It reached a height in the aftermath of the killing of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri with the Syria Accountability Act, accusing Syria of the killing, but didn’t lift it off when Syria was acquitted from this false allegation.

Many international IT companies went as far as removing Syria from the list of countries on their sites for Syrian residents and those seeking services and goods delivered to Syria will not find the whole country in the drop-down lists as if it doesn’t exist.

Damascus International Airport is very much secure and in operation, and the only threat coming to it was by US-sponsored terrorists attacking and bombing it, and by Israel bombing the commercial airport, a war crime but Israel is immune from the responsibility of its war crimes because of the US’s protection. All such threats were eliminated when the Syrian Arab Army cleaned Damascus and Eastern Ghouta completely from US-sponsored terrorists in May this year, and when Russia finally delivered the 4 decades old, 8 years ago purchased S300 air defense systems to Syria which stopped the Israeli attacks on the civilian airport.

Yet, there were no such warnings or prohibitions by the US authorities against other airports, like the Saudi ones for instance, which were being bombed by the Yemeni Army in retaliation to the US-sponsored Saudi massacres in Yemen. The farce of protecting U.S. citizens by prohibiting flights to Damascus is exposed.

The FAA’s Extension of the Prohibition Against Certain Flights in the Damascus Flight Information Region remains in place until December 30, 2020!

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