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Channel 4: Who Ya Gonna Believe, Us or Your Lying Eyes?

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Channel 4 is running a series of anti-Syria propaganda pieces, hashtagged #InsideIdlib. This Syria News report will consist of an applied forensic analysis of the absurd White Helmets video this UK news station has included in its “exclusive” of 11 July.

channel 4 war crimes
Contrary to headline, there is no footage of an “ambulance attack.” A battered vehicle likely from a dump was painted ecru.

First, however, we point out a few things that should be self-evident, that strangely has missed the entire legal and medical team of Channel 4.

The Geneva/ICRC Agreements on international law require that a host country must give permission for any and all medical facilities to be erected in neutral zones in war times and that such facilities must be clearly identified.

Those considering funding terrorist NGOs should first read the Geneva Treaties.

We are forced to ask the Channel 4 team how they have never noticed that, despite tens of millions from the US and from the British Foreign Office, the fraud responding White Helmets still do not own a single stethoscope — the most important tool in emergency care — still cannot do CPR, still do not know spinal precautions, but are excellent at fake bagging.

The video begins with sirens blaring and a vehicle apparently speeding down a narrow road. The backstory claims that the White Helmets have been called to rescue unknown persons from a bombed house. Given that the Nusra Helmets do not have an emergency number — unlike the real Syrian Civil Defense whose number is 113 — this rescue call is nothing short of miraculous.

It appears to be a long drive, with no visible signs of any bombing.

As always, the organ-trading Helmets continue to use the utterly trite Hollywood trope of annoying running, that is supposed to add drama to the ordinary. There is no other explanation for the driver to stop his vehicle meters from an allegedly bombed house wherefrom which alleged inhabitants have called the cosmos for emergency care.

Though ample parking near to the house is available, the stethoscope-less, spinal board-less Helmet chooses to jump out of his vehicle for a boring running scene.

Make note that our first glimpse of the house shows an intact roof and no boulders.

Channel 4’s Jon Snow points out that “they have two cameras” but somehow misses that they have not even one stethoscope.

Channel 4 then provides us with a closer glimpse of the house. This house has not been bombed but has been used for target practice. As normal human beings do not shoot up their homes, it is likely that Nusra terrorists expropriated the home of a Syrian family — as was done by the terrorists occupying eastern Aleppo, and for which American illegal Matthew VanDyke — admittedly embedded with Nusra savages — won a fraudumentary award. His 15-minute ‘film’ showed several homes with holes blown through them by FSA occupiers; screengrabs of the stolen, bombed-out homes, here.

Apparently expropriated home used as target practice by terrorists occupying Idlib.

Channel 4 then brings us inside. Though only for a nanosecond, the roof is clearly intact, and there are no chunks of bombed-out body parts to be seen. Please make note of this, also.

Intact roof. Nobody appears to be home, either.

Before being able to check the rest of the house — including the kitchen — the stethoscope-less Helmets are told on their flawless walkie-talkies that another bombing is allegedly on the way.

They are told to flee the relative safety of the concrete house with an intact roof, to seek the shelter of fig leaves and open skies. Such buffoonery was the staple of the silent Keystone Kops movies.

Indeed, the Channel 4 exclusive would be hilariously funny were it not involved in criminal propaganda against Syria.

The fleeing to the shelter of sky and leaf provides yet another opportunity to show running scenes, including split-screen ones.

Meshugaas: The bathos of running around with a strapless spinal board.
The annoying split screen is a psyop to distract viewers from focusing attention on a single action scene.

Amidst all the crazy running and suffocating split-screens, the velvet throat of Jon Snow sends us to look for “Mohammed,” the alleged driver of the alleged ambulance. Remember that at the beginning of Channel 4’s “exclusive,” this driver left off the fake paramedics meters from the house whose alleged inhabitants required alleged emergency care, and had plans to move the vehicle somewhere safe — and as far from the allegedly traumatically injured invisible people, as possible, it appears.

“Mohammed” apparently also sought protection for the alleged ambulance, under the open, Idlib sky…and far from the fraud paramedics…and an unknown distance from the people who had been bombed, but were not there.

Eventually, after much running and huffing and puffing and more running, we finally arrive at a scene that would win the Wtfery Award in anti-Syria propaganda, did such an award exist.

‘Alas, poor Mohammed, I knew him well.’

Let us count the anomalies in this scene, to which Channel 4 was oblivious though claiming the vehicle was hit by a bomb:

  • It does not look like it was hit by a bomb
  • The left rear tire is flat and the left front tire is missing
  • The door is bent, but not off its hinges
  • There are unexplained dents in the vehicle
  • The bumper shows signs have having been rear-ended
  • The Director of Photography has moved from the standard Helmets Rubble Gray, into a shade of ecru in an overdose of bland color. This entire vehicle and ‘Mohammed’ are completely covered in it. ‘Mohammed’ is almost invisible, blending in with the surrounding dirt
  • There is no forensics explanation for his distance from the vehicle
  • There is also no explanation for his helmet to be unstrapped, a short distance away, and devoid of his, and his vehicle’s ecru coloring
  • In short, there are no signs of any crushing injuries to ‘Mohammed’ or the vehicle taken from a junkyard for the Channel 4 photo op.
Suspension of disbelief is the #1 rule in screenwriting…and in Channel 4 news, it would appear.

For comparison, see the photograph of Syrian women murdered in Sebil Park, Aleppo, from the violent vibrations of a nearby bomb, which did not touch their bodies, here.

The Channel 4 “exclusive” then does the seemingly impossible: It becomes more ridiculous, as the faux responders toss about ”Mohammed”’s neck — which would risk a cervical spine injury, quadriplegia, were this actual trauma care — before being ”forced” to abandon their dear, dear, friend on the stretcher, in the middle of a road, in order to flee, again, to the shelter of fig leaves.


Eventually, another ambulance — this one painted in “mud” to hide from bombs, according to Snow, which defeats the ridiculous claim that Syria is targeting ambulances — comes along to fetch the poor wretch to a hospital, where he succumbs…

Channel 4 then treats us to some very bad acting of a friend who screams loudly and gesticulates wildly, after which the camera cuts to a funeral scene. Of course, no women attend the service, as in terrorist occupied Idlib, Syrian women are only permitted to leave their homes to be publicly executed.


In one of the final scenes of the “exclusive” criminal propaganda, we are treated to a bulldozer with a huge bucket an lots of very big boulders.


Though Channel 4 neglected to show us from where came these boulders, a very somber Snow claims that the Nusra Helmets recovered the body of a woman, and that “she was in the kitchen” when the bomb hit.

How could anyone know from boulders, what room of a house a corpse was in? With six cameras, how is it possible that the only house shown had an intact roof, no persons inside, and the outside used as target practice?

Snow added another plausible deniability disclaimer when he moved from being the voice-over to showing himself before the camera: He stated that Channel 4 had tried to contact Syrian officials for comment, but there was no response.

Why would the government answer to criminal propagandists? Did this British medium ever apologize for illegally entering the country, and embedding itself with child beheaders who were plotting to bomb a bakery? Did Channel 4 ever report on the UN meeting in which massive evidence showing the many heinous crimes of the White Helmets was given to the public?

With the arrogance of western imperialism, upon providing no evidence, Channel 4 declares that “evidence of this kind has rarely been seen before; a complete incident caught on multiple cameras,” that this unevidence is “of possible war crimes.”

Actually, the real war crime is criminal propaganda, outlined in Principle VI of the Nuremberg Statutes concerning crimes against peace.

nuremberg VI crimes against peace
Some journalists engaged in criminal propaganda were hung upon conviction, at the Nuremberg Tribunals.

Miri Wood

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    “…the little body, motionless and as gray as the rubble all about him…” — looks like the ”social media coordinator” is trying to make use of ”Helmets Gray,” while ODing on the bathos.


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