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Erdogan Forces Cut Drinking Water off Al-Hasakah, an Explicit War Crime

Alouk Drinking Water Station - Al Hasakah Syria

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan along with Turkish Army forces cut the drinking water off more than 2 million people in the city of Hasakah and its suburbs yesterday.

The terrorists infested the Alouk Water Station, the main source for drinking water for the people of Hasakah city and the towns around it and immediately cut off the water pumps, a war crime by all definitions.

Empowered by the failure of the so-called ‘international community’ in condemning what Al-Qaeda terrorists did end of 2016 when they first polluted the main water source for the Syrian Capital Damascus then cut off the water for 40 days, Damascus is inhabited by 8 million people.

US and UK sponsored terrorists took over the Tabqa dam 4 years ago, the main water station and hydroelectric dam in Syria. International Community, the United Nations and other usually very ‘concerned’ international organizations suddenly become deaf, blind, and mute when war crimes of such levels are committed, they are only shouting and flooding the world with their crocodile tears over alleged and staged crimes they can temporarily attribute to the Syrian state before it’s exposed.

Turkey has a history of using water supplies in its hegemonic and demonic policies, it built a number of dams over the Euphrates, not to benefit from the water for any good, it was just to exert pressure against Syria and Iraq.

The Alouk water station is located near the Turkish borders, the station was targeted numerous times since the beginning of the Turkish invasion to the region with the help of al-Qaeda, the USA, the separatist Kurds and some deal with Russia.

Turkish forces bombed Alouk Water Plant in early October 2019

Seems the banana offered by Russia to Erdogan isn’t big enough for him, he’s asking for a bigger one in order to come down the tree he climbed fast over Idlib. It’s better he doesn’t accept the banana and stick to the delusional US carrots, this will free the Syrian Arab Army from any pressure by their Russian allies and allows them to clean and restore more of the country from the terrorists and their sponsors.

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  1. Miri

    “The Governor of Al-Hasakah announced that drinking water will be secured for citizens from the wells of Nafashah, east of Al-Hasakah through tanks, until the Alok station returns to work.” — some good news, though not yet confirmed.


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