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Erdogan Kills 3 More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Iraq, 1 in Idlib, Syria

Turkish army in Iraq and Syria - soldiers killed

Erdogan, the Turkish madman pariah killed 3 Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq and one more in the Syrian province of Idlib, the Turkish ministry of war admitted in a statement.

Erdogan’s mouthpiece, the Turkish Anadolu news agency admitted in a statement that the three soldiers were killed in northern Iraq, and the death of the fourth soldier in another statement, deploying the Turkish soldiers in both Iraq and Syria which is a breach to both countries’ sovereignty, international law, and ‘good neighborly’ relations, and both countries have repeatedly called on the regime of Erdogan to withdraw his troops, to no avail. The Turkish madman has a task he is fulfilling in the ‘Greater Israel Project’ as he once explained.

The Anadolu outlet said the Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq were in confrontations with members of the Kurdish PKK party, to absorb the Turkish public’s anger, Erdogan’s propaganda outlet added that 6 of the PKK members were killed in the clashes.

As for the Turkish soldier killed in Idlib, in the northwest of Syria, he simply fell off a ‘high place’ from a height of about 25 meters when he lost his balance and slipped, he was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his wounds, Erdogan’s propaganda outlet said in another statement!

Turkey is a member state of NATO, an alliance of pariah countries that do not recognize international law, all of its members have invaded other countries and none were in self-defense, they also regularly engage in plotting to overthrow democratically and undemocratically elected governments when they work against NATO’s greedy interests, and prop up and defend autocratic regimes that serve NATO’s interests.

The invasion of Iraq by the USA and Britain based on lies in 2003 was followed by a constant state of chaos in the country and allowed low-level war criminals like the Turkish madman Erdogan to disregard international law, invade sovereign countries like Iraq and Syria, and establish illegal military bases to house his thugs and support anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists of ISIS, Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant) and others. In most cases, Erdogan cites defending his country’s national security to justify these invasions and war crimes, prior to his illegal incursions there were no threats to his country’s national security except from his Muslim Brotherhood party and its radical ideology.

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