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Channel 4 – White Helmets Collaboration: Britain’s Propaganda Package to Destroy Syria

Channel 4 has outdone itself in war criminal propaganda against Syria. Giddy over its Bafta Award for fraudumentary, greedy to win an Oscar, and arrogant enough to attempt to inflict emotional blackmail on the UN, it has released one of the most ludicrous videos since the foreign war of terror was unleashed on the Syrian Arab Republic in 2011.

The video was shot in August 2019 but seems to have been kept on the back burner, for an emergency situation, like the one that is happening now: Syria is liberating Every Inch of itself from foreign-owned criminally insane savages. The smarm and the filth of this one were so viscous that even Jon “Velvet Throat” Snow — of last summer’s buffoonish Who You Gonna Believe, Us or Your Lyin’ Eyes infamy — sat out this jewel.

Shamelessly titled Incredible rescue of baby left behind in hospital after Syria bombing, it grotesquely insults mothers and health care professionals and those with any semblance of intelligence (excepting, of course, the emotional porn voyeurs and the peak colonialists who feel pious feeling said for them, over there.

Channel 4’s latest sham begins with an attractive panoramic view of what it claims to be the Al-Iman Maternity Hospital, in the middle of nowhere. The edifice is huge, enormous enough to have been an allied health sciences university hospital covering every system in the human body. But the camera pan shows no evidence of it ever having actually been a hospital; in fact, it simply looks like an old, huge, abandoned building.

Whatever it may have been, it does not look like it was aerial bombed, six times, after 0100, according to the somber Channel 4 voice-over (as the video cuts off before the apparent voice-over dude says, this is so-and-so, reporting from such-and-such, the author will simply refer to him as “VO Dude” throughout this report.).


Channel 4 ‘ VO Dude — as is the wont — immediately and ominously declares that the “deliberate targeting of hospitals is a war crime.”

As is also the wont, not mentioned is that hospitals are accredited by governments in which they exist. This alleged maternity hospital does not exist on the list of Syria’s Ministry of Health’s distribution of hospitals, nor is it on the list of the Ministry’s private hospitals by governate.

I tell you here publicly that what has been said is misleading and false whatever the source that provides this information is a misguided source. There are no 27 hospitals in Idlib. Huh, now for our colleague the British Ambassador, if the White Helmets have opened a room in a cellar in a building, where it launches missiles and shells from, this is another thing, this is not a hospital. This is not a hospital, this is called a makeshift medical facility. This is a hallucination and a cinema on the ground when they call it a hospital. It is not a hospital. It is a room they open in a cellar in one of the buildings used for bombing civilians and the Syrian Arab army from. H.E. Bashar al Jaafari, to UNSC, 18 June 2019

That this alleged maternity hospital is huge and visible for distances of a gazillion kilometers, it probably can not be considered one of the secret unhospitals claimed by al-Qaeda press liaisons, on every corner of every street in every area occupied by terrorists.

Again, for the record, and because Channel 4 keeps repeating the ‘war crimes & hospitals’ mantra, Geneva/ICRC Agreements explicitly state that the requirements for medical facilities in war zones include the ‘agreement of the host country’ and the ICRC Emblem to identify it. Anything less, and there is no hospital.

“When the Parties concerned have agreed…”.

We also take this opportunity to again remind Channel 4 — and VO Dude — that the Nuremberg Statutes are part of Geneva/ICRC, and that journalists who engaged in war propaganda were indicted, convicted, and sentenced to death under Principle VI, “crimes against humanity.”

nuremberg VI crimes against peace
Some journalists engaged in criminal propaganda were hung upon conviction, at the Nuremberg Tribunals.

After the veiled threat about ”war crimes,” the Channel 4 VO Dude manages to state, without cracking up in a fit of laughter over the absurdity, that after this unhospital was evacuated of 35 health personnel and new moms, and moms in labor and delivery, that “a baby has been left behind in the hospital under attack” because it was “somehow overlooked.”

Imagine a new mother overlooking the fact that her newborn infant was not with her. Imagine, that in addition to a mother being so derelict, so negligent, so were thirty-five health care professionals.

Anyway, it is the stethoscope-less, CPR-ignorant, bagging-incompetent, fake responders, the White Helmets, off to the rescue, sirens blaring, annoyingly, and oh, by the way, the forgotten baby was left in an — drum roll, please — incubator.

incubator babies
The incubator as emotional war porn appears to be immortal.

After what seems like a long century of sirens and chatter and VO Dude bathetically describing how these Helmets just always risk their lives for everyone (possibly the reason they have not been trained in even the basics of emergency care, despite tens of millions from the CIA and Brit intelligence is that they are just too darn busy).

Darkness surrounds the hospital (making it convenient not to be recognized as a hospital) except for an annoying flickering light (enhancing the fake drama) which conveniently leads to … the incubator room! where the lost baby forgotten by all, for an unstated amount of time is immediately located.

Let there be light.
And there was light, & it was good.
It was also darn convenient, too.

After much breathlessness, the gang decides to take the baby and leave.

Here we see a White Helmet holding a bunched blanket and engaging in ridiculous script; if they really were going to get a somehow overlooked neonate, it would likely be known that his name were known.

channel 4
Cannot Channel 4 improve a bit on the psyops? Is anyone really this bloody stupid?

Channel 4 — due to indolence, stupidity, or arrogance — went in to one of the utterly ridiculous, standard, White Helmets running scenes, because they always park their ambulances as far from an entryway as possible (reminiscent of the fab scene in Airplane) except this time it was in darkness, this “chaotic run [why? For the love of God, why?] across open ground.”


Medical note: Most premature babies are kept in incubators to keep them warm, until their bodies self-adjust to proper thermoregulation. Those whose lung surfactant has not yet fully developed, are provided with extra oxygen, along with the heat, while in the incubator.

The Channel 4 VO Dude goes into the infant’s sad medical history, that of the “critical condition with a hole in his heart.”

Let’s clear that up, right now.

There are two types of ‘holes in the heart,’ both of which are holes in the septal wall of the heart. Though the atrial septal defect is less serious than the ventricular septal defect, much of the time, both frequently heal themselves, without surgery.

We are told that the neonate’s name is Yusef, and that he is a twin (of course. Channel 4 has forgotten that the twin motif was used, in Khan Sheikhoun by the dad who left his family to go rescue someone else, and then returned to find his entire family dead, including his baby twins, and then he had to dig graves for twins, wife, extended family, with his bare hands, because there were no shovels, after which he caught the express to Istanbul where he met Erdogan, kissed his forehead, and then got indigestion.).

Being a twin, makes ‘Yusef’s abandonment more ridiculous.

Finally, there is light, again, without explanation.

‘Yusef,’ the twin who oddly got left behind, in an incubator, ”somehow overlooked” by mom, and 35 staff members, now in the front seat of a vehicle.

Inexplicably — or perhaps to feature the white helmet — ‘Yusef’ is moved to the back. He is kept naked, though he should have been wrapped in a blanket.

Naked, though, the neonate looks more fragile, helpless, and therefore is a better marketing tool for emotional pornography than were he properly wrapped, kept warm.

He looks healthy, and does not cry.

Whose baby might he really be, this infant whom Channel 4 callously claims was “somehow overlooked”?

Channel 4 pimps the White Helmets, again, viciously suggests that this precious baby’s mom forgot about him. The creeps keep him naked and vulnerable, and the death squad Helmet holds something unrecognizable, with a tube.

The video is cobbled, and bumpy, which adds to Channel 4’s too frequent use of a variation on the word, “chaos,” as if to give legitimacy to the entire fraud of it.

After much driving, and drivel from the media operative, we finally arrive to a ‘hand off’ to another ambulance.

This purloined infant, who looks completely healthy, whose respiratory rate has been stable on the occasions it was visible, who is not shivering despite being sadistically kept uncovered, for this purpose, is handed to another man, in another ambulance, with lies, and unwrapped.

In August, the average night temperature in Syria is 67F/19C, which is too chilly for a neonate to be outdoors, naked, even if only for a ‘hand over.’

As there is no reason for Channel 4 to be reporting on August news in February, it is more likely the chaotic, cobbled propaganda video is recent.

The average night temperature in Syria, this time of year is 33F/0.4C.

As he presents the naked, stolen, ‘Yusef’ to the other man, he lies that his lips were blue (when rescued from that incubator, where he was “somehow, overlooked” by all). He screams the baby is in urgent need of oxygen.

The Channel 4 operative does not challenge the lie. He does not check the time. Were this infant oxygen-dependent, he would have looked it, and possibly not survived the five-minute drive, especially when viciously kept unwrapped.

The new ambulance set is pristine, and when last we see ‘Yusef,’ the urchin who has taken control of his fraud care, fumbles with accessories, while leaving the infant, naked.

Somewhere during this drive, the shameless mouthpiece for Channel 4 says, “who knows when they’ll be reunited,” referring to the purloined child, and giving no explanation of why the reunion would be unknown. Surely, by now, the incompetent, negligent mom realizes that one of her twins is missing.

Channel 4 returns us to more darkness.

Al Qaeda hates women; here is the Freudian evidence.
In the chaos, it was not understood if this was the evacuated — including the “somehow overlooked” ‘Yusef’ twin — ”maternity” one.

More chaos ensued, and the Channel 4 voice-over brought us to a sturdy-looking Helmets’ center, where there were some alleged patients in need of alleged evacuation.

Evacuation from what looks like a sturdy building to go “looking for a functioning hospital” like a trillion others, on this night, according to Channel 4.
Another naked baby.

This is Mariam. The bundle she is holding is reportedly her new granddaughter. It is amazing to see a woman in a video taken in Idlib, as they are generally only allowed out for public executions, or — if they are young and pretty, for fake photo ops showing ‘gender equality’ among the Nusra Helmets — but given this fraud report involved a maternity hospital, it could not have been helped.

‘Mariam”s daughter is only seen from behind, bent over, reportedly post c-section, struggling to climb into a van.

‘Mariam’ does her lines well, careful to look upward and left, when trying to remember.
Mom does not speak in this video. Her covered, bent, legs are all we see; she is practically invisible.

We return to chaos, and darkness, as the Channel 4 guy somberly tells us “crammed into this ambulance [is] around two dozen women with five babies.”

How odd that there are none of those teen girl White Helmets to help maternity patients.

As though things could not become more chaotic, an alleged doctor allegedly faints, as these “chaotic emergencies taking a toll on medical staff,” according to the Channel 4 NATO stenographer, who offers no explanation of why the lights suddenly go on, and we catch glimpses of women, and their faces, women, stuffed like sardines.

Women who may have been kidnapped.

The Channel 4 reporter does not concern himself that the only time we heard a young women’s voice, was when she used it to show concern for ‘the doctor.’

He is not concerned be the obscene story that a new mother would ”somehow overlook” one of her twins.

He is not concerned at the lies of the White Helmets, of the disregard for the infant, ‘Yusef.’ He is unperturbed when a man viciously states I have about twenty-five women. For what purpose does he have them?

The few women’s faces that we have been allowed to see, are haunted. They look like the women of the villages of Lattakia, who were kidnapped in the summer of 2013, mostly Alawite Syrian women, fumbling with headscarves their male abductors forced them to wear, before the pigsty al-Jazeera interviewed them forced to thank the terrorists for their very good care.

Channel 4 did not report on their kidnappings.

Channel 4 also did not report on the many children who were abducted from their homes in Lattakia villages in early August, and who were murdered for the cameras the last weekend of August 2013, in Ghouta.

On Monday 27 January, Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry dispatched a diplomatic letter to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and to the head of the Security Council, reporting that another fabricated chemical attack is planned in the Idlib-Aleppo area, under the direction of Turkey, by the White Helmets.

Channel 4 also did not report this news.

The Channel 4 mouthpiece does not hear the silence of these women. He does not notice their eerie, Stepford Wives quality about them.

He does not even wonder where any husbands might be.

Channel 4 ends its video presentation by once again demanding we believe its lies, rather than the evidence it provides. How lethal this barrage could have been while the camera pans a room filled with intact medical equipment. There is no sign of any bombing; rather, it looks as though some idiot dumped red wood chips around, and then watered them.

The nameless, shameless Channel 4 man who did not hear the silence of these women, audaciously complains about a non-existent United Nations agreement “shattered by the sound of international silence.”

Miri Wood

Reportedly a group photo of the criminal liars of imperialist media.

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