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UN Arria Formula Douma Meeting: War Crimes against Syria, OPCW Corruption

UNSC tripartite aggressors US, UK, & France bombed the Barzeh Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Research Center 14 April 2018, for al Qaeda in Douma, despite it having passed "intrusive" inspections. How the chemical file folk inspect it, remains a mystery.

The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations hosted an Arria Formula meeting on 20 January. Named for Venezuelan Ambassador Diego Arria, this process is an informal one, which does not require the standard diplomatic protocol. As the UN has been crying poor-mouth and must allocate its few pennies to such important things as SG Guterres flying to St. Lucia to cry over sargassum, it is not expected that the UN will add a report of this meeting to its website, despite the startling address to the attendees, by former OPCW inspections leader, Ian Henderson, which included his statement that there had not been a chemical attack in Douma.

Officially called Implementation of UNSCR 2118: OPCW FFM Report on Douma, Mr. Henderson was an invited guest of the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the UN. The engineer and ballistics expert had been “the inspection team leader who developed and launched the inspections, the highly intrusive inspections of the Barzeh facility just outside Damascus. I did the inspections and wrote the report for the two inspections prior to and the inspection after the (chemical facility) or the laboratory complex at Barzeh had been destroyed by the missile strike.” 

At this writing, veteran journalist Peter Hitchens remains the lone reporter to acknowledge Mr. Henderson’s statement to those in attendance.

H.E. Bashar al Jaafari expressed his profound gratitude to H.E. Nebenzia “for organizing this meaningful…meeting,” thanking other diplomats and Mr. Henderson by name. Dr. Jaafari provided details to the meeting, noting that the story did not start at Douma in April 2018. Rather, the chemical weapons story began in Gaziantep, Turkey, in December 2012, with the fatal rabbits experiments, when terrorists showed their access to poisons and other chemicals, threatening to unleash them on Syria.

Arria Formula UN meeting on Douma, OPCW, and criminal lies.

Ambassador Jaafari’s details included sabotaged attempts for UN investigations into chemical weapons attacks on his country, including the fatal attack on Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.

Hear! Hear! Syria stands for justice and the rule of law and order. It’s is easy to see who the true war criminals are and who is involved in state-sponsored terrorism throughout the Middle East….the US/UK/France/Turkey/Israel/Jordan and the Gulf States. Long Live Assad, his friends and allies. And special mention to Dr Bashar Ja’afari, a giant of a man who has stuck to his post and did his duty through thick and thin. Thanks to him Syria is a beacon of light for all of the oppressed peoples and countries of the world who fight against The Great Tyrant in The Swamp….corrupt and evil Babylon….the US ruling capitalist class. — James Graham

Kelly Craft, the US Representative to the UN, showed her utter contempt for the process, leaving a stand-in to speak. The stand-in spewed her contempt for the principle of the Arria-Formula process by calling it a “Security Council meeting,” spewed her contempt for Barzeh inspector, Mr. Henderson, via pretending he was not there, and sounding as though her statement were written by one of the many factions of al Qaeda in Syria, were they literate enough to make a complete sentence. She weirdly brayed about the Qatar-funded Caesar Hoax, and of course, brayed about the stethoscope-less, can’t-do-CPR, can’t-bag, clueless-on-spinal-precautions Nusra White Helmets, funded tens of millions by the American taxpayers.

In short, she flouted the arrogance of the imperial west, repeating the many lies of NATO armed and run takfiri on the ground.

Craft returned 21 January, to do a Susan Rice imitation, spending the day “defending Israel”– which is how Rice described most of her work at the UN.

The stand-in did not mention the US-UK-France bombing of the Barzeh Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Research Center, whose work included the development of better chemotherapeutic medications.

Here are two pre-bombings photographs of the facility that had passed two “intrusive” inspections by the OPCW:

A thinking person might expect to see some type of blurb from the MSM when a lead OPCW inspector tells the UN there had not been a chemical attack in Douma.

No — that would be merely a sane person. A thinking person knows that the criminal lies and war criminal bombing of Douma are the reason that MSM are called NATO stenographers.

Miri Wood

Essential readings:

This report includes an explanation of the JIM fraud, videos of the two disturbing fatal rabbit demonstrations in December 2012, and Ambassador Jaafari’s press conference on the sabotage of Syria’s request for an investigation into the fatal chemical attack in Khan al Asal:

The fraud of OPCW findings of Khan Sheikhoun (not in, as the inspectors were too afraid of al Qaeda in Idlib, to actually inspect; instead, they accepted al Qaeda’s word that the forensics chain of custody was not broken):

al Qaeda’s own videos in Douma provide evidence that the terrorists massacred Syrian civilians:

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