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Hasakah: 3 Children Killed, One Injured by US-Al Qaeda and SDF Proxies

bomb explosion in Darabssiyah Hasakah countryside kills child injures her sister

A child was killed and another injured in a bomb explosion in Al Darbassiyah, and two other children killed in a fire their tent caught in Al Hol (Al Hawl) concentration camp in Hasakah countryside.

One young girl was killed instantly and her sister sustained multiple injuries in a bomb explosion in the city of Al Darbassiyah near the borders with NATO member state Turkey, in the northern Hasakah countryside.

A sound bomb was detonated next to a van vehicle in the Ras Al Ain roundabout in the city of Darbassiya killing one young girl on the spot and injuring another with shrapnel in different parts of her little body, she was rushed to the Qamishli City Hospital for treatment.

bomb explosion in Darabssiyah Hasakah countryside kills child injures her sister

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack by the time of this report.

In a separate incident, two children were killed after sustaining severe burns after one of the tents caught fire in the infamous Al Hol concentration camp run by Trump forces and their separatist Kurdish SDF armed group in eastern Hasakah countryside.

The fire spread in the tent, most probably, by the stove the refugees use for heating in the cold weather in the region amidst the miserable and inhumane conditions of the camp.

The regime of embattled Donald Trump abuses the suffering of the Syrian refugees in and outside Syria as a bargaining tool to impose indirect colonization on the country after their near a decade war of terror and war of attrition failed to achieve direct colonization and installing a puppet regime in Damascus to serve the interests of the lobbies controlling the policies of the USA and its ilk in the EU.

Al Hol (Hawl) concentration camp for Syrian refugees in Hasakah
Al Hol (Hawl) concentration camp for Syrian refugees in Hasakah

Thousands of Syrian families who escaped the atrocities of the NATO-sponsored terrorist groups, the likes of Al Qaeda and its ISIS, HTS, and other derivatives, found themselves trapped in concentration camps with the least basics of humanity standards in Al Hol in the Hasakah countryside and in the Tanf area in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert in the Rukban concentration camp is run by Trump forces and their ISIS-affiliated terrorist group ‘Maghawir Thawra’ proxy. Trump forces and their proxies house families of the ISIS terrorist organization along with the Syrian civilians in the same camps without separation in an obvious attempt to keep the anti-Islamic radical Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood doctrine spread among the young generations mixed together in the overcrowded places, especially with the dozens of European ISIS brides ‘raising’ their kids in those camps.

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