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H.E. Jaafari Decries UN – OPCW 90th anti-Syria Liars Meeting, Calls for Closure of Phony ‘Syria File’

His Excellency, Bashar al Jaafari, decried the lying liars continuing their lying during the 90th meeting of the UN NATO klan’s lying OPCW ”Syria file,” on 11 December, and called for its closure. Peculiarly named Media Stakeout during the livestream — despite no media involvement — this Security Council Syria propaganda OPCW gathering was fraught with cessation of audio, collective amnesia among the lying liars, a “U” representative reading a joint statement, and — not surprisingly — Excellency Jaafari again being given a translator who missed entire paragraphs. The UN website eventually released a press synopsis of this NATO klan fest of western supremacists, at that bastion of fraudulent peace and security.

UNSC meeting on Syria - OPCW flawed testimony
Media stake out minus media.

This author missed a portion of the live stream of the media-less ”media stakeout” on the NATO klan’s eternal OPCW “Syria file” which continues in apparent perpetuity since the SAR joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 2013, to prevent Obama from pulling a Libya after terrorists admitted to accidentally killing some of their own in al Ghouta, because “Prince Bandar” had neglected to instruct the FSA moderate opposition in proper use of CWs when he presented them with these bombs. Not surprisingly, NATO stenographer-journalists somehow missed this whiny confession, just as they missed the mass slaughter and kidnappings in Latakia villages by the FSA moderates and Qatar’s al Jazeera reporters, just as they missed many of the abductees showing up as corpses in the Saudi-run Ghouta chemical attack, just as they missed 58 of the abductees being released, more than three years later, in the government’s exchange of them for incarcerated terrorists.

This decision came when then Secretary of State, John Kerry, accidentally — or arrogantly? — made the suggestion. The western cortege — possibly lusting for a joint Nobel Peace Prize — engaged in short-lived celebratory announcements, followed by long-term joint amnesia.

According to the eventually published synopsis on this ‘Syria file’ OPCW soiree, the first speaker was Fernando Arias, the Director-General of the NATO chemical watchdog gang since 2017. The DG position is “the highest authority in the Technical Secretariat;” this is an amazing position for him to have, given he has absolutely no educational background whatsoever in chemistry, chemical weaponry, or even the rudiments of basic science. Born in Madrid, in 1952, Arias’ limited educational background consists solely of having a “degree in law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as well as a Certificate in International Studies from the Diplomatic School in Madrid, Spain.”

DG Arias does not have a Twitter account. That the OPCW did not publish his statement allows for some hypothesizing: Nobody is capable of transcribing his terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso English (e.g., the author thinks the non-word that sounded like opeesh might have been some strange concoction for O-P-C-W); the derelict omission of making the statement public makes it impossible for any honest questions to be asked and for the UN press release to have been able to engage in some monkey-dung flinging attempts.

Arias presented as a unique variation on the idiot savant, was mostly incoherent in both words and context and brought to mind a crude joke involving what he had to do to get this absurd position.

OPCW DG Spanish Arias
L’idiot arrogant Spanish lawyer flouted his incompetence in addressing the UN-OPCW anti-Syria meeting.

In the few bits of speech that were somewhat intelligible, Arias spent the first three minutes blathering about the importance of the OPCW before confirming its support of al Qaeda in Syria (continue reading for hyperlinked articles on the group’s admissions that investigators were not on the ground in Khan Sheikhoun, nor in Ltamenah, because terrorists there posed security risks), bordered on a military threat against Syria if it did not declare a chemical weapons factory that does not exist (likely the reason the gentleman did not name it), spent several minutes blathering about Russia, novichok, and Navalny, before ending with something about opeesh building a new building and pointing over his shoulder.

In an act of civic-mindedness, this author recommends that Mr. Arias do some small bit of reading on how Novichok — claimed to be “five to eight times more toxic than VX” by some ‘experts’ — works by blocking acetylcholinesterase (AChE), causing paralysis which in turn prevents B-grade movie screams. It also does not make alleged survivors appear as though they have spent weeks at the elusive fountain of youth.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, H.E. Vassily Nebenzia posed several questions to Mr. Arias. The UN press release did not see fit to note the temporary SC president refused to let Arias respond. Deputy Polyankskly exposed this “scandalous and shameful situation” at the Security Council meeting via a series of tweets:

Germany’s Christoph Heusgen ignored the live remarks of the Russian diplomat, and later ignored the tweets, as his own tweets were focused on the joint anti-Syria lying propaganda, the alleged collaborative effort of various European Union countries.

Germany and Belgium continue to be the current co-penholders at the UN.

To better grasp who these people are, we offer a rudimentary explanation of the UN hierarchy:

Resolutions — binding by all member states — are passed by the Permanent Five representatives, UK, France, US, China, and Russia, ostensibly with the input from various members of the General Assembly. Every few months, some members of the P5 choose “penholders” which function as teachers’ pets, and which report to the Security Council and the General Assembly, that which the P3 (UK, France, US) wishes them to ‘independently’ report. In addition to the various European members, the collective European Union — affectionately referred to during UN functions as “the U” — also gets to take a turn at demonstrating its echolaliac ability to the P3 masters. Non-P5 members are rotated into and out of the Security Council, during which times they can pretend not to be house servants of the P3.

Gastropods Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Norway, and Ireland affixed their excretions to France and Britain, in phony collaborative reiteration of “full support to the OPCW,” “full confidence in the OPCW Technical Secretariat (TS), its professionalism, impartiality…” and declared always and forever being “steadfast in defending the Organization against deliberate and baseless attacks on its integrity and credibility [emphasis added].”

Emphasis was added to underscore the shamelessness of these slugs; though the founding principles of the OPCW — like the Charter of the UN — were pristine and noble, it did not take long for NATO warmongers to corrupt it. Jose Bustani was dumped from its leadership on orders from Dick Cheney via John Bolton, because Mr. Bustani was committed to integrity, refusing to lie about Iraq.

chemical-attacks Jose Bustani former DG of OPCW
Obedient watchdogs of OPCW were brought to heel by Halliburton’s Cheney.

In January of this year, the Russian Federation was forced to have an Arria Formula meeting because the NATO klan refused to allow Ian Henderson — OPCW team leader investigator into Syrian laboratories — to address the formal UN – OPCW ‘files’ meeting, almost two years after Trump, Macron, and May war criminally bombed Syria in April 2018 because al Qaeda said Syria used chemical weapons against Syria in Douma.

barzeh bombed by tripartite aggressors
Tripartite aggressors US, UK, & France bombed the Barzeh Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Research Center 14 April 2018, for al Qaeda in Douma, despite it having passed “intrusive” inspections.
Bazreh Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Research Institute, pre-bombing by Trump, May & Macron.
Imagine if this crime were committed against MIT.

In October, the United Nations refused to let Mr. Bustani address the meeting on those ‘Syria files.’ The criminally corrupt OPCW whose ‘integrity’ the lying liars support was so enraged by the feedback that it began a permanent censorship campaign to prohibit all those not steadfast from asking questions.

The degeneracy, moral turpitude, of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, has accelerated since the NATO Spring was dumped onto Syria. When Trump bombed Syria because a British terrorist and illegal claiming to be practicing medicine in Khan Sheikhoun told CNN that Syria had bombed Syria with chemical weapons, the OPCW admitted it did not send inspectors because al Qaeda in Idlib posed a hazard — so the Secretariat set up a lab in Turkey, and let the terrorists hand over the evidence.

This is what the filthy virtue signaling “U,” along with France and the UK, claim to support.

France’s statement was warmongering with attention paid to Ltamenah — again, poor salesmanship (or arrogance?) — as the OPCW reported culling its findings from terrorists, again, and also from State Department approved and American taxpayer-funded NGO “open sources.” The Goebbels Big Lie is not evidence; it is a big lie. It is a big lie on which the OPCW continued to expand, with the release of its infamous IIT paper, in April.

Audio malfunctioned for Germany, Estonia, and the UK authors of the collaborative paper on support for the lying OPCW. The mutism apparently was of no concern, as there was no response when the problem was brought to their attention.

EU members of UNSC Germany, Belgium, Estonia, France and Ireland support of the OPCW
NATO klan at the UN – OPCW anti-Syria meeting unperturbed by mutism.

That the esteemed Syrian polymath ambassador will soon be leaving the United Nations — after 16 years, seven of which have been on Obama/Trump censorship lockdown — to become his country’s Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, continued in choice of taking that higher path, maintaining inherent respect for the fine art of diplomacy.

He reminded the UN – OPCW attendees that this was the 90th such meeting, the 90th meeting to repeat the same lies, the unprecedented attack on his country. He reminded all that the noble cause of the OPCW had been degraded into a geopolitical tool in this unprecedented attack. His Excellency Dr. Jaafari reminded everyone that his country had presented 210 diplomatic letters to the UN on terrorists in his country. He reminded all that France and Belgium had transferred chemical weapons into Idlib, via their ‘special forces.’ He reminded all that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had halted his parliament’s investigation into the Netherlands funding of terrorists against Syria, that Germany had just brought in terrorists of the White Helmets.

Excellency Jaafari reminded all that the destruction of Vietnam, of Grenada, of Iraq, of Libya, were also based on “falsehoods.”

On the occasion of the 90th meeting of the UN Security Council — OPCW meeting against his country, Dr. Jaafari reiterated that Syria never deployed its chemical weapons, that Syria declared them, that the OPCW had overseen their destruction, and that it is past time to stop the lying, and to close the ‘Syria files,’ permanently.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Ambassador Jaafari once quoted an Egyptian novelist in one of his novels while addressing those NATO lying hyenas at the UNSC: ‘They are lying, and we know they are lying, and they know that we know they are lying, yet they continue to lie…’ It was one of those historical moments

  2. antirepublocrat

    Lying when all others know you are lying is a conscious expression of power, in effect saying, “So what are you going to do about it?”

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