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Nasra Abukar: Another British Terrorist in Syria Wants to Go Home

British ISIS terrorist Nasra Abukar found in Syria

Twenty-four year old British terrorist Nasra Abukar who disappeared from her native London in 2014 is reported to have recently been found in the al Hol concentration camp, in Syria. The ever arrogant, colonial British media have headlined her as “missing teen” who was the subject of an intense search.

The colonial scum warmongering NATO stenographers have not acknowledged she was legally an adult woman when she intentionally left her country of birth, to join other chunks of foreign human garbage dumped into Syria.

All Brit media refer to the adult woman terrorist as a child.

Al Hol, Syria, was originally a camp for internally displaced persons — that is, Syrian human beings forced to abandon their homes, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, to escape the foreign detritus, armed by NATO countries, and deployed to destroy the sovereignty of the Levantine republic. Soon after, it was captured by NATO wetworkers and armed separatist traitors within the Kurdish population — YPG remarketed as SDF per Pentagon request so that the US would not have to remove the YPG from its own terror list — under the protection of American illegals, a.k.a. “soldiers.”

The UK’s Metro flouted English colonialism by renaming part of al Hasakah governate — in Syria — the fictitious neverland of Rojava.

Though not as fecund as British terrorist Shamima Begum — who managed to gain an easy thirty pounds while claiming her 3 or 4 (or was it more?) infants all died of starvation — the sob story involving terrorist adult woman Abukar is that one of her two children was killed in an aerial bombing (Syria defending itself against mostly foreign terrorists killing Syrians).

dutch terrorist yago riedijik
Dutch terrorist/illegal, Yago Riedjik, Begum’s concubinator and alleged sire of her alleged children.

Though the news of Brit terrorist Abukar being found in al Hol, six years after her disappearance has been newly reported, no journalist has explained how she so quickly has been stripped of her British citizenship.

The strange photo of Nasra Abukar, used when the UK was allegedly trying to find her. Poor babycakes wants to go home.

The rancid media have again romanticized these savages, these monsters who walk on two legs, in referring to them as “ISIS brides” and al Hol as the tent prison for these fake widows and their unfortunate offspring.

These women are concubines, not “brides,” nor “wives.”

Let us be mindful that these same stenographers who attempt to create empathy for killers were completely mute when the kidnapped Italian-Albanian Alvin was found there, were completely mute when he was finally released, after three years of negotiations with the SDF terrorists, the Syrian government, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

The kidnapped Alvin was barely verbal when reunited with his babbo, in al Hol hell. The temporary light in his eyes went out when he was told his daddy could not take him home..

British psychopath Aseel Muthana, 24, was Abukar’s concubinator and alleged sire of her alleged remaining child. South Wales Argus seemed almost proud to call him a “Cardiff boy” in its report on The Mirror‘s interview with him in late November. No explanation was offered as to how ‘journalists’ tracked him down. No mention was made over how he and his brother managed to leave Britain and bounce around Iraq and Syria. Muthana’s almost genetic imperial arrogance on his human rights, his demand to be allowed to return home was damned impressive.

Like the takfiri Belgian Michel — glorified by Paris Match just weeks before the terror attacks in La Ville Lumière — this malignant sociopath claimed he did not engage in violence, and whined about his feelings of abandonment by his native UK.

Shortly before the attacks in France, Paris Match ran a lovely report on Belgian Michel’s life after returning from ”fighting’ in the SAR.

As the Cardiff boy reported his disappointment in not seeing “homosexuals thrown from rooftops” we provide the 2012 video of postal workers thrown from the rooftop of a government building in Aleppo, an atrocity that was not reported in NATO stenography media (alas, we do not know if any of these victims were gay; we can only surmise that throwing homosexuals from rooftops may have been a rewriting of the mailmen atrocity by the FSA, used to enrage westerners so they might support the war criminal bombings of Syria).

When NATO media report on violent criminals in Syria, wishing to return to their native countries, they do not mention that the Syrian Arab Republic has consistently invited the world’s leaders in genocide to take their monsters back, to reclaim their human garbage.

Nasra Abukar and Aseel Muthana have been added to the list of foreign garbage demanding their rights to go home and live happily ever after.

To the occasional western supremacists who occasionally stop by to give the evil eye to Syria News and whose very very fine sensibilities might be disturbed by this author’s refusal to use euphemisms to describe the rotting sewage masquerading as humanoids, we end with just a few photographs of what these pathogens have done to Syrians, in Syria:

Miri Wood

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  1. Miri

    Illegal Trump forces and their filthy SDF armed dogs have permitted almost 300 terrorists to be returned to their native Uzbekistan since 2019, according to a new report by Reuters. In the usual NATO arrogance, the story portrays the concubines and concubinators — whose atrocities against Syrians would put Mengele into a jealous rage — as the victims, finally released from the al Hol hell.

    The only victims are the Syrian people — and the unfortunate offspring of these hyper-fertile human garbage.

  2. Cleo Haliqiouis

    The grammatical errors and horrendous attempts at English depicted in this article make it almost impossible to read and understand. I wanted to donate to a media group that accurately represented the true news of my native country. Still, after reading this article will not be the one I choose.

  3. Arabi Souri

    Thank you for your comment, it’s interesting that you reported on the ‘grammatical errors and horrendous attempts at English depicted in the article’, can you highlight a couple of such examples that rendered the article ‘impossible to read and understand’? This will greatly help us enhance our language’s capabilities to be at par with your understanding level.


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