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Al-Jaafari Calls for 29 Now 30 UN Resolutions to be Implemented


Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Al-Jaafari made another impassioned and clear statement at the UNSC after the passing of Resolution 2401.  Al-Jaafari reiterated the determination of Syrians to defeat terrorism, that they know who funds and supports the terrorists and they are not afraid to  confront the supporters who are taking a more direct role in the war on Syria.

This included the USA in the guise of the vile Nikki Haley.  “She threatened us and we’re threatening her  [Haley] Al-Ja’afari said. He spoke after UNSC Resolution 2401 had been passed, a resolution “demanding parties to Syria’s seven-year-long conflict to cease hostilities without delay for at least 30 consecutive days, ensuring a “durable humanitarian pause” to enable weekly humanitarian aid deliveries and medical evacuations of the critically sick and wounded.”

Note: A few days earlier, before Al-Jaafari started to speak the President of the UNSC said the Syrian Ambassador was “encouraged” to only speak for 5 minutes. Time constrictions were not placed on members of the Security Council who were condemning Syria. Al-Jaafari responded by saying he opposed this direction. Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia then stepped in and said a statement on such an important issue should not be limited. The President then said it was not a direction, but an encouragement. Having cleared that up, Al-Jaafari gave a 21-minute statement.

Note also that that before Al-Ja’afari even started to speak, Nikki Haley walked out of the room, just as her predecessor Samantha Power used to do.

Tweet to warmonger Haley from Executive Director, Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Al-Ja’afari started by saying Syria has taken seriously its commitments in de-escalation of the conflict. This is certainly true, as it worked closely to identify, organize and implement ceasefire areas across the country, despite its reservations that Turkey was a guarantor nation, complete with [illegal] troops on Syrian territory and its justified skepticism that the US, Israel, and their terrorist proxies would abide by the de-escalation agreements. Syria understood the benefits of de-escalation quieting and containing areas, allowing concentration of forces into fighting and finally defeating ISIS and Al-Qaeda and affiliated groups.

Terrorist groups committed to separating from ISIS Al-Qaeda. They didn’t, they used as an opportunity to re-organize and be re-armed by states that are practicing state-sponsored terrorism. Syria responds to violations with extreme self-restraint.

Statesman Al-Jaafari did the unprecedented at the UN: Punch the bully in the nose.

On East Ghouta Al-Ja’afari said violations by terrorist militias are repeated and serious. Car bombings, shelling, and targeting of military forces are ongoing. Al-Ja’afari said we are protecting our schools, our hospitals, our children.

Ponder on that for a minute.

Were Syria an ally of the criminal regimes seeking to carve up the country, this powerful statement would be repeated liberally throughout the mainstream media and by political leaders. Syria would be admired and supported in protecting its citizens. But in Syria, all we hear is barrel bombs, the bombing of schools and hospitals, and even more monstrous if true, that civilians are deliberately attacked.

Syrians of Damascus recently and moderately murdered by Haley’s’ Ghouta moderates.

Countering the fables of the White Helmets and the likes of the Syrian American Medical Society, “SAMS,” Al-Ja’afari said the government is receiving repeated appeals from citizens asking for protection for families, children, and schools against the actions of terrorist groups. Who to believe in the mutual claims of atrocities? As a beacon of secularism, co-existence, and proud nationalism my money is on the Syrian government. The claims of Wahabbist extremists who seek to impose a future sectarian hell on Syria should not be taken seriously, even if disguised behind, well presented, slick NGO propaganda fronts.

SAMS State Dept. favorite, making them definitely an enemy of Syria.

The government acts to defend civilian while taking measures to ensure the safety of civilians that terrorists have taken as hostage and use as human shields inside Eastern Ghouta. This is one of the reasons why the campaign to liberate the area has taken so long and has reached a stage of stalemate. The heavy arming and training of terrorists by states such as Saudi Arabia has resulted in them becoming formidable fighters, another reason they have proved hard to drive from East Ghouta. They have become established in the area, building tunnels and defensive systems which make the task vet harder and compels the Syrian forces to take even greater care when attacking terrorist targets. It is similar to Aleppo, where Syria and its allies worked to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible and to identify and specifically target military positions held by terrorist militias. This stands in stark contrast to the US, who entertained no such thought of a ceasefire in Raqqa and pummeled the city into oblivion with predictable high civilian death tolls and destruction occurring. After the so called “liberation” the dead still lie under the rubble, mines litter the landscape, services such as water are out of action and residents face a bleak future in trying to rebuild while under effective US occupation. To top it all off, the US and its HSD allies even entered into a secret deal with ISIS, where 4000 fighters and their families left the city in buses to fight the Syrian army in Deir Ezzor and be deployed elsewhere as needed. Thanks to the US and its allies ISIS lingers on, spread out across different parts of the country, with some even being integrated into so called militias under US control.

Al-Ja’afari spelled it out clearly that terrorists are holding civilians hostage in East Ghouta. He said that along with Russia, the government organized for the evacuation of civilians between 4 and 14 February. It goes without saying the terrorists rejected the plan. It also goes without saying that the military industrial complex media in the west were in snooze mode as they diligently avoided covering such inconvenient to their narrative news. Perhaps the US, its vassals and the mainstream media press service weren’t quite ready for the propaganda onslaught and were caught off guard by this move to rescue civilians.

The hyenas bark about women, except when terrorists cage them as human shields.

Al-Ja’afari bemoaned the fact that 8 million Syrian voices in Damascus under daily mortar and missile attacks, do not reach the UN or US. However he said the White Helmets voices do. The White Helmets, who are the new legitimate representatives of Al-Nusra. Here Al-Ja’afari excelled once again in exposing the rank hypocrisy, bias and lack of concern for the voices of Syrians among UN member states, as they elevate a foreign created, trained and funded “NGO” which acts in partnership with internationally recognized terrorists. Is it any wonder the Syrian government feels frustrated, dismayed and disgusted on behalf of its citizens at this inexcusable act of betrayal.

As US ambassador Nikki Haley waits impatiently for the next fabricated allegation of chemical attacks, —which will actually be carried out by terrorists coordinated with the White Helmets,— she can pounce on to justify further US-led aggression, Al-Ja’afari  said 8 million Syrians do not reach the General Secretariat or the mailboxes of the US, UK, and France, but the appeals of terrorists do reach them.

“We know who & we know where” –Russia warns of new plot to set off chemical attacks in Syria & blame Dr. Assad.

The Syrian ambassador pointed an accusatory finger and was understandably suspicious when he said a draft resolution was worked on for weeks behind the scenes by UN members without consultation with the Syrian government.

The humanitarian situation has been dominated by concern over a lack of consistent and sufficient aid into hard to reach and besieged areas. It paints a bleak picture of people suffering from ill health, injury, fear, and death. However, Al-Ja’afari said he received reports from the UN resident coordinator for Syria saying humanitarian aid had reached 2.3 million people in so-called hard to reach and besieged areas in 2017. Two days earlier Al-Ja’afari chastised Mark Lowcock the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, to reporters at the UN, telling them he either was unaware of humanitarian operations which are part of his portfolio or he was being deliberately misleading. Al-Ja’afari also explained humanitarian operations directed by the Syrian government in cooperation with aid agencies which do reach Syrians in need.

Of course, here we are not talking about the humanitarian assistance distributed with the authorization of the Syrian government by 13 international NGOs: ICRC alone, Syrian Red Cresent alone, the Syrian government alone… and counting on. This huge humanitarian assistance covers the needs of millions of Syrians and they are not provided by OCHA, they are provided by other entities and establishments working in Syria with the authorization of the Syrian Government.

Al-Ja’afari then in a reference to the habit of the UN being used as a results light talk fest said we need to stop looking at committees and chat forums. We have now passed 30 resolutions. It is time to stop paying lip service; it is time to implement them.

Moving on to the most ominous and threatening actions of the states, led by the US, which seeks to carve up Syria and ensure it remains in perpetual war, Al-Ja’afari said  ‘there is an illegal presence, a colonial presence of the USA  in Syria. We have the right to oppose that.”

Syria will have to oppose that, as the US has pumped billions into Syria via funding and arming terrorists, and is increasing that with its increasing presence. It intends staying permanently. There are a number of factors behind this, ranging from the so-called containment of Iranian influence, controlling oil and gas, confronting Russia in the new cold war, assisting Israel to weaken its neighbors and to keep a grip on unipolar power. The priority of these factors can be debated, but they are largely irrelevant to the people of Syria who must confront and thwart US plans. It will rely on trusted allies to do this, the same allies despised by the US and Israel.

Moving on to the scope of the ceasefire in relieving occupying powers of illusions it did not cover them—including the thoroughly dishonest Erdogan — Al-Ja’afari said the ceasefire needs to include Afrin, Deir Ezzor, and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. “This resolution must be implemented throughout the entire territory of Syria, including Afrin, including areas controlled by the United States, including the Golan [Heights],” Jaafari told the UN Security Council. The ceasefire should include the rogue leaders of Israel and Turkey too.

‘Erdogan thinks he’s a Caliph’~ Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad


Foreign terrorist Netanyahu meets with wounded foreign terrorists receiving free care on the illegally occupied Syrian Golan, February 2014.

As the site of potential large-scale fighting between Syrian forces and Turkey and their Free Syrian Army proxies, it is important that the heat is taken out of Afrin. Erdogan’s army has already shelled Syrian NDF militias as they entered Afrin to protect civilians and work in ensuring security and halting any further Turkish advances. Afrin plans going awry will give Erdogan food for thought on whether he should try to push on to Manbij. There the prospect of deliberate or accidental clashes with US forces awaits. As enticing as this is, Erdogan needs to be stopped in his tracks. The US occupation can be dealt with separately.

Al-Ja’afari turned his attention to clandestine meetings between the US, UK, and France which plot against and seek to divide Syria. He called for an end to such meetings and said the plotters had announced a plan to divide Syria within one year. It will only be possible to do that through intensified cooperation with terrorists, direct occupation and using Kurdish separatists, none of which is acceptable in the least to Syria.

While Nikki Haley said that Washington is “deeply skeptical” of the intention of Damascus to comply with the ceasefire, attention needs to be placed front and centre on the revelations of a secret plan to split Syria, which Al-Ja’afari alluded to in his remarks that there was a plan to “divide Syria within one year.”

In her colonialist hatred of Syria, Haley has done the impossible: She is Samantha Power on bath salts. Haley is the loudest propagandist on the chemical conspiracy against Syria.

The plans of the US/UK/France and their allies to essentially split Syria in half were detailed in a leaked meeting document from January in the Lebanese daily newspaper Al Akhbar. The article detailed plans to divide the country, sabotage the peace process in Sochi, manipulate Turkey into accepting Kurdish participation in the Geneva process which would become the only productive diplomatic forum, place Kurdish groups such as the HSD as guardians of North Eastern parts of the country on behalf of their US masters, sideline Russia and Iran and ultimately remove Bashar Al-Assad from power.

The realization of the imperialist 21st-century neo-colonial style Sykes-Picot plan to divide Syria will be greatly assisted by the fact the US has doubled its number of bases illegally in Syria from 10 to 20. These are not the plans of a country which just wants to “defeat ISIS” and leave.

The real intentions of the US to entrench a long-term occupation of Syria are apparent in statements made by CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel to the US House Armed Services Committee.

CBS News, one of the many virtual press services to the Pentagon reported Votel as saying:

Russia is seeking to counter U.S. diplomatic influence by stoking conflict in Syria even as it portrays itself as an arbiter in the civil war, the top American general in the Middle East said Tuesday in notably pointed criticism of Moscow. “I’m being very serious when I say they play the role of both arsonist and fireman – fueling tensions and then trying to resolve them in their favor,” Army Gen. Joseph Votel told the House Armed Services Committee.

Votel also claimed Russia plays an “incredibly destabilizing role” in Syria, manipulating friend and foe alike to pursue its own interests. A classic case of projection would be harder to find. Votel, his fellow ranking generals and the rest of the military industrial complex firmly believe they will “stabilize” Syria by a long term occupation predicated on the removal of Assad. As a meagre concession they may have come to accept they will not be able to remove him in the brutal way their mercenaries did to Muammar Gaddafi.


The Alloush bros, the terrorists Votel would like to see running Syria. Sorry, Zahran is dead so you’ll have to settle for Mohammed.


Slanderous accusations in a diplomatic forum of killing civilians deliberately, gassing people, hitting schools and hospitals, threats of red lines, cruise missiles launched after eating chocolate cake, attacking Syrian Arab Army forces with air strikes as they advance against ISIS and even in September 2016 as ISIS threatened to overrun Deir Ezzor, breaking a much-touted ceasefire in the process. Saying Assad must go and there is no future in Syria with him as leader, cozying up to opposition groups, directly and indirectly arming terrorists. Reflecting on the reality of these facts, can there be any doubt this is the US plan? In truth, it is a compromised position.

Without determined resistance of the heroic Syrian Arab Army and the backing of allies such as Hezbollah, Iran and Russia, the conquering of Syria would have been a walk in the park. A stroll that is as far as removing Assad forcefully within quick time as happened in Iraq, but the US would have certainly found itself in a quagmire of fierce Syrian resistance mirroring the mess they created in Iraq and Afghanistan. General Votel said the other day Russia likes to play arsonist and firefighter. An apt description (and plagiarized and distorted one, as Al-Jaafari has on many occasions stated one cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time), but only applied to the US in numerous countries across the planet.

Comments on the statement of Mark Lowcock, one of the Deep State Hyenas that foster ill intent toward Syria are included below as an example of the bias at the UN and as his remarks and sentiments were dissected and debunked by Al-Jaafari in his UN statement.

Lowcock said the imperative to defeat terrorists does not override the humanitarian obligation of protecting civilians. In other words, hands off East Ghouta and best of luck in dodging bombs from the terrorists. Lowcock, who has the archaic title of “Sir” preceding his name, has obviously worked for the interests of certain groups, but the title he would receive from Syrians based on this performance would be a lot less complimentary.

He then went on to say reports said at least 346 civilians had been killed in February. He called Eastern Ghouta “hell on earth” adding his name to a long list of the selectively outraged who coin clever phrases to add dramatic impact to a war that doesn’t actually need such rhetoric to communicate the horrors endured by Syrians for seven long years. Lowcock said 300 people had died in recent days and recounted graphic examples of killings and damage in East Ghouta. Lowcock said thousands of messages had been received on instant messaging applications.  As noted in SyriaNews on 28 February, Lowcock was “undisturbed by the anomaly that so many were able to contact him, personally, despite draconian sanctions and internet instability.” As sources in terrorist held areas of Syria have proven to be impeccable in their lack of reliability, the veracity of these reports is open to question.

Lowcock, left. Fascinating how some job descriptions do not change. In the middle ages English, the lowcock was the guy who swept dung for the landed gentry.

Lowcock went on to give a fleeting mention, almost as an afterthought that Damascus had been the target of the terrorist bombing, however, failed to give examples, thereby downplaying the gravity of the situation.

Not a word was said by Lowcock on the holding of hostages in East Ghouta. To exclude this from his remarks is a dereliction of his duty and can’t be said to be anything but deliberately suppressing certain perspectives while enthusiastically promoting others. Lowcock has a duty to report on this allegation to provide balance and air the grievances of the Syrian government at the UN. Doing so would also place the terrorist groups under the microscope, as the claims would lead to a deeper, more open examination of who they really are. If we compare to Mosul, the contrast is like chalk and cheese. There we repeatedly heard of ISIS holding hostages, using human shields and shooting at people as they tried to flee. Lowcock didn’t even have the dignity to enter that territory (speaking, instead, on the ground in Geneva), which if he had, would totally transform the picture we are being presented with as a one-sided slaughter. In the case of Israel’s murderous assaults on Gaza, this is very much the case. It is not the case at all in East Ghouta, where Islamist extremists perch menacingly on the doorstep of the capital city of Damascus (as of Wednesday, almost 2,200 mortars and missiles had hit its neighborhoods, fired by moderates of Ghouta). By omission, Lowcock reinforces the dangerous and highly inaccurate view that the terrorists are rebels and honorable ones at that who are fighting a barbaric regime.

Lowcock went on to say humanitarian aid deliveries have drastically dropped in 2018. He said the UNSC can still save many lives in Syria. It can certainly play a part, but to do so it should align with its member nation, Syria and reject the falsehood of terrorists really being moderate rebels leading a revolution for freedom.  Al-Jaafari asked why the UN ignored reports from OCHA in Damascus.

Lowcock finished off by saying that earlier in the week UNICEF issued a blank statement explaining that no words could do justice to the families losing their children and their loved ones in Syria. Lowcock pulled another sleight of hand by leaving the impression such a position of helplessness and despair is focused on people in East Ghouta and not across Syria as a whole.

Al-Jaafari has previously reported that all 23 million Syrians are besieged.

It’s about 23 million Syrians besieged, by economic sanctions, by terrorists crossing from Turkey, from Jordan, from Iraq. This is the reality. The whole Syrian people are besieged.

— Paul Mansfield

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