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Erdogan Withdraws Turkish Army from Aleppo, Sends More into Idlib

Erdogan sends more Turkish troops into Idlib northwest of Syria

Idlib – Aleppo: The Turkish madman Erdogan withdrew his forces from the 7th post in northern Syria as part of the implementation of his commitments according to the Astana and Moscow agreements, at the same time he sends more Turkish cannon fodders from the Turkish Army to Zawiya Mountain in the southern countryside of Idlib province, northwest of Syria.

The Turkish army evacuated its position in the Kourani factory in Al-Zarba in the southern countryside of Aleppo, the soldiers burned some of their remains, and thus this would be the seventh Turkish point to be evacuated from northern Syria after the Al-Rashideen neighborhood point was completely evacuated.

Abbas Sabbagh of the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news TV station sheds more light on these Turkish moves in this report:

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation:

The Turkish army strengthened its presence in the Zawiya Mountain area in the southern countryside of Idlib, the arrival of more than 350 soldiers with their vehicles to the area have been reported in the past hours.

Zawiya Mountain has strategic importance, especially with regard to the M4 highway, which connects more than one city in Syria. The Zawiya Mountain area in the southern countryside of Idlib is the hot front between the conflicting military parties in northwestern Syria.

While the Turkish army is mobilizing its forces in Zawiya Mountain, it evacuated points in the southern countryside of Aleppo, especially from the Kourani factory, and the Turkish soldiers burned some of what’s left of their traces.

Since the beginning of last October, Turkey has worked to reinforce and mobilize its soldiers in the Zawiya Mountain area, south of the M4 highway, after withdrawing points from the northern Hama countryside and southern Idlib, which are under the control of the Syrian forces.

In parallel with this, the Syrian army is massing its forces in the countryside of Hama on the outskirts of the mountain, as it seeks to reach the international road Aleppo – Latakia known as the M4 through the towns of Zawiya Mountain, and Damascus does not hide its intention to regain control of that area at a time when Turkey is trying to establish its occupation.

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  1. wpslol

    they shouldn’t even stay in Syria, nobody invited them, they steal and then run away (too bad they don’t arrest them), I hope that the Turks in 2023 will kick Erdogan out of power


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