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Congress Supremacists Remind White House of Regime Change Doctrine in Syria

US Congress White House Regime Change Doctrine in Syria

The US supremacist members of Congress are at it, again. While mass poverty takes hold of our populations, homelessness increases, food and water shortages are on the rise, along with an increase in the hideous wave of violent crimes in every city, our arrogant and over-paid rabid dogs of war have chosen this dark time to toss tax monies into more opportunities to destroy other people’s countries, instead of rebuilding our own.

In back-to-back taxpayer-funded episodes of smarmy self-aggrandizement, Congress members Ted Deutch and French Hill again stood on the terra firma of colonial western supremacy and lied as though they were paid bonuses for each (Deutch played a two-fer, so perhaps he should get double bonuses).

Syria News reminds our readers that politicians, diplomats, and journalists who engage in warmongering propaganda against other countries, are all indictable under Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter, crimes against peace.

Please note that this report contains some graphic images.

Congressman Deutch is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, sister to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The alleged mandate of these siblings on the Hill is foreign affairs, and their alleged relationship to US national security.

Both spend US taxpayer monies in frequent, phony erudite meetings regarding how to crush non-NATO countries in humanitarian regime change operations that enrich that military industrial complex. These meetings generally require the flying in of celebrity warmongers, at taxpayer expense, and of course with the assistance of taxpayer-funded NGO’s created for the purpose of sounding objective whilst reading from a State Department script. These are the goals of certain members of Congress, while Americans increasingly go hungry and homeless.

To grasp the full degeneracy of some of our illustrious politicians, one need look no farther than the reintroduction of the Menendez-Rubio Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking of Cuban Doctors. This bipartisan outrage seeks to re-establish “the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program in order to permit eligible Cuban doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals and their immediate families to come to the United States,” though it sounds a bit like an effort to steal highly skilled Cuban physicians and professional nurses.

In the early 2000s, a prominent US hospital in the northeast hired several nurses from the Philippines, for short-term employment. They were met at the airport by security, and brought to live in a former dormitory for student nurses, and had their passports confiscated. They remained under armed guards who escorted them from the dorm to work their shifts, and return them to their imprisonment. A few months in, one of the Filipina nurses felt comfortable enough to ask a co-worker if everyone at the hospital knew they were being kept prisoners. The co-worker immediately contacted appropriate law enforcement, which secured their release. Local news emitted a blurb about it; no criminal went to jail, and it remains unknown if the captives were even paid before being put on a plane back home.

Coincidentally, around the same time, in another state, the CEO of another hospital greeted over 80 LPNs, LVNs, and nursing assistants with the announcement that they were all fired (and immediately had armed security escort them out). This genius had decided to hire a couple dozen Filipina professional nurses to do the work of 80, and at less pay than the LVN’s received (no prisoners in that one, as it turned out there was a local law prohibiting such ‘recycling of labor,’ and instead of re-hiring the shamelessly fired staff, he hired travelers, at about three times staff pay, and ended up not paying the company running the travelers.

Congress member Ted Deutch (D-FL) has an impressive political bio in the House, which includes — please do not laugh — Chair of the Ethics Committee, senior membership of the Judiciary Committee, and Chair of the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism Subcommittee of the HFAC.

Congress member Deutch is even on the ethics committee.
Congress member Deutch is known for smiling.

Given his many committee chairs, his multitude of errors in his rapid-speech prelude to the introduction of the US ambassador to the UN to the 16 June HFAC meeting, would have been shocking, were it not for the knowledge that only the most rabid dogs of war, known for barking crimes against peace, ascend to these chairs.

Congress member Deutch broke record for lies.
The Congress member immediately jumped in with the demand to Sykes-Picot Syria.

The affability and ‘sense of humor’ for which he is reportedly known, were missing, as he confused Syria with the United States, in the standard war criminal mantra about Syria’s president gassing and bombing his people.

Syria News reminds Deutch that it was US President Bill Clinton who ‘bombed his people,’ murdering 83, on 19 April 1993, in Waco, Texas, which is not in Syria. We again remind him that it was American Mayor Wilson Goode, who ‘bombed his people,’ on Osage Avenue, in Philly, which is also in the United States, and not in Syria.

Taking the risk of deflating Deutch’s white savior complex boner, we also remind the phony humanitarian that it was the lies of Americans and Brits that destroyed Iraq — in all western supremacy glory of spreading the democracy seeds about the world; that Libya was turned to a land mass for al Qaeda via the P2 playing Pontius Pilate at the UN, that it was the US that turned al Raqqa, a city of 800,000 civilians, into rubble; that Homs was destroyed by the terrorists the US disgustingly call “freedom fighters” (and whose refinery was bombed with the help of CNN); that the heinous massacre in Rashidin could not have happened without NATO weapons, which do not fall from like manna from the heavens; that there was no chemical attack in Douma, just mass kidnappings and mass murders (cache of photos courtesy of the human garbage, here) and terrorists screaming chemical weapons to give the Trump regime, and its criminal cohorts, the May regime, and the Macron regime, the cover story for its selfless humanitarian war crimes against Syria.

A glimpse at moderates funded by terrorists in Congress.
A glimpse of the moderates given bipartisan support by unindicted war criminals in Congress.

Perhaps the HFAC and/or Menendez and Rubio, in their concern over human trafficking, might spend a few of our tax dollars to explain how the little kidnapped Syrian girl, sadoerotically FX’d with moulage trauma artistry, whose photo was taken by Abo Doumany via AFP/Getty, in a fake hospital in Douma, 22 August 2015 — and shared around the world — somehow turned up in Yemen, quite recently, in the same clothing but now stripped half-naked for the child pervert audience, trying to calm a kidnapped boy, also traumatized in hideous make-up, but this degenerate photo was taken by Khaled al Mortada, for the Middle East Eye.

In the collective American supremacy obsession with the final solution against the SAR, the crushing of the Levantine republic’s sovereignty via borders run by the NATO klan, Deutch showed his flagrant disregard for the UN Charter (nobody on Capitol Hill can be as ignorant as he pretends) and that its resolutions require at least one yes vote even if four others abstain (as seen in UNSCR 2504, when France voted yes, and the US, UK, Russia, and China abstained). He also spewed the idiocy that Russia keeps poisoning emigres and insect exterminators with a substance Brit ‘experts’ claim is more lethal than the neurotoxin VX . Inexplicably, he did not notice the Keystone Kops failures, and he did not mention the two pathetically unlucky Brit homeless dumpster divers for cigarette butts.

But then, neither did OPCW head Fernando Arias, who also attempted to give credibility to the absurdly failed poisonings, when he addressed one of the never-ending anti-Syria, ‘Syria files’ monthly meetings.

For him, and other phony ignoramuses engaged in war propaganda, demanding full access to someone else’s country in order to ship more arms to al Qaeda in Idlib, the author provides a reality check on the criminal lie that Russia is magically starving the Syrian people:

The passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014) allowed for foreign entities to deliver alleged “humanitarian” goods via corridors not explicitly opened by Syria. It was quickly celebrated when around 50 children were killed by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey. It was renewed via UNSCR 2393 (2017), followed by 2449 (2018), and then a six-month compromise via 2504 (2020) which was rolled over into 2533 (2020) for another year. Any member of the P5 could have refused the Syria-excluded compromise; instead, the colonialist P3 persist in clamoring for the reopening of other imperial corridors, obsessively, Yarubiyah — breaches of sovereignty that none would tolerate against their own countries.

For those who do not remember the war crime of the poisoned measles vaccines delivered from Turkey, that murdered about 50 Syrian children, shortly after the passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014), here is a short explanation:

Rabid dogs of war in congress lie about everything.
Never forget. Soon after the criminal passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014), humanitarian aid from Turkey included poisoned measles vaccines which murdered upwards of 50 Syrian children throughout Idlib, “the largest al Qaeda haven since 9/11.”

Prior to returning to his affable demeanor in introducing the US’s ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the esteemed member of Congress arrogantly whined about “human rights abuses” (in non-NATO countries, of course. No western politician has ever uttered a word of condemnation when the little French frog Macron went on an enucleation and other maiming campaigns against the Gilets Jaunes.); and saber-rattled against China, Cuba, and — bien sûr — Venezuela.

Venezuela is a particular thorn in the side of American supremacists occupying The Hill. The multimillion dollar coup attempt has failed, along with the rerun of Operation Ajax

The assassination attempt against President Maduro failed.

Though King Trump flew up his presidential appointee — at taxpayer expense — to the State of the Union Address, where he received a bipartisan standing ovation, traitor Guiado returned home to get beat up at the airport, by a crowd of very angry Venezuelans, and who had to be rescued by security (that is, the security of the ‘Maduro regime’).

A coup attempt by an ”ex” Green Beret failed, and an invasion by sea, of various wetworkers, Colombian terrorists and a DEA agent was thwarted by a group of vigilant Venezuelan pescadores.

The embarrassingly idiotic plot to fly Colombian terrorists into Texas as fake Syrians was so humiliatingly Keystone Kops that the news never made it past CNN Español.

Congress member Deutch — apparently oblivious to Israel having bragged about providing al Qaeda / ISIS with state of the art trauma care, in the occupied Golan — attempted to go fire and brimstone over his myopic claim that the United Nations is unfairly hostile to the US’s welfare queen in the Levant, and profusely thanked Thomas-Greenfield for her undying loyalty to someone else’s country.

Congress loves Israel.
Congress member Deutch reaffirmed unwavering support of the country that Sen. Biden said the US would have to invent, if it did not already exist.

Alas, even the most altruistic of the humanitarian bastards must have certain limits. Congress member Deutch’s could only extend to breaching Syria’s national sovereignty and feeding al Qaeda/ISIS in Idlib. It could not be stretched to even declare Syrians have an inherent right not to be beheaded, kidnapped, raped, paraded around in jail-trucks, brutalized in other fashions, murdered while enjoying a day in the park, for the right of pregnant Syrian women not to be murdered by having their babies cut from their wombs by skilled Mengele hands — or even to rescind the criminal Caesar Act psyop, the criminal law that could not be passed until it was attached to the renewal of the fascist NDAA.

Senior congress member of HFUC returned to his reportedly affable self, claiming to be thrilled to have Thomas-Greenfield address this congressional meeting. The two then played the game of by their lies, they flattered be. Deutch thanked her “for [her] deep commitment for restoring US leadership in the international community,”

Mercifully, neither in her opening statement to HFAC, nor in the six-minute video clip shared by both, did the UN ambassador return to her absurd mantra that the US is back; the US war criminals never left: The Biden regime has continued Trump’s war criminal bombing of Syria; the Biden regime has not removed American military criminals in the S.A.R., but has continued use these illegals to loot Syria’s grain silos and to steal Syria’s oil. Though the Trump regime went solo in bombing Syria on 7 April 2017, per the request of a Brit terrorist in Idlib (Shajul Islam, the undoctor interviewed by ”fake news CNN,” an illegal once on trial for terrorism in his motherland of ‘Great Britain’) this war crime was supported by France and the UK. One year later, Trump lead May and Macron in bombing Syria for al Qaeda in Douma.

The insidious claim that there is some mystical improvement in the US status as world leader is a lie, and the Goebbels claim notwithstanding, repeating a lie does not magically turn it into a truth.

Thomas-Greenfield, like her ugly predecessors, has visited the Syria-Turkey border, to wail fake humanitarian tears, to stand in alliance with NATO criminal Turkey, to engage in photographic opportunity.

Her claim to Congressman Deutch, “I’m also appalled that we have to sit next to some of the world’s worst human rights abusers when we’re sitting in the Council” is especially repulsive. The only difference between her and predecessors Haley and Craft is the appearance of polish and classiness, lacking in the other two.

What is really appalling is that a non-politician/non-diplomat must give a rudimentary lesson to both: UNSCR 1566 (2004) considers “criminal acts, including against civilians, committed with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury, or taking of hostages, with the purpose to provoke a state of terror in the general public or in a group of persons or particular persons, intimidate a population or compel a government…to do or abstain from doing any act” as within the description of terrorism

Since the NATO Spring inflicted against Syria in 2011, none of the unindicted war criminal US ambassadors to the United Nations has been worthy of even cleaning dog sh*t from the bottom of the shoe of a real diplomat.

Thomas-Greenfield’s call for an end to “systemic racism” is fraudulent. Systemic racism can never be cured while western systemic supremacy is given legitimacy.

The next day, the arrogant, imperial, congress member again flaunted his criminal colonial world view, by proclaiming the Iranian election as a “sham,” in an impotent attempt to demean and diminish the will of the Iranian people. The western supremacist tenaciously clings to his psycho-sexual Freudian neuroses, including super savior of those he actually considers his underlings, or he truly finds non-westerners not worshipping at the feet of the NATO false idols as inferior beings. Though most Persians are not Arabs, most are Muslim. Perhaps he hates them for being non-NATO, for being Muslims.

A similar, snickering denigration of a group of Persian Jews who went to the home of the murdered General Soleimani, to sit shiva with his family members ran like wildfire through NATO stenographer journalism, and also in the media of NATO’s best friend in the Levant.

The con of some members of congress creating bloated task forces for the purpose of pimping for the Military-Industrial-Complex but under the auspices of Orwellian humanitarianism has been done before. Short-term media darling Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) made a similar colonialist attempt with Congress member Brendon Boyle (D-PA) in June 2017. It was perversely called the Free, Stable, and Democratic Syria Caucus, initiated at the time that Syria was about to liberate Dara’a from various sects of al Qaeda, including the White Helmets who helped to mutilate the corpses of martyred Syrian Arab Army soldiers. Kinzinger had previously sat at a table in Turkey, with an assortment of armed terrorists against Syria, including Abdul Jabar Akaidi, who referred to ISIS as “our brothers” (video of interview in which the moderate terrorist made the statement, here).

We have seen the imperial supremacy of Congressman Deutch; let us now take a short look at his dear, bipartisan cohort, Congressman French Hill, of Arkansas.

Hill has a long-standing hatred for Syria, including for the recent Biden regime bombing, that resulted in the murder of one child, and injury of others. His office door is always opened to fake Syrian defector ”Caesar” — who has been living in terror since he arrived in the US, but has overcome his terror and made the rounds throughout The Hill, the UN, the Holocaust Museum, CNN interviews, and who still requires a taxpayer-funded translator — and to a contortionist who lies that he was tortured for years.

Hill supports a strange little Arkansas-based charity that funds a group in al Qaeda haven, Idlib, that ridiculously lies about running a nursing school, and that has shown itself to have Epstein-like proclivities involving little Syrian girls. Requests to Congress member Hill to investigate the ‘charity’ have gone unanswered, as has a request to investigate a disturbing pattern of VAERS death data in an Arkansas nursing home.

The Arkansas-based ‘charity’ is not actually a charity, as it does not have 501(c) charitable status. It accepts donations via the State Department-approved, taxpayer-funded, alleged NGO, the anti-Syria, Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF). The executive director of the SETF is Mouaz Moustafa, who previously founded the anti-Libya, Libyan Emergency Task Force, despite not being Libyan. 

In September 2013, the SETF was part of a short-lived coalition that called on Congress to use the “rare occasion” of terrorists’ use of chemical weapons in al Ghouta, to blame on the Syrian government, and to “punish” the republic. Upon rudimentary investigation of this warmongering coalition, some had no website, and the SETF somehow opened up to the Torah Academy of Boca Raton.

The warmongering coalition pretty much collapsed after various unknown members were interviewed by various US media, cheering the State Department’s decision to halt His Excellency Bashar al Jaafari’s successful cross-country Town Hall meetings by restricting his movement to 25 miles/40 kilometers radius from the United Nations.

Moustafa was Senator John McCain’s translator when he criminally entered the SAR to meet with kidnappers and other terrorists, including Salim Idris, a supporter of Jabhat al Nusra. He was Kinzinger’s translator in Turkey, at the meeting which included Akaidi, “brother” to ISIS.

Some congress members continue to support the fake Caesar.
He is also the translator of fake Caesar., though in this CNN 8 October 2019 interview, Mustapha talks, but does not translate.

We do not know how much it costs American taxpayers to give the translator his salary, nor how much taxpayers spend on funding a non-governmental organization that sounds just like our State Department, but we do know Hill’s net worth. According to USA Today, it is $3.2 million (in the state of Arkansas, the median income in 2019 was $25,759).

The bipartisan Congress members met for a press conference on 17 June, to announce the formation of the imperial Congressional Task Force on American Hostages and Americans Wrongfully Detained Abroad.

That not only was there zero news of the press conference, but that Deutch tweeted nothing about it, and of which Hill tweeted a lone photograph, suggests something — possibly nefarious — might be simmering on the back burner.

Whatever the plot for the bipartisan — and waste of taxpayer money — Congressional Task Farce on American Hostages and Americans Wrongfully Detained Abroad may be, it is based on the Robert Levinson Hostage Recovery and Hostage-Taking Accountability Act, which Republican Hill claimed was Democrat Deutch’s legislation that was “signed into law last December.”

There are two “Levinson” bills in the Senate, and one in Congress, all with the same name and text. Senator Menendez introduced S. 712 on 4 March 2019, and S. 5074 on 19 December 2020, and Deutch introduced the House version 7 March 2019. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee cheered the senate’s passage of S. 712 on 16 June 2020, and celebrated the anticipated passage of S. 5074, two days after its introduction.

According to the dot gov websites which show the texts, there was no passage in the House, nor signature by the president; perhaps it was shoved in the back door, as was the stagnant Caesar Act, which was monkey-dung flung in with the renewal of the fascist NDAA in 2019. In March, the State Department claimed the bill to be “newly passed,” yet the normal mechanism that show when a bill is signed into law, remains elusive.

Given that Congress member Hill has not taken the time to investigate the charity that piggybacks its fundraising to the SETF non-governmental whose scripts sound written by the State Department, the charity that funds men hidden in burkhas painting little girls in garish make up, and given he has not investigated the Arkansas nursing home in which six patients died from COVID after getting the EUA, perhaps he might find the time to confirm if the bill was, indeed, signed into law.

The rather short text of the bill/law is unabashedly arrogant in its supremacist span. The rabid dogs of war on Capitol Hill will decide — based on likely paid credibility, from the taxpayer pocket, also likely — if a US national has been detained; if he is innocent; if the hypothetical detention is related to US citizenry; if the fictional detainee were deprived US Constitutional rights in a foreign country (most of which US citizens in the US, have been deprived since 9/11’s Orwellian Patriot Act, and worsened during the last sixteen months of the COVID pandemic); if ”independent nongovernmental organizations or journalists have raised legitimate questions about the innocence of the detained individual” (this is especially interesting when it comes to the incestuous relationship of warmongers, NGO’s given 501(c) status and then used by stenographers to further warmonger); if the supremacists have decided the country in which the hypothetical detention took place is very very bad about “corruption” and “human rights.” This US law will dictate also of the spook — er, detainee — has been detained contrary to the laws of the country that has hypothetically done the detaining.

The US president will appoint a “Special Envoy for Hostage Affaris” (because the USA does not already have a glut of taxpayer-funded special envoys to warmonger against non-NATO countries with which we have severed diplomatic relations), will engage in more illicit sanctions (despite every member state of the UN knowing that sanctions require the passage of a Security Council resolution), in addition to other punitive conditions based on the Kafkaesque whims of our dogs of war.

Surely that which will most delight the increasingly impoverished American taxpayer is the Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell, which will bring together the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, the DoD, Treasury, The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and other assortments as decreed by the US president.

All of these groups will be involved in the search for the little man upon the stair, the little man who was not there.

Neither the Senate nor the Congress have affixed a price tag to this addition to imperial and costly regime change; when it comes to the opus operatus of the racket of war, the piggy bank is always full, no matter how many buildings collapse at home, no matter how largely increased are the numbers of homeless.

The pompous Act for which the bipartisan Congress members have launched an absurd Task Force is named for Robert Levinson. A former FBI and DEA agent on an “unauthorized” CIA mission, he was abducted after allegedly entering the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a “private contractor,” according to the FBI website, which reported he was being held somewhere in “Southwest Asia.”

In a 2011 video released by the FBI, the “loving father of seven” stated: “I need the help of the United States government to answer the requests of the group that has held me for three and one-half years…thirty-three years of service to the United States deserves something” — perhaps something a bit more than his government deploying him on an illegal op, blaming it on the wrong country, and using his metaphorical bloody shirt to propagandize against the wrong country, more than a bloviated “task force” to further warmonger?

Update 22 August: The video that had been online since 2011 has been removed or put under ‘private’ settings sometime after the publication of this report.

Congress member Hill’s announcement of the press conference announcing the preposterous task force — that got no press coverage — began with the unsubstantiated allegation that “former Arkansas resident” Madj Kam-Almaz has been “detained” in Syria since 2017.

According to CNN and 501(c)(3) HeartMath (“at the dawn of recognizing Love as the new transformational intelligence”), Kam-Almaz is a psychotherapist humanitarian diabetic with other “health issues,” whose humanitarian work has involved US youth behavioral centers, Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia, and refugees in Greece, Tunisia, Kosovo, Bosnia.

Kam-Almaz checked on “the condition of refugees” in “Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan” and “conducted several training programs in these areas” before settling in Lebanon to care for about 11,000 refugees with “50,000 needs assessments,” some with enuresis, living in crowded tents, until he went to “check on elderly relatives with health problems” in Damascus and also pay a condolence call, after checking that he was not on “any watch list,” and then allegedly disappeared at a checkpoint.

Bien sûr.

The USA — NATO capo di tutti capi — deploys spooks (and uber humanitarians, so altruistic that surely they were dispatched by the ancient gods of Olympus) into countries it wishes to destroy, arrogantly attempts to hold those countries responsible for abductions, real or imagined, grants its own corrupt courts jurisdiction that does not exist in international law, and then uses criminal adjudication as the basis for increasing war propaganda, war crimes, and looting of countries marked for regime change.

Bipartisan Congress members Hill and Deutch have remained anemic over their supremacist task force for regime change — though Deutch tweeted as though he had received a half a unit of packed red blood cells in demand that other members of Congress “spare no effort persuading reluctant Council members to follow the advice [of NATO regime change klansmen and US taxpayer-funded regime change NGO’s]” in extending UNSCR 2533 (2020) and to return to UNSCR 2165 (2014) so that the al Qaeda haven in Idlib will continue to have NATO weapons and other essentials of daily life.

It does not matter that Deutch got the date of the Security Council meeting wrong, given that he has flaunted American exceptionalism in feigning ignorance of US supporting terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic — despite ironclad evidence at his fingertips.

In 2013, US terrorist inciter/false diplomat Robert Ford spent time with al Qaeda ‘rebel’ Okaidi, who spent time with ISIS terrorist and Abu Bakr (Baghdadi) friend, Abu Jandal, at the terrorist-occupied Menagh military base, post massacre of Syrian Arab Army soldiers defending their homeland against al Qaeda terrorists, after which he sat with Kinzinger who is now co-signing letters to expand US war crimes in Syria.

As we await today’s outcome of the anti-Syria Security Council meeting — which is closed to the public — our rabid dogs of war in Congress begin to growl, and salivate…for more Syrian blood.

Miri Wood

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