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2 Turkish Soldiers Killed, 6 Others Injured in a Car Bomb Explosion in Ras Al Ain

Car bomb explosion kills 2 Turkish army soldiers in Ras Al Ain - Syria

Two Turkish army soldiers were killed and six others were wounded in an explosion in the northern city of Ras Al Ain, last Thursday, multiple sources confirmed.

Terrorists loyal to Erdogan tried first to claim the victims were local policemen killed in an explosion of a booby-trapped car at one of their checkpoints at the Hasakah Arch in the city of Ras Al Ain. The news was corrected by Erdogan’s own media the day later.

Turkish military mourn the death of its soldiers in Ras Al Ain
Turkish military mourn the death of its soldiers in Ras Al Ain

Anadolu, the Erdogan regime’s media, and a Turkish army Twitter account said on Friday, 11 December 2020, that two Turkish army soldiers were killed and six others injured in the car bomb that targeted a checkpoint they were manning in the Syrian border city of Ras Al Ain.

Erdogan’s media accused the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups of being behind the attack, which did not claim responsibility for the attack yet, nor did anybody else at the time of writing this report.

The non-existing US Embassy in Syria expressed its ‘concern about the recent increase in escalation in northeast Syria’ between its proxies, the Erdogan terrorists and the Kurdish SDF separatist armed groups, its expression of concern came in a tweet on its ‘verified account’ on Twitter!

US embassy in Syria tweet killing of Turkish army soldiers Ras Al Ain
Non-existing US embassy in Syria tweet expressing concern about the killing of Turkish army soldiers in Ras Al Ain

The last US ambassador to Syria the disgraced Robert S. Ford, aka Prince of Jihad among activists in the countries wherever he was deployed, fled Syria in October 2011 over ‘concerns about his safety’ to never come back, and since then there are no active US diplomats in Syria if we’d exclude CIA operatives acting as ‘diplomats’ and ‘envoys’ and embedded with terrorist groups.

What the non-existing US embassy in Syria in its tweet expressed its concern about is the increase in bombing and sniping of its Kurdish SDF armed men, and its allies in the Turkish army and its allies in al Qaeda and its affiliated terrorist groups, operating in northern Syria in the territories they occupy illegally. All attacks are carried out by ‘unknown armed men’. What might be really concerning the CIA front, the non-existing embassy is someone using their own modus operandi: terrorist attacks, assassinations, the spread of chaos, terror campaigns, by ‘unknown actors’.

The Turkish madman Erdogan is sending the Turkish army soldiers in his criminal military adventures in other countries and embedding them with groups designated as terrorists by the United Nations Security Council and by many NATO member states, thus endangering their lives. This cost massive losses among the cannon fodders of the Turkish soldiers who join the military to defend their country and protect their families not to destroy other countries and contribute to the killing and suffering of innocent families who did no harm to Turkey or to the Turkish people.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They die for Erdogan and not for their country or for their families, and Erdogan serves Israel and the Zionist project which makes their death for the devil, as simple as that. Those who die for the devil are not martyrs, they will end in hell fire for eternity. It’s impossible they don’t know what they’re doing in our country.


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