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West Cries for UN-Backed Terrorists who Slaughter Syrian Children


If I survive I will never go out of my room! This voice was of a Syrian child victim of the UN-backed terrorists in Al-Ghouta countryside of Damascus before he martyred as a result of his burns and other wounds. On 23 February 2018, it was another horrific scene of the repeated scenario of shelling Damascus residential neighborhoods by the terrorists who control Al-Ghouta. It was a Friday when people take rest from the work week, and the children go out to the streets and parks to play as it’s the weekend.

However in Syria since this so-called revolution started people go to their jobs and children go to their schools under constant threat of missiles, mortar and suicide bombings of the UN-backed terrorists. Damascus has been under the assault of the Al-Ghouta terrorists. First led by Zahran Alloush [mastermind of the Adra atrocities of December 2013], then by his brother Mohammed Alloush, both Saudi’s men.  These attacks have been for over five years, and these assaults on Damascus have increased since the new year 2018.

Repeated day after day, with more martyrs each day. These Saudi and UN-backed terrorists of Al-Ghouta have advanced weapons, mortars, missiles, rockets.  And they fire them daily into residential neighborhoods of Damascus. And they slaughter Syrians under the name of “Freedom!”

Yet at the UN, the foreign countries’ diplomats call them “moderate rebels” and claim they are the ones under siege!

How can it be that they are under siege and yet they manage to get all the supplies of weapons which is still enough to be launched on Damascus city for over five years!  Weapons come to those terrorists across Jordan, sometimes across Al-Qalamoun.  Moreover, it would sometime come under the cover of humanitarian aid by the Red Cross.

Syrians all the time ask the world to stop shedding its crocodile tears on Syrians, and instead of these wolf cries we ask the world to stop arming terrorists! Stop arming terrorists! Stop murdering Syrians! Stop terrorizing our children!

Omar Odah Bashi is a child, who was a victim of the Al-Ghouta terrorists attacks on Ruken Al-Deen in Damascus on February 23rd. He joined his father to pray in the mosque, then after finishing the prayers, Omar joined his friends to play a football game in the street.

14 yr old Omar succumbed to his burns. There is no UNSCR condemning his murder.

A day before, the UN-backed terrorists were so proud of their new rocket missile they showed it off their social media pages.

This moderate rocket was fired into Damascus by France’s declared ‘legitimate opposition’ in Ghouta.

Then they fired it.

But against who?

Against Syrians who live in the same homeland with them? Against Syrians who supposed to be all like brothers and sisters! But for those terrorists with Saudi Wahhabi mentality; to kill Syrians is their paid work.  Omar and his friends were victims of this rocket!  Omar was burnt and his wounds were serious, but he resisted and survived almost for one week. Syrian TV interviewed his mother and Omar himself while he was in Damascus Al-Mojtahed hospital.

(Video also available on BitChute:

Omar’s mother told Syrian TV: Is It normal for a child like Omar who was filled with energy, who loved to play and to move, to say I will never get out of my room, I will never step out of our house?! He is scared now. Those terrorists terrorized him and his friends! Are those terrorists Syrians?  How could they launch missiles on other Syrians? They are monsters.  We ask our army to help us against them.  We miss peace!

Military service is mandatory in Syria. The Syrian Arab Army soldiers are the sons and daughters protecting their families from foreign, UN-backed terrorists.

Omar martyred on March 2, 2018!  Affected by his burns and wounds after he wished to see Syria shining like a moon and cleaned of terrorists! These were his words to the Syrian TV before he died.  Alert, but hardly he was moving his lips because he was breathing only by his mouth, and his eyes were closed, his face swollen and burnt!

This Syrian child Omar, on his deathbed, as worried about his friend Ahmad Dyraki. Ahmad was also injured and  in intensive care! Omar was worried about Ahmad’s leg!  Why should these children suffer through this horror?! Why does UN have no care and no respect for Syrian childhood when these children don’t live in areas controlled by terrorists funded by the west and the Gulfies dictatorships?

The Nusra White Helmets never mention such real children like Omar, and the mainstream media never show their audiences the real victims in Syria like Omar?! While all of them promote fake victims, or show children they have brutalized?

Nusra Helmets re-rescue same girl with matted hair. Yet these are the fotos shown by MSM & UN.

Meanwhile, the UN backed terrorists in Al-Ghouta open fire on civilians who try to leave AlGhouta by the humanitarian corridors which are supposed to be safe!  Two children, Fatima and her brother Hamza crossed this corridor to reach the Syrian Arab Army point to be safe however the terrorists shot their parents dead.

Syrian siblings Fatima & Hamza are now orphans, courtesy of the UN-backed terrorists of Al-Ghouta.

Fatima and Hamza are safe now and being under care of our army, unfortunately their parents were killed by AlGhouta terrorists!  More children made it to our army point under the fire of the terrorists! Sadly and against humanity that our children are being just a tool for the west to promote more war on Syria; the western media ignore the real victims, and show you the fake victims, emotional war pornography by the terrorists White Helmets.

Syrian children at Al-Wafideen, “camp of the arrivals,” free from UN backed terrorists of Al-Ghouta.

No worries when those White Helmets are just AlQaeda terrorists, funded by the CIA and MI6; so what is there to expect from them? Not the truth for sure! Same for the so-called Syrian American Medical Society whose fraudulent reports are used by the British, US, and French envoys to the UN.  They are paid to exchange the places of the victims and the terrorists and to accuse the Syrian government of atrocities that weren’t committed.  This NGO is also linked to the terrorists who are funded by Saudi Arabia and the west!

Criminal SCAMS shamelessly brags of being the main source for OPCW’s illicit report on Khan Sheikhoun

All of the P3 governments (France, UK, US) have bragged about arming and funding terrorists in Syria.  Then most of the General Assembly cries for the UN-backed terrorists when the Syrian government defends its citizenry from these horrific attacks.

Let’s not forget these tunnels from which the UN-backed terrorists fire their missiles on Damascus.  These tunnels protect the terrorists and provide a difficult target.  Again, the west claims that Al-Ghouta is under siege but don’t explain how these terrorists have all these deadly weapons and have been using them for more than 5 years.

These tunnels require heavy machinery to make, yet the terrorists have everything they need to commit their atrocities while the UN weeps they are ‘under siege.’
Cowardly UN-backed terrorists fire some of their deadly weapons into residential neighborhoods under the protection of these tunnels.

Omar RIP my child, hopefully, your last dream about Syria to be safe again will come true one day, before more children are killed! And you said it:  You are not going to leave your room again to avoid the terrorists’ missiles on the street.

You have the sky now my child!

— Afraa Dagher

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