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Erdogan Kills 3 More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Raqqa Province, Syria

3 Turkish Soldiers killed in Tal Abyad - Raqqa 8 Jan 2022

Erdogan added three more Turkish army soldiers to the toll of killed in his illegal military and terrorist operation in northern Syria, the three killed today were in the Syrian city of Tal Abyad.

Turkish regime propaganda outlets confirmed that 3 Turkish army soldiers were killed when their military vehicle hit a landmine at the ‘Cultibi’ checkpoint in the Syrian city of Tal Abyad, in the northern Raqqa province in the furthest north of Syria at the borders with Turkey.

Erdogan’s media said that Turkish medical teams transferred the soldiers to the Akcakale State Hospital in the southern state of Shanlurfa (Şanlıurfa).

A large number of Erdogan regime forces rushed to the site of the explosion in pursuit of kidnapping what it called ‘terrorists’ and to secure the area, the Turkish regime propaganda media added.

This explosion comes in an area across the borders from the Turkish city of Akcakale where Erdogan forces have already reinforced its security back in May 2017 after their illegal incursion into Syria in coordination with ISIS, Al Qaeda Levant, and the Kurdish SDF terrorists under the cover and supervision of NATO spearheaded by the USA and its other European NATO stooges.

Nobody claimed responsibility for this attack by the time of writing this report, there are many parties who oppose the Turkish madman starting from his own family members, his former mafia business partners, his former party comrades, to the large brass of the Turkish army who he has been working hard to radicalize shifting it away from its strict secular ideology, then there are his NATO colleagues, the Kurdish terrorist factions in Turkey and in Syria though they work for the same US and Israel sponsors, and most importantly, the Syrian people, the Syrian popular resistance, and the Syrian armed forces. Ironically, the most reliable ally for Erdogan is the Russian President Putin who saved him during the infamous controversial military coup in 2016, yet, the treacherous anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan is, he is the main sworn enemy of Russia and the Russian President Putin who effectively works to undermine the Russian national security wherever and whenever he finds an opportunity to do so.

We lost count of the Turkish soldiers killed in Erdogan’s illegal military and terrorist operations in Syria, those soldiers have been used by the Turkish madman Erdogan in his war crimes against Syria and other countries he dispatched them to with no good interest for Turkey or the Turkish people, merely to serve the USA and Israel in their wars against humanity worldwide. This same Erdogan would rather sacrifice Turkish soldiers who he uses as cannon fodders and human shields for his terrorists than to sacrifice those who praise him and see in him their deity. To the families of the Turkish soldiers killed in Syria and elsewhere under the orders of Erdogan, these soldiers are killed as mercenaries so Erdogan can make more money and please his bosses, not as heroes who died defending their country or their people, they’re heading directly to hell if you believe in the divine justice, the same what we advised the families of US soldiers killed abroad.

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