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NATO Proxies Exchange Shelling in Ain Issa, north Syria, 2 Civilians Killed

Erdogan terrorists shelling Ain Issa Northern Raqqa Countryside

At least 2 civilians were killed and two others injured in shelling by missiles of the city of Ain Issa in the northern countryside of Raqqa province, in the north of Syria, on Saturday, the 28th of November.

The shelling was carried out by an anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Turkish-sponsored terrorist heavily armed group under the name of ‘National Army’.

The wounds of one of the injured civilians were described as severe and his condition is critical.

Spying drones of the different factions engaged in the shelling flew over the city.

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Other sources from the town of Saida in the Ain Issa region reported at least 3 other civilians injured, two of them are children, in the shelling against the small town, a number of the houses were damaged in the heavy artillery shelling, the sources added.

Turkish Erdogan’s terrorists claim they are fighting the Kurdish separatist SDF militiamen, who are sponsored by the NATO wing of the USA, Germany, and France, mainly, in the city.

Locals started fleeing the town as seen in pictures circulated by ‘activists’ of Erdogan’s radical terrorists.

In related news, the attacks on the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist armed militias continue in the northern Syrian provinces, 2 more were killed in separate attacks in the past 24 hours, and one more was killed by himself while planting a landmine.

A US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist militiaman was killed while planting a landmine near his group’s checkpoint in the vicinity of Ain Issa, in the northern countryside of Raqqa province, northern Syria.

Local sources confirmed the news and added that the militiaman was torn up in the explosion and died on the spot.

In the Al Hol (Hawl) concentration camp for Syrian civilians and families of ISIS terrorists run by Trump forces and their Kurdish proxies, one of the Kurdish SDF militiamen was eliminated by an unknown armed group. The militiaman was shot dead in the ‘4th section’ of the camp which is located to the east of the city of Hasakah, in the northeast of Syria.

Another SDF militiaman was killed in an ambush targeting a vehicle of the Kurdish separatists on the Khurafi Road south of Hasakah. Unknown armed men fired rounds of bullets from machineguns at the vehicle killing the militiaman.

Muslim Brotherhood terrorists working for the Turkish madman Erdogan and Kurdish SDF separatists working for the USA and the western European NATO countries are trying to carve out large swaths of Syrian territories in the northern provinces of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Hasakah, and the northern countryside of Aleppo, in a blatant and flagrant breach of Syria’s sovereignty, the United Nations Charter, and the UNSC relevant resolutions, namely UNSC Resolution 2254 which the NATO member states dominating the UNSC are rabidly pushing to implement one of its articles calling for a ‘political outcome of the Syrian crisis’ while ignoring every other article of the resolution and all other UNSC relevant resolutions.

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