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Erdogan’s Terrorists Helping Trump Sabotage Syria’s Electrical Grid

Electricity Hasakah

Three linemen from the Hasaka Electricity Company were injured when their vehicle hit a landmine planted by Erdogan terrorist occupation forces in the village of Abu Rasin, on 26 February. The linemen had been engaged in repairing electrical grids destroyed by the mercenaries of Turkey’s caliph wannabe.

Logo of the Hasaka Electricity Company

This atrocity closely follows Erdogan thugs having cut off the water supply from the Alouk Water Station to two million people in Hasaka. Depriving a civilian population of water is an explicit war crime, though NATO stenographer journalists avert their collective gaze when such crimes are inflicted on Syrians; consider the lack of news when terrorists polluted al Fijah Spring as Christmas present in 2016, silence when the savages threatened to bomb the Wadi Barada infrastructure, and more silence when Reconciliation leader Gen. Ahmad al Ghaban was assassinated.

SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by Nusra Front FSA al-Qaeda ISIS in Wadi Barada village of Ain Al-Fijah

In October, the Erdogan regime air force bombed the Alouk Power Plant electricity grid twice in one week.

Ursula Mueller, UN’s Ass. SG for Humanitarian Affairs legitimized the Erdogan regime’s back-to-back war crimes as military operations and the terrorists as allied non-State armed groups. She further diminished the war crimes as caused by hostilities after which she attempted to tap dance around the fact that it was the SAR, SARC, and the SAR’s electricity army which made the essential repairs (and, despite the illicit ‘sanctions’ inflicted on Syria).

Ursul Mueller, Ass. SG for Humanitarian Affairs & Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, 24 October 2019.

Stoner from huffing swamp fumes POTUS Trump continues to sing the praises of the degenerate madman Erdogan. Despite the idiotically reported spats among the western countries salivating to re-colonize the Syrian Arab Republic, the NATO klan that runs the UN, collectively sing the rabid dog’s praises at every urgent and non-urgent Security Council meeting to support al Qaeda savages in Idlib.

Expert in bombing Wadi Barada infrastructure after poisoning al Fijah spring [January 2017].
Brit operative Le Mesurier’s White Helmets supported the threatened destruction of al Fijah water spring [January 2017]

Electricity linemen are demigods who risk their lives to illuminate populations. Imagine these Prometheus-inspired individuals in France, in Britain, in the US, getting blown up by landmines, while a misanthrope collective cheers not only cheers the criminally insane who blow them up, but also provides the landmines used to blow them up.

Skilled linemen work as meticulously as cardio-thoracic surgeons. Photo from USVI, as they re-electrify a neighborhood post Hurricane Maria [October 2017]

Three Syrian linemen whose lives are dedicated to repairing electricity grids so that Syrians do not live in darkness were injured by a NATO landmine via Erdogan regime mercenaries, and NATO media have again remained silent.

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