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Even Trump is Smarter than Erdogan: 37 More Turkish Soldiers Killed in Idlib

Turkish Army Column heading to aid al-Qaeda in Idlib hit by the SAA - dozens of Turkish soldiers killed

Conflicting reports coming from northwest Syria, in Idlib in particular, the conflicts in reports are mainly about the total number of Turkish soldiers killed late yesterday local time, the number is ranging between 22 as per the Erdogan’s propaganda outlets and 37 as per Turkey’s own British allies.

Erdogan’s regime’s propaganda media Anadol Agency stated that 22 Turkish soldiers killed, reference the Turkish governor of occupied Syrian Iskandaron (Hatay).

Erdogan’s war ministry increased the number to 29 Turkish soldiers killed.

The British intelligence media outlet known as SOHR increased the number to 37. Britain maintains the largest listening (spy) post in the world in Cyprus, across the Syrian coast, they listen (spy) to all communications including of Turkey, USA, and Israel, they might have listened to cries by the Turkish soldiers calling for rescue.

Instead of learning from his boss in the ‘White’ House and saying that the Syrians are ‘standing down’ and ‘all is well’ and ‘nobody is harmed’ and silently starts withdrawing his troops from Syria while his war ministry starts talking about ‘brain injured’ soldiers, Erdogan increased the tensions by ordering artillery and missiles attacks against Syrian Arab Army posts in Latakia countryside, the same posts that were targeted by al-Qaeda throughout the Syrian crisis.

What is known so far is the Syrian Arab Army bombed a Turkish military column of armored vehicles that were moving to aid al-Qaeda in Saraqib after the terrorists were defeated. The military column is ‘deleted’.

Russian official sources confirmed today the reports that Turkish soldiers were firing at Russian jets which were in pursuit of Nusra Front (HTS aka al-Qaeda Levant) in Idlib.

Erdogan’s propagandists are talking about thousands of Syrian soldiers killed in the retaliation attacks against the posts in Latakia countryside.

Erdogan’s war ministry claimed there are dozens of SAA soldiers killed.

Sources on the ground and Russian sources stated that there are 4 Syrian Arab Army soldiers injured.

It’s up to the readers to take any of the accounts, nobody will ever know, at least while the clashes are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, members of Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood AK Party are gathering near the hospitals where the Turkish Army soldiers were taken, chanting al-Qaeda slogans to take revenge from the Syrians for killing Turkish soldiers inside Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization was established over a century ago to control the Islamic world using fanatic puppets, similarly, the British oversaw the creation of the Wahhabi religion, the religion of the people of Najd (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia and the rulers of Qatar who keep confusing they’re Muslim Brotherhood or Wahhabis, Britain is not helping them find out. Zionism is also another tool nourished by Britain at the same time, also to control the Jews from within using fanatic puppets.

The Turkish madman can solve this entire quagmire very simply by calling Mr. Putin and apologizing for all the backstabbing, he can give his forces (al-Qaeda) orders to withdraw to designated camps inside Turkey and call on the Turkish Army to withdraw to their country and continue their lives with their families, that will also be in accordance with international law and the Adana Accord he kept breaching and violating since 2011. He can ask Mr. Putin to convey his apologies to Dr. Bashar Al-Assad and offer to rebuild Syria on Turkey’s account and to compensate the owners of factories in Aleppo for stealing their factories, the farmers in northeast Syria for stealing their wheat and destroying their silos, and to allocate a few billion dollars to compensate the families of the Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezb Allah soldiers killed fighting al-Qaeda he sponsored.

Earlier this week Russia offered Erdogan a very large banana in Idlib, instead of accepting it he increased the level of threats and attacks in Idlib, Aleppo, Northeastern Syria, Libya, and elsewhere, and included verbal assaults on Russia.

Syria News sources from within Turkey confirm that the top brass of the Turkish Army are already boiling and the long-awaited military coup to re-instate democracy and secularism in Turkey is imminent, the only thing delaying them is the uncertainty whether Mr. Putin will help Erdogan again against them, or will it be Israel, so they can take their precautions.

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  1. Ty

    Great article! Thank you for that. Just for more clarification on Wahabbism, I wanted to share this here. In March 1924, during WW1 Ibn Saud and his Wahhabi fanatics financed and armed by the Brits, just like ISIS today, began their siege of Jeddah when Sharif Hussain refused to accept the Balfour Declaration. Overpowered, the city eventually surrendered, bringing an end to over 1000 years of rule by Prophet Muhammad’s descendants. Britain officially recognized Ibn Saud as the new King of Hijaz in 1926. The new unified Zionist created Wahhabi state was rebranded by the Empire in 1932 as the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. It has been operating hand in glove with the empire since. The upper third of Greater Israel (Eretz Israel) includes roughly 1/3’d of Saudi Territory. The Zionists plans for leveraging Saudis demise for greater Israel has been long in the making. However Russia and China are offering them an olive branch and alternative option than being the sacrificial springboard Greater Israel intended which was to destroy its-self in all out war with Iran and other Arab states via the Riyadh declaration. The Riyadh declaration is the other side of the Balfour Declaration coin. This is why the Trump swamp gave them 700 billion in weapons. This is what is behind the Kashogi murder, which every pro-Zionist leader in the world condemned, why the ex head of CIA John Brennan called MBS a “cancer” that needed to be removed by force, and why the world bank or IMF suggested sanctioning Saudi Arabia over the killing. The question is whether or not the Saudis will find or will seek another way out. I believe they will; Not saying they don’t deserve revenge for their actions in yemen or Syria, just not the ones Israel is hoping for.

  2. ahhhhmed

    Half of mother earths population know that anything is propoganda. just like toilet paper. Hehe, even cnn is more truth than rt. joker.


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