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Al Qaeda Spokesperson in Idlib Among the Terrorists Killed Yesterday

Al Qaeda Commander and Spokesperson Abu Khaled Shami (Jisreen) Killed in Ablin, Idlib

Al Qaeda commander and spokesperson in Idlib Abu Khalid Shami was among the terrorists killed in yesterday’s Syrian Army’s strike in the southern Idlib countryside.

Abu Khalid Shami (nickname, aka Abu Khalid Jisreen) was among 10 other terrorists killed in the military operation yesterday morning by the Syrian military on the ground in Idlib and the Syrian and Russian air forces targeting several fortifications and gatherings for the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant) in several towns and villages in southern Idlib countryside.

This terrorist comes from the town of Jisreen in eastern Ghouta in the Damascus countryside, he refused to join the reconciliation efforts and drop his weapons, even if the state would drop all charges against him, he knew very well there’s a lot of innocent blood spilled by his hands and the private rights which no amnesty can waive and the need for the relatives to avenge for their loved ones killed by this ghoul made him choose a delayed killing over the faster one had he chose to remain in Ghouta.

In the above picture, the terrorist Abu Khalid Shami receiving US journalist Martin Smith who illegally entered Syria met with commanders of a terrorist group and presented them as wolves in lambs’ clothing.

The vehicle carrying this terrorist and his group received a direct artillery shell from the Syrian Arab Army’s post several kilometers away as he was heading to the town of Ablin in Idlib’s southern countryside.

Al Qaeda spokesperson Abu Khalid Shami was part of an intensive effort by the Pentagon and the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan to whitewash the Nusra Front (Jabhat Nusra, HTS) to be the moderate face of the ‘freedom fighters’, it’s currently on the list of designated terrorist organizations by the United Nations Security Council and receives enormous support directly from Turkey and indirectly from other NATO member states, especially Britain, France, Belgium, and Germany.

UK-funded White Helmets always with Nusra Front -Al Qaeda Levant
UK-funded White Helmets always with Nusra Front -Al Qaeda Levant – Source

Several previous attempts by the Pentagon and its propagandists to rebrand this terrorist organization to evade its members from being designated as terrorists failed, each time this terrorist organization gets a new name the new name gets listed on the list of designated terrorist groups at the UNSC, thanks to the efforts of the Syrian, Russian, and Chinese missions at the United Nations.

So far, this is the only named terrorist commander revealed by his colleagues who mourned him in statements and social media posts throughout yesterday.

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