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Erdogan’s TSK and al-Qaeda Armies Violating the Moscow Agreement

Mhambel (Muhambal) Bridge Idlib M4 Aleppo - Lattakia highway

Turkish madman Erdogan has breached the [unilateral] Cessation of Hostilities for the 38th (thirty-eighth) time since the signing of the CoH on 5 March. In the past two days, the pathogens armed with NATO weapons bombed a bridge, a power plant, two towns, and sabotaged part of a highway.

Erdogan’s Captagonfueled terrorist thugs bombed the newly liberated Kafr Nabl and Hazarin with ground-to-ground mortars, missiles, and even used machine gunfire. Hazarin was last attacked on 14 March, when the Erdogan savages targeted an SAA military position.

The Jabhat al Nusra faction of Erdogan’s mercenary demons sabotaged the M4 Highway, cutting off all traffic. The terrorist organization goes by several names as needed including HTS, Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda Levant, all parts of the Syrian ‘Moderate Rebels’ of foreign anti-Islamic mercenaries.

M4 Artery sabotaged by al-Qaeda's moderate terrorists to block Russian-Turkish joint patrols as articulated by the Moscow agreement Erdogan obliged himself to.
M4 Artery sabotaged by al-Qaeda’s moderate terrorists to block Russian-Turkish joint patrols as articulated by the Moscow agreement Erdogan obliged himself to.

Erdogan regime thugs attacked the electricity lines in the Tal Tamir (Hasaka) Power Plant for the fourth time this month, depriving civilians of essential needs — because that is what NATO supported ‘freedom fighters’ do: Those they do not murder they put into darkness.

The armed barbarians devoted to Erdogan also bombed the Mhambel (Muhambal) Bridge, west of Ariha, whose SARC office was recently stormed by armed terrorists who battered volunteers, looted humanitarian aid, and occupied the building.

Bombing bridges used by civilians happen to be a war crime, but what of it? War crimes against Syria do not count, in NATO’s attempts to turn the Levantine republic, the last secular nation in the region, into dust. Obama “bombed and destroyed completely” two bridges in Deir Ezzor, September 2016, without even a peep from NATO stenographers. Not to be outdone, Trump celebrated his inauguration by bombing two bridges in al Raqqa, January 2017, with not a complaint from the TDSers.

Bombing that particular bridge on the M4 Aleppo – Latakia highway, sabotaging parts of the vital artery, throwing iron nails on it and bringing civilians to act as protesters blocking it, all to disrupt the joint Turkish – Russian military police patrols supposed to start on the 15th of March, 3 days ago. The Turkish thick-brain just can’t commit to any of his own words and commitments he obliged himself to, this is beyond any pragmatism, it’s only the nature of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult he’s the political leader of.

How long the rabid Erdogan will be permitted to breach the unilateral CoH is not known at this time.

Miri Wood

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