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Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Idlib by HTS Mistakened them for Russians

Turkish army soldiers tsk killed in Syria for their Sultan Erdogan

Two new Turkish Army soldiers killed and one more wounded in an attack by a terrorist group in the de-escalation zone in Idlib province northwest of Syria.

The above is what the war ministry of the Turkish madman Erdogan admitted. The statement added that the soldiers were killed by a missile attack carried out by ‘radical groups’.

It also claimed that Erdogan forces ‘opened fire on targets in the area’.

It’s a custom for Erdogan’s propagandists to belittle their casualties by ridiculous factors while increasing the casualties among their enemies by laughable multiples. This case could be very much the same and the number of Erdogan soldiers killed and wounded might be much more than what his war ministry admitted.

It seems that the terrorists, who are very loyal to Erdogan and breath from the air he provides them, have mistaken the hapless TSK soldiers with Russian soldiers. They vowed to target Russian soldiers since Russian President Putin accepted to meet Erdogan in Moscow and humiliated him there in an unprecedented manner and also made him sign a new ceasefire agreement with none of Erdogan’s initial demands he deafened our ears with his nonstop barking of them.

Joint Russian and Turkish military police patrols along the M4 Aleppo – Latakia highway were halted immediately after starting them on 15th of the month after Al-Qaeda’s ‘activists’ blocked the road and further blew up a main bridge over it.

The joint patrols were part of the latest agreement Erdogan committed himself to and failed to implement.

It also seems that the incompetent Turkish Army (TSK) forgot to inform their Al-Qaeda brethren of their patrol resulting in the targeting of their column.

There’s a slight possibility that a new group has targeted the hapless Turkish Army soldiers in the province; this possibility is very slim though.

Dozens of incompetent Turkish Army soldiers have been killed in northern Syria, especially lately after Erdogan started sending them as human shields to protect his more loyal forces of al-Qaeda and its derivatives. There’s no justification for their presence in Syria, even if Turkey had a previous agreement with Russia, any such agreement was put to help the Syrian state eliminate the terrorist groups and restore its sovereignty over all its land according to the Adana Agreement, instead, the Turkish madman Erdogan calls on implementing the Adana Agreement only to halt the advances of the Syrian Arab Army and then breaches it again.

Join us in praying for more invading troops to be ‘neutralized’ in Syria, better by infighting within their ranks which would help save Syrian lives in the SAA and among the civilians.

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1 Comment

  1. Miri

    It appears that the terrorists — all factions — are moving from mere “fratricide” to “outright fragging,” the ‘accidental’ murdering of superior officers.

    Remember when Panetta visited Afghanistan to ‘remoralize the troops’?

    Those troops were disarmed before he spoke, because of fears he would be ‘fragged.’


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