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Chemical File Fetishists Hold 99th Bathhouse Meeting to Lie about Syria

Goya presciently captured the look of the criminals of the SC who hold the monthly chemical file propaganda fetish.

Chemical file NATO fetishists held their 99th bathhouse meeting to continue their dementia-like echolalia lies regarding the fulfillment of UNSCR 2118 (2013). That this resolution was fulfilled in record time — June 2014 — is of no matter for the unindicted war criminal junta that rules the United Nations.

Press statement 5 January 2022 on the monthly chemical file fetish.
Press statement 5 January 2022 on the monthly chemical file fetish.

Before suffering the tedium of writing about the same lies of the same professional/habitual liars of the UNSC, who represent the world’s leaders in genocide, both slow and fast, and who have committed the most heinous of crimes against humanity, including obliterating two civilian cities with nuclear bombs, bombing people with white phosphorus, testing nuclear bombs on Algerians, making Iraqi tribes dance to the tune of mustard gassing, etc., we shall provide Syria News readers with a few videos which were ignored by aforementioned unindicted war criminal shomerim of the bastion of peace and security.

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Not part of the chemical file fetish, way back on 5 December 2012, takfiri savages in an alleged makeshift — despite high gloss video, a well stocked environment, and a sociopath highly trained in safely using chemical weapons — laboratory in Gaziantep, Turkey, demonstrated a terminal experiment with two rabbits, using what appeared to be the fast acting chemical weapon, VX, and threatening A subsequent call by Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari for a UN-OPCW investigation, was ignored.

Likewise, on 12 December 2012, when another highly skilled NATO asset used the same lab to demonstrate a quick acting poison with deadly results for another rabbit, and threatening to use the poison to pollute the Alsinn water source for Latakia, to murder Syrian Alawites, and all Syrian patriots, the second diplomatic request was also ignored by the UN-OPCW.

On 30 April 2013, forty days after FSA terrorists — and their unnamed handlers — launched the chemical [wutg weapons grade chlorine] attack in Khan al Asal, 19 March, His Excellency Jaafari held a lengthy stakeout, describing how France and Britain had sabotaged the UN-OPCW agreement to investigate.

One month and two days before the gang of child pornographers, kidnappers, murderers known as the White Helmets — along with their Brit mouthpiece, the terrorist in Idlib whose medical license in London had been permanently revoked — showed videos of them murdering kidnapped kids with the poison shown in the Turkey experiment, Syria News published a report detailing the chemical threats and uses against the Syrian people, beginning with the deadly rabbit experiments.

During the final week of May 2013 — while American illegal McCain just happened to be in the SAR — inbred terrorists made attempts to bomb four neighborhoods in Damascus, with white phosphorus (P4), but due to their inbred incompetence, they were unsuccessful in creating damage beyond dozens of people rushing to the ER over breathing problems.

It was not until 21 August 2013, that the FSA and other al Qaeda affiliates were successful in murdering dozens of Syrian civilians with most likely the chemical weapon hydrogen cyanide (HCN), after which they blamed Prince Bandar, for giving them CWs without giving them instruction on how to safely use them. Many of the dead were discovered to have been among the hundreds of kidnapped women and their children, from Latakia suburbs, who had been abducted a couple of weeks earlier. As NATO supremacist media did not report on the mass abductions by FSA terrorists — with the assistance of al Jazeera illegals — the supremacists were also silent when 57 of these women and children were released, 3-1/2 years later, in the government-brokered exchange of terrorists for abducted captives.

On 21 August 2013, the FSA chemical weapons threats again went live, this time in al Ghouta, Damascus countryside. Again, the inability of the inbred al Qaeda FSA to upgrade** above the most primitive chlorine as CW, resulted in them killing many of their own, causing them to rat out the Saudis as having given them the weapons:  “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them.  When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them.”  Western MSM went pavlovian dog, salivating over Obama-Kerry about to obliterate Syria, using the terrorists’ atrocity as the cover story.  Nobody reported that the CWs came from Saudi occupied Arabia.  Nobody noted that American foreign terrorist in Syria, Matthew VanDyk had previously warned the Brit unemployed gamer dad cum source of fake intelligence against Syria Brown Moses, that the FSA had CWs, and was prepared to use them in order to blame the government.  Of note:  BM — ‘Brown Moses’ — is now a Non-Resident Fellow for the US think tank, Atlantic Council.

The NATO Nazi gang ruling the UNSC continue to hold these monthly chemical file fetish meeting, despite the Syrian Arab Republic having acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in September 2013. All chemical weapons were reported turned over to the OPCW by June 2014. Those salivating for some Nobel Prize applauded themselves, and each other.

With some of the chemical weapon history in place as preface, we now proceed to the repetitive, monotonous, carnival barking of the criminal liars (see Nuremberg VI, Crimes against Peace) during their January chemical file meeting, better read after drinking a pot of black coffee, ingesting some NoDoz or the daily dose of legally prescribed Adderall.

Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu again updated the meeting in her usual incoherent way; when not outright lying — as she did on 4 March 2021– incoherence is her fall back game.

Another NATO Nazi sans swastika.
Izumi Nakamitsu, High Representative for Disarmament Affaris, in a previous anti-Syria rant at the UN.

Nakamitsu does not always provide the transcript of her monthly reports, but she has this month — though it might be best read during an infusion of IV Thorazine, rather than a pot of strong coffee.

This wordy paragraph makes no effort to show any good faith attempt to close the fraudulent chemical file against Syria.
This wordy paragraph makes no effort to show any good faith attempt to close the fraudulent chemical file against Syria.

This High Representative has again stated that “the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the OPCW Technical Secretariat’s ability to deploy to the Syrian Arab Republic,” while also issuing regrets “to inform Council members that the OPCW Technical Secretariat has not been in a position to conduct this deployment due to the continued refusal by the Syrian Arab Republic to issue an entry visa for one member of the DAT [Declaration Assessment Team].”

Despite the Technical Secretariat [TS] not being able to deploy because of C19 and also because one DAT member can not get a visa, the TS “conducted the eighth round of inspections of the Bazrah and Jamrayah facilities of the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) from 10 to 17 December 2021” (again, “the outcomes of this round of inspections will be reported in due course” — akin to that tomorrow‘s paradox, which never comes).

These scientific facilities were inspected between February and March 2017, led by Ian Henderson, and given a clean bill of health.

Despite the thorough investigation by the on-site OPCW team, on 14 April 2018, war criminals Trump, May, and Macron obliterated these research facilities, bombing them with 100 missiles, to come to the aid of various factions of al Qaeda still occupying Douma.

That the degenerate, malignant psychopaths of the al Qaeda sects themselves provided massive evidence that not only did no chemical attack occur in Douma, 7 April 2018, but that these savages who should be incarcerated for the criminally insane, for the rest of their lives, committed mass murder, and engaged in various acts of necrophilia, is of no significance to the Nazi junta ruling the UNSC: Nakamitsu persists in lying about the non-existent “chemical weapon incident that took place in Douma on 7 April 2018” — in order to perpetuate the monthly chemical file meeting of fetishist war criminals.

On cue, the tripartite aggressors, France, Britain, and the US — with massive histories of crimes against humanity — emitted their standard noxious fumes, as their contribution to the monthly chemical file hoax fetishism.

As another false flag chemical attack is always just around the corner, courtesy of the British illegal in Idlib, whose medical license was permanently revoked, and the contra al Nusra White Helmets, we remind these unindicted war criminals of our abundant evidence that the Helmets are engaged in trafficking kidnapped Syrian children, and we advise them to do some distancing from these perverted vermin.

In his address to the UNSC’s chemical file fetish, His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh, also brought to the attention of the warmongers, Israel’s war criminal recent bombing of the cargo in the Latakia port — which somehow was not deemed worthy of an emergency meeting, by the NATO junta.

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Essential reading on the lies of the OPCW, this report includes all of the reputed watchdog group’s reports on alleged chemical weapons use in the SAR:

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