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Colonialist Scum Debate Shamima Begum; Ignore Killers’ Crimes in Syria


Western colonialist scum are currently engaged in heated debate over the dispensation of English teen terrorist, Shamima Begum. Mockingbird left benevolently wishes to expiate her monstrous crimes while Mockingbird right condemns her lack of remorse and fears she might be one of those violent roosters, if allowed to return home to roost.

Neither filthy team has acknowledged crimes against Syria. Both fetid gangs remain oblivious to NATO media using her story to pimp out more criminal lies against the Syrian Arab Republic. Nobody has marveled over Baguma’s ability to give out non-stop interviews from a refugee camp, nor her claim that she has “read all that was written about me online,” since her illegal entry into the country.

Before taking a hammer to the tiny little violins playing the emotional pornography songs of the pregnant Brit illegally in Syria, the author gives a short refresher course in reality.

First, here is a map of Syria:


Syria is a small country, a republic, in the Levantine region of the Asian continent.

  • It is not an international dumping ground for the world’s human garbage. The criminally insane should be locked up in their own countries, not given weapons and made into “genetically altered” “Syrian opposition” gangs.
  • All countries that send their military into Syria without Syria’s explicit permission, engage in war crimes.
  • “Radicalization” has no legal nor psychiatric legitimacy. It is a fictitious word created by the NATO warmongering media, to terrify persons too cowardly to walk upright, and to whitewash heinous crimes committed by malignant sociopaths (but only in Syria).
  • That which would be considered terrorism in one’s western country, is also terrorism in Syria. That which is considered hideous violence in one’s western country — kidnapping & slaughtering children, cannibalism, beheading and grilling severed heads on barbecues, blowing up school buses, rape, femicide — is also hideous violence in Syria.
  • All armed terrorists in Syria are al Qaeda; it is of no relevance which particular name they use. The original armed takfiri were named “FSA;” with moderates like these, who needs terrorists?
  • The “SDF” is a fascist gang of international wetworkers, culled under Obama, expanded under Trump, labeled “Syrian,” and used to help destroy the country. If those in western countries would oppose foreign militias in their own countries, they are to be considered colonialist scum for supporting such death squads in Syria.

Now 19, Shamima Begum was 15 when she left her native England with two schoolmates. Begum stole from her family for airfare. The three — like most of the 350,000 chunks of human garbage invading Syria — entered the SAR through the border with Turkey. Like other savages, they did not step on the almost 200,000 landmines that Turkey still has not cleared.

Shamima Begum and her friends illegally entered Syria where they immediately met and “married” other foreign savages, and immediately began the breeding process while murdering Syrians. Whether or not Shamima Begum pulled any triggers is irrelevant; she was part of a massive, murderous conspiracy to invade and butcher the indigenous people of the SAR, and this makes her an active member of death squads unleashed against the Syrian people.

Excluding the NATO MSM, those considering this behavior to be normal teenage growing pains are either raving morons or western colonialist scum.

dutch terrorist yago riedijik
Dutch terrorist/illegal Yago Riedijk, is Begum’s alleged concubinator & alleged sire of her alleged children, all of whom allegedly died from starvation despite her having gained weight during her criminal stay in Syria.

Begum claims she last saw her husband after they left the al Baghouz area of Deir Ezzor, a couple of weeks ago. One might wonder at the good luck of ISIS killers, as on 21 January, the Trump-led genocide coalition again bombed this region, slaughtering civilians and destroying their homes. There were 70 casualties on this date.

UK’s Daily Star has inadvertently noted that British ISIS women continue to magically escape the US-UK-France coalition carnage. It has long been demonstrated that as the US created al Qaeda in Afghanistan, it has also created ISIS in Syria, and continues to protect its terrorists.

brit isis women miraculously survived baghouz bombings

How many recognize this young man? His name was Firas Hammoud, and he was martyred when Donald Trump bombed Sha’irat Airbase for al Qaeda, 7 April 2017. Lt. Hammoud’s crime was defending his country within its borders, from foreign savages like British Shamima Begum and her Dutch husband.

Martyr Syrian Arab Army Senior Lieutenant Firas Hammoud, murdered by Trump’s bombs for the crime of defending his country within its borders.

Shamima Begum was 15 when she decided to steal airfare and illegally enter Syria to help other terrorists commit slaughter. Rita Nedal was also 15 when Begum’s illegitimate allies bombed the Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus. Begum’s terrorist allies timed their bombings with school letting out. Nine Syrians were massacred and 21 injured.

Rita Nedal Al Eid.

This is Christine Hourani. She was one of the lucky teens. Physicians only had to amputate one of her two legs.

Christine Hourani, before the besieged moderates of Eastern Ghouta bombed Bab Touma & caused her leg to be amputated.

The bathetic marketing appeal of western colonialist scum, to ‘rescue’ Begum is the report that she is pregnant. Pity that the pregnancies of Syrian women are never of such concern. In fact, nobody noticed that a main source for the NYT criminal lies about Douma was in possession of the 6-7 month old fetus of a Syrian woman:


New reports are out that Shamima Begum has given birth. Despite being in a refugee camp, despite her savage friends over whom she has “no regrets” bombing Syrian power plants, despite the draconian “sanctions” against the Syrian people, Begum continues to have superb telecommunications access to the outside world.

Mockingbird “left” and “right” will continue their bickering with the impunity of all western colonialist scum. The dispensation of British terrorist Shamima Begum belongs only to the government of the Syrian Arab Republic. It does not belong to the US’ criminal “SDF,” nor to the filthy UK government.

As ‘neutral’ Brit media increasingly attempt to ablate all responsibility from takfiri Shamima Begum, the sane among us might wonder if geopolitical theater is involved, if a stage is being set for a newer, more nefarious plot against Syria, by the UK and US.

Miri Wood

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  1. Jamesjoyceulysses Transposedtohongkong

    Ordinarily I am as liberal and humanitarian as the next Brit, but in this case I can’t help sympathizing with Stephen Faber’s slightly right-of-centre views as expressed in Chapter 49 of Alun Wessler’s mammoth tome ‘Odysseus’:

    ‘“If there was a referendum on the death penalty, I’d be firmly in the ‘No’ camp,” said Faber. “But isn’t this a special case, a bit like the Nuremburg trials? Even from the liberal point of view there are two points in the lady’s favour. What I’m saying is, just what are we gonna do with those a**eholes when they come back from Syria and Iraq? Offer them counselling and understanding and basically welcome them back into the fold after we’ve given give them a slap on the wrists?” The others had no answer, so he went on. “You know sometimes tolerance and leniency are the sign of an uncivilised rather than a civilised society. If you’d been a member of a white lynch mob seventy years ago in Alabama, there’s a good chance you would have got away with it. The authorities would have shown you tolerance and leniency, but you’d hardly call that civilisation. If you’d been a white farmer in apartheid South Africa and you’d shot a black man, you’d most probably have got off. That’s leniency and tolerance but it’s a sign of barbarism rather than civilization.”

    “Mmh,” said Flowers dubiously. “Fair point, I suppose.”

    “And just try to think objectively for a minute. Try to clear your mind and divorce yourself from your Guardianista preconceptions. What’s the appropriate punishment for someone who, on film, on film, takes part in a cold-blooded sadistic murder? And it’s on film for the purposes of delectation and propaganda, trying to persuade other people to do the same. The film adds to the sadism, provides cast iron proof of the crime, and provides further evidence of premeditation. I mean obviously these people are not just committing an atrocity in the heat of battle. They’ve traveled across continents to be at the scene of this war crime and they’ve had hours and days and weeks to think about what they’re getting into. And yet they’re there, eager for some blood, probably with a big erection. What’s the appropriate punishment? You tell me?” There was no answer. “Because I can’t help feeling that a quick bullet in the head is too good for them.” There was a reflective silence.

    “He does make some good points,” said Yeung.’

    • Miri Wood

      Thank you for bringing in literature, which can help to break through rigid support of western imperialism.

      Since publication, the western colonialist ‘battle’ continues, with all NATO media & ‘independent’ media refusing to acknowledge that decision-making in what happens to foreign terrorists in Syria rests only with the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, legally speaking.

  2. Miri Wood

    Beguma’s Dutch “husband,” Yago Riedijik was convicted in abstentia for joining a terrorist gang, & sentenced to 6 yrs in his country.NATO MSM has decided to fixate on new, pathetic mommy stories, from Canada & the US.


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